"The Deepest Friendship" - A Cardcaptor Sakura Fanfic
Story Written by Freedom Fighter

Author's Commentary (09.23.02)

The purpose of this extra chapter is to give you an insight of what I was
thinking during the course of writing this fanfic. I do cover numerous
points from the fanfic itself, so if you have yet to read it, then please
go and do so... no need to go and spoil everything.


You know, you can bash the dub of "Cardcaptor Sakura," known as "Cardcaptors,"
as much as you want. But face it... Pioneer would have never released the
original, uncut, and English subtitled version of the show had that terrible
dub been kept from airing on Kids' WB. And look what's happened now. Pioneer
is no longer releasing tapes of the dub series, yet the original subbed series
continues to sell strong. And you have Pioneer, and believe it or not, Nelvana,
to thank for that.

But as for me... I had heard about "Cardcaptor Sakura" in brief blurbs here
and there. It wasn't until I saw the anime get a brief mention in Animerica
that this series really began to interest me. For those of you who are
curious, it was a one-page blurb on what would be a successful follow-up to
"Pokémon," which of course was still in its first season. As for what was
featured on the page besides "Cardcaptor Sakura," it was "Digimon" and
"Monster Rancher."

Of course, "Cardcaptor Sakura" doesn't exactly fall in the same category as
those monster-raising shows, but there were comparisons made. Nevertheless, I
still was interested in the show, and couldn't wait to see it.

As any naive, non-anime knowledgable person would be at the time, I loved the
series when it debuted, and probably could have thought nothing else of it.

Luckily, I had a computer, and instantly I could tell that the dub was a lot
more different than the original. Although the rumor of Sakura being renamed
Nikki never came through (thank goodness), we still had to deal with the
storyline being changed around so that it had a male lead, Syaoran (or Li).
Of course, I saw how outraged die-hard fans of the original "Cardcaptor
Sakura" were. Mad at all of the changes, which included normal dub things
like changing character names and voices, to things that were abnormal,
such as cutting up the aforementioned storyline and the episode order, as
well as almost any romantic relationship.

Although I never fully outraged at Nelvana for the shoddy dub, I was still
convinced to try out the "Cardcaptor Sakura" series subbed, on VHS, when it
first came out. With each passing volume, my appreciation for the original
increased. And I was turned to the pure-sub version, practically forgetting
about the dub as it eventually faded off of the Kids' WB line-up.

But at least the dub did one thing right. It kept me curious about seeing
how the series originally ended. And I can't wait to see how the show ends.

[Idea Central]

As Kids' WB began airing the second season of "Cardcaptors" and the first few
volumes of the original "Cardcaptor Sakura" were available on video, I began
drafting plans to write my first ever fanfic on the series.

Back then, when I was still in love with both versions, I was planning to do
this fanfic in two versions. One with Japanese names and characters, which
you've enjoyed over the past few months. The other with English names and
characters, to satisfy the younger crowd and those unexposed to the original.

The fanfic was originally supposed to be released in summer of 2001. But I
was already bogged down with the first season of "Roomies," which is the only
fanfic I really was interested in writing over those months. So this story,
"The Deepest Friendship," was shelved.

When I finally began writing this and began releasing it in late January of
this year, I immediately decided to scrap writing an English version. So now,
I only had one based on the Japanese names and character personalities.

That, of course, was a problem.

You see, this is the first time that I've ever written a fanfic using the
original Japanese storyline. I had trouble using honorifics (-chan and -san,
for example). And even though I was keeping up with the videotapes as they
were released, I often forgot how characters referred to each other, which
was also done slightly different than in the U.S. Not to mention that I made
sure to use the Japanese chants and not the English dub ones.

All in all, in between a long hiatus between the prologue and first two
chapters, and then the rest of the fanfic, this turned out to be good.
Although it was released in a prologue and nine chapters, instead of a
three-chapter movie-script type extravaganza, it made it more bearable to
write and finally be finished here in early September 2002.

And with that, I say thanks for reading.

I'll now move on to some additional notes I want to make on individual

[Chapter 1]

1) For those of you who missed the memo, this fanfic takes place independent
of the original storyline, but for those of you who need specific dates...
I would say just before Meilin leaves to return home.

2) Sometimes character spellings vary from the beginning to the end.
Originally, I had used the names from Tokyopop's manga version of the series.
In the later chapters of the series, I used the spellings from the anime.

3) Call it weird, but I seem to take the coupling of Yamazaki and Chiharu
very seriously. It's changed slightly to just a hearty laugh because of the
nature of their relationship, but since they don't appear in the latter half
of this fanfic, there wasn't really a need to change anything from the

4) Two reference changes... Syaoran originally referring to Tomoyo by her
first name, changed to the right way (referring to her by last name). And
then Kero originally referring to Meilin by name, changed to the right way
(calling her a brat).

5) The only person in the Daidouji mansion mentioned other than Tomoyo was
one of the maids. I decided to keep Tomoyo's mother, Sonomi, out of the
fanfic, even though it probably would have be natural to have her in to
comfort Tomoyo. But I felt that I couldn't write her character accurately
enough to really fit into the fanfic.

[Chapter 2]

6) It's hard to tell what my train of thought was in the first scene here.
We have Meilin curious as to why Sakura is hiding behind Syaoran, and acting
rather cross about it. I think I was shooting for the early Meilin episodes,
when she thinks Sakura is trying to take Syaoran from her. But it comes off
more like the dub, when Meilin is portrayed as knowing that Sakura wants to
take Li from her.

[Chapter 3]

7) Recognize the dream sequence? This chapter was written shortly after I
had bought the "Cardcaptor Sakura" movie. And this scene is based on the
opening scene from the movie.

[Chapter 4]

8) Believe it or not, the idea to call the three cards Forbidden Clow Cards
did not come up until I actually wrote the scene I identified them in. The
names of the cards... the Psychic, the Poison, and the Ghost... I had thought
about, but had not completely solidfied until this very scene as well.

[Chapter 8]

9) I'm not aware of a distance rule as to the range of the Return Card, as
when Sakura first encountered it in Episode 27 of the anime series, she never
moved from the tree branch as the past caught up to the present.

[Chapter 9]

10) Adding to the previous note, I'm not sure if the Create Card would be
capable of performing such a feat as described... but once again, assume it
can be done for the purposes of this fanfic.

Thanks for reading "The Deepest Friendship." I really appreciated all of
your comments. Be on the lookout for my next Cardcaptor Sakura, one with a
Halloween theme, coming this October to Fanfiction.net! It's called
"Kero-chan, Where Are You?" It's already shaping up to be frightfully fun
and hilariously scary. Don't miss it!

Until then, bye!