Waking the Demon

Previous: His answer hit me hard and I was shocked. Since when had Damon been a witch or a half demon? Wouldn't that make me one also?

"How?" The demon questioned.

Chapter Two: Power

Damon's Pov

I gasped in pain again as I struggled to get up off the floor only to find it was impossible, probably thanks to the demon. "Mother was a witch, father a half-demon." I mumbled, eyes narrowed into slits as I glared at the demon.

My body ached in pain and each time I paused in between a question it was like liquid fire was racing throughout my body.

"Half-demon?" Elena asked curiously.

"Yes, a child created from a demon and mortal. How old are you Damon?" The demon asked.

"166." I answered quickly not wanting another taste of the pain. It didn't matter in the end, liquid fire scorched my insides again and I doubled over, screaming.

"Liar!" The demon hissed.

"Stop! Stop it! He isn't lying, he really is one hundred and six years old!" Stefan shouted in a panicked voice. I groaned as the pain stopped, leaving my body throbbing.

"Are you sure he seems so much, older...Well it could be a possibly that you are one of the souls who have many past lives. Damon, listen very carefully." The demon announced, kneeling down next to me. "I want you to clear your mind of all thoughts, imagine yourself floating in just a violet light and tell me who you are." The demon whispered to me.

Confusion overtook me but I did what he said to avoid the pain. I was floating high away where no sounds came for me except the demons voice. I asked myself the question and deep in the back of my mind I could feel a slight tug, a pull.

"Who are you?" The demon's voice drifted into my mind.

"Damon Salvatore." I answered cautiously.

There was an irritated sigh and I flinched waiting for the pain. I broke out of the purple light and tried to scramble away from the demon, not wanting the fire to sear through my body anymore.

"I'm not going to hurt you yet, child. Just use your witch gene, remember who you first were. Go back to the beginning. Now try again and if you mess up this time you will be in pain." The demon told me in a strained voice.

I shivered in spite of myself, aware that all eyes were on me. I went back to floating in the purple light and I tried to think hard. I racked my brain asking myself who I was over and over again. I was shaking by now, awaiting the pain to come.

Suddenly a hand reached out and rested on mine. I peeked my eyes open to see Stefan's worried face and I realized I was completely and fully shaking. I closed my eyes again and tried again.

I felt the tugging again but this time I concentrated on it.

"Who are you?" the demon snapped.

"I'm-I..." I trailed off not knowing. The pain came fast, searing through me, burning through my veins. Stefan took my hand and squeezed hard so I had something to hold onto. I silently thanked him and as the pain flowed through me I frantically searched for the answer, needing to stop the fire burning through my veins.

Suddenly images raced across my closed eyes and knowledge filled my head.

"Jeremiah." I gasped out, images of people I knew but had never met in this lifetime. I saw myself, but they were all different people, but I knew they were me. Then I watched how each of them died. Burned, at the stake for being witches. Each of them. It explained why I hated fire so much.

"Each of them murdered, burned because they were witches." I gasped out squeezing Stefan's hand tighter as I felt the fire burning me alive.

More knowledge flooded my head and the blinding pain from the knowledge was even worse then the fire.

"Power. I am here to protect. End of the world. Coming soon. Must protect, save them. Demon, he's coming. Grandfather, father's body." I announced panting feeling suffocated under the knowledge. New understanding filled me.

New purpose filled me. I was sent here to protect everyone from my grandfather, a full on demon. I had to save the humans. Or else I would die and start over in another life. But if I destroy him then I'll be free, no more past lives.

The images and floods of knowledge stopped and I was left gasping for air on the floor.

"Damon!" Stefan called my name concerned but my vision type thing wasn't over yet. I could still feel something coming. Like a tidal wave and I was waiting patiently for it to crash down upon me.

"Everyone step back, his full power is being released." The demon announced and I realized what was coming, my powers. I let go of Stefan's hand, giving myself a mental note to be embarrassed later that I was holding my little brother's hand.

Suddenly like a door had just been unlocked a tidal wave of power surged through me. I felt myself get off the floor standing shakily as a hurricane of wind swirled around me. I watched as the flames from the candles burned higher, meeting up to my full height. The earth shook under me and I fell straight to the floor as power overtook me.

Then like the blink of the light going out the massive power vanished but if I concentrated I could still feel it throbbing in my body, coursing through my veins. I fell to the floor exhausted and looked around. They had all back out of the room, looking scared and concerned.

"Sleep child, you have much ahead of you." The demon told me gently, walking over to me. I growled slightly at being called a child but soon unconscious took me right there on the floor. The last thing I saw before darkness was my brother's awed eyes burning into mine.

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