"The Deepest Friendship" - A Cardcaptor Sakura Fanfic
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Rating: PG

Well, at long last I get to post my first CCS fanfic! About time, I say!

This was originally going to be released in three gigantic parts, but after
months of trying to find time to write the whole story, I've decided that
breaking it up into smaller pieces would be much easier. So, here it is.

There will only be one version: the CCS version with the Japanese character
names and places. I was originally going to a CC dub version with English
character names and places as well, but without all of the bad cuts that
Nelvana did to the original series. I finally dropped the idea, once again,
due to time constraints. But if there is anyone who would like me to do a
version of this fanfic that way as well, then feel free to sound off!

I'm not sure how many chapters I will do before this ends, but if you want to
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jgg121@yahoo.com with the words 'Mailing List' in the subject. In the body,
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We all know that the last Clow Card Sakura captured was the Earth Card. This
is an alter-universe fanfic, where I have chosen two different cards to be the
last ones. You may assume that Sakura has all of the other cards, including
the aforementioned Earth Card. This fanfic will also end before Sakura faces
the final judgment with Yue, so don't expect me to do anything on that.

In terms of couples for this fanfic… it's mostly one-sided Tomoyo/Sakura, and
possibly some hints of Sakura/Syaoran. Some of the other minor relationships
will also be mentioned briefly, but I really won't be focusing on them.

One last thing… the only exposure I've had to the original series was, of
course, the subtitled videotapes. I currently have all of the volumes already
out (except for 4 and 7, which I'm going to get once I get the chance). This
is also the first fanfic I've written using Japanese character personalities,
in contrast to my Pokémon and Digimon fanfics, which use the English
characters. So bear with me! Feel free to critique my work, but please no
flames! I'm more likely to listen to a person who offers constructive
criticism rather than one who'll just say this is bad without any apparent

Without further ado, here's the start of the fanfic...

Disclaimer: I do not own Cardcaptor Sakura or any of the characters from the
TV series.



Sakura and Tomoyo were at the mall, shopping for a dress that Tomoyo could
tailor into a battle costume.

"This one looks nice," stated Tomoyo, pulling out a yellow frilled party dress.

"You've got to be kidding," replied Sakura. "That's way too bright to use as
a battle costume. Those cards will spot me from a mile away!" she added,
slightly exaggerating.

"Okay, okay," Tomoyo said, returning the dress to the rack she found it.
"Tell you what, Sakura. All of this searching is making me hungry."

"You said it. Let's head over to the local fast food joint and pick up
something to eat."

"I'll join you in a second. There's a dress by the cash register that's just
screaming for me to buy."


As Sakura walks off, Tomoyo heads over to a violet colored dress decorated with
bows. As she gets closer though, she begins to hear a strange voice emanating
from it.

"Try me on! Try me on!" it seemed to scream at her.

Tomoyo eyed the dress suspiciously. After all, it was shouting at her. But
something kept her from walking away. She had this strange desire to actually
try the dress on. Finally, after standing around for several minutes staring
at it, she grabs it and heads for the dressing room.

A minute later, she comes out wearing the dress. Going over to the nearest
mirror, she double checks to make sure there aren't any holes, obscene blotches
or anything else of that sort. Satisfied that they aren't any, she spins
around happily.

"Wow! Sakura will absolutely love seeing me in this dress!"

"I happen to think that she'll regret it," came a strange voice.

"Who said that?"

"I did."

Tomoyo looks around for a minute, but there's no else in the store other than
the cashier.

"Hmmm. I must be hearing things."

Suddenly, a giant beam of light surrounds her. She screams as some strange
force seems to be taking over her body. Sakura, who was coming back to ask
Tomoyo what she wanted to eat, heard her best friend scream. She began to
sprint back to the store.



As the frightened cashier runs away from the store, Sakura attempts to help
her friend. She approaches her, only to jump back when the beam of light
brightens to the point where no one within fifty feet can see anything. Soon
after, the light fades completely away. Sakura runs over to Tomoyo, who is
now lying unconscious on the ground.

"Tomoyo!" Sakura yelled, attempting to wake her friend. "Tomoyo! Wake up!"

Seconds pass by without any reaction. Suddenly, Tomoyo wakes up with an eerie
blue glow in her eyes.


"Hello... Sakura!" she replies, somehow using her mind to lift Sakura off the
ground. Sakura begins to panic as she reaches down and flattens her skirt in
order to keep it from flying up. She discovers something else to worry about
soon after... Tomoyo is using her powers of telekinesis to move Sakura's
floating body over the nearby railing. Sakura is now dangling in mid-air,
three floors up, as passersby gasp and shriek in horror.

"Tomoyo!" she yelled. "What are you doing?"

Tomoyo simply smirks and looks at her friend. "I'm killing off the person that
released the Clow Cards in the first place." She points right at Sakura. "If
not for you, then we wouldn't have to be out every night trying to capture

"Put me down, Tomoyo," Sakura screamed. "Put me down!"

"As you wish."

The glow disappears from Tomoyo's eyes. Tomoyo quickly snaps back to her
senses as she sees her best friend plummet to her doom. As Sakura's body
hits the ground with a very loud thump, Tomoyo can only scream for her long
lost friend.


Suddenly, Tomoyo pops up in bed, waking up from her nightmare. Breathing
heavily, she puts her hand on her chest and feels her beating chest as she
tries to calm herself down.

"What kind of nightmare was that?" she asked herself. "I'm probably never
going to get back to sleep now!"

She gets out of bed, clothed in her pajamas, and walks over to the window.
Looking out at the dark night sky, she begins to ponder the meaning of her

"What does it all mean? How come I'm having all of these nightmares? How
come... they all include me... killing Sakura?"

The camera, now on the outside facing Tomoyo's window, lifts up to face the
sky. A few lingering cherry blossoms float through the sky as our story

To be continued...

Coming in Chapter 1:
- Sakura and the girls try to find out why Tomoyo is so depressed.
- Meilin is attacked! But by whom?
- Kero-chan says: "Could it be a Clow Card?"
- And Tomoyo has another nightmare... this one worse than the first!

Copyright Date: 1/26/02