Father Sister

Chapter 5: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served...

Ryo-chan was currently falling over waterfall. How she got up there and why he was currently falling has yet to be determined.

"I'll have my revenge, Saotome!" She yelled out at the top of her lungs.

Her pet pig, P-chan, squeeled in fear, tears falling.

"So...what's she like?"

Ranma blinked up at the two guys suddenly standing near him. They were seated in class, which was about to begin in a short while. In the meantime, two weird guys that Ranma vaguely remembered seeing around the school was standing near him with stupid grins on their faces.

"Do I...know you...?" He asked, his eyebrow raised quizzically.

One of them chuckled as if the young man had made a clever joke. "Oh yeah, as if you haven't heard of us. We're pretty big guys on the campus. I'm Daisuke and he's Hiroshi. Word on the grabvine is that you and Akane are engaged. Any truth to that?"

Ranma glared blankly. "It was arranged by our fathers; we had no say in the matter."

Daisuke placed an arm over Ranma's shoulder and leaned in uncomfortably close. "So, how is she?"

"What the hell are you talking about?" Ranma growled icily, his eye twitching.

The young man grinned lewdly. "OH come on, don't play dumb. We all know that Akane is smokin' hot, and only an idiot would pass up a chance to"

"Finish that sentence," Ranma interrupted with a deadly glare, "and you will be missing a few teeth."

Daisuke's smile froze for a second and he hurriedly backed off to the back of the room opposite Ranma, laughing nervously. "Oh come on man, I was just riling you up!"

He glared half-lidded for a minute before turning away. "Fine. Just watch what you say from now on, 'kay?"

Daisuke nodded sheepishly, laughing nervously and rubbing the back of his head. "Sure sure!"

Hiroshi shrugged and led his friend away from the black-haired boy. Ranma sighed.

'It's hard enough to make friends when I have to beat back idiots like that...' he thought to himself melancholically. 'At least I have pop...'

As Ranma, Akana and Gen-chan were leaving school, a now somewhat familiar figure appeared before them, her body messy and covered with dirt, mud and some minor scratches and bruises. There was a twig ticking out of her hair as well, to complete the image of the hell she presumably went through. A little black piglet sat on top of her head.

"Now," Ryoga said cried out melodramatically, though a little shakily. "I...have come...for vengeance!"

"Ryo," Ranma said evenly, half-lidded, "you look like shit."

"SILENCE!" The blonde cried out righteously. "It's all your fault my life ahs become this way! Your fault I am now looking like this! Yours and the old lecher's!"

Akane growled. "Ok, seriously, can someone PLEASE explain just WHO THE HELL THIS GIRL IS!" She pointed at the girl with her index finger, arm outstretched. "They're still trying to fix that crater you made two days ago!"

Ryoga tilted her head. "It's been two days already? Huh."


"ENOUGH!" Ryo cried out dramatically, her umbrella flung into a building, causing a wall to collapse and a simple family who were just about to have dinner to yelp in terror. "It is no business of yours why I hate these two with the flame of a thousand suns! Know only they are the source of my suffering, my woe! As long as they live, they will continue to be the bane of my existence! Have at thee!"

She leapt towards Ranma, fire in her eyes, her arm held back for a punch. But before her fist could connect, Akane punched her in the face, sending her flying back to the ground. Ryoga got up, growling, now sporting a black eye. "How dare you!"

"Shut up!" Akane shouted, stepping between the blonde and her two...well, houseguests. "I am sick and tired of this crap! I am sick of weirdos leaping into my life, disrupting the status quo, and I am sick of being left out of the loop. I don't care what your deal is, all I know is, I have had a very stressful week, and I am ready to beat the crap out of something! And, oh, guess what, since my daily puniching bags have decided to leave me alone, for once, and Kuno's still in the hospital, guess who's gonna eat a knuckle sandwich!"

Ryoga blinked, staring in confusion. "You're...kinda strange, aren't you?"

AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGHHHHHHH!" Akane charged at the blonde, moving so fast FIRE appeared behind her. Ryoga's eyes widened and she ducked out of the way as Akane tried to land another punch. Ryoga winced and stared as a cut appeared along her cheek. She stared at the enraged girl before her, slowly starting to cringe in fear. "W-What are you!"

"MAD!" Akane charged again for another strike, but this time Ryoga pulled the yellow-and-black-striped bandana she wore around her neck and grabbed Akane's wrist with it. She smirked triumphantly. "Now it is I who has the upper hand!"

"AKANE SMASH!" Akane kneed the blonde in the stomach, causing her to flinch back in pain, loosening her grip. Ryoga leapt to the side and grabbed her umbrella and charged forwards, swinging it down on Akane's head, knocking her to the ground and crating cracks in the ground.

"Akane!" Gen-chan cried out worriedly.

Ranma stepped forward. "Get away from him, you stupid pervert! This fight is between me and him, not you!"

Akane get up, suriprising Ryoga. Akane took the chance to headbutt her, causing the blonde and step back woozily. Some blood trickled down the side of Akane's face as she scowled.

"Oh no, you interfered plenty with my fights already, so it's my turn!" She ran forward and grabbed Ryoga's umbrella, yanking it out of the blonde's loosened grasp.

Ryoga shook her head and her hand twitched as she realised she no longer held her umbrella. She looked up and her eyes widened. "Oh, that's just not fair."

"AKANE SMASH ANNOYING BLONDE!" And with that Akane hefted the heavy umbrella and smashed it across Ryoga's head, the piglet jumping out of the way before the attack struck. Ryoga wobbled about on her legs, a dumb grin on her face before she fell the ground unconscious.

Gen-chan and Ranma stared in disbelief as Akane sauntered over, the umbrella hefted over her shoulder. "So, you two care to explain just why some blond bimbo wants you dead?"

Ranma stared. "Akane, right now, I wanna know how you can lift that thing?"

The tomboy shrugged. "It's just an umbrella."

"An umbrella MADE OF LEAD!"

"Please, I have using much heavier things for my strength training than lead." She said with a cocky smirk. "Now, let's go home, and maybe then you cna explain just what the hell is going on!"

The two nodded numbly, still staring at the unnaturally heavy object Akane held over her shoulder like it was nothing.

P-chan followed them as they went home. Maybe, if she could catch then with their guard down, she might be able to succeed where Ryoga failed. Fortunately, her form made her small enough for just such a stealth mission.

Some days, she was thankful for falling into that particular spring. Her cursed form sure did come in handy...

And so that night Ranma sat outside n the porch next to Akane, who was fuming at Ranma for dodging her questions.

"Ok, I'll tell ya." Ranma said finally with a sigh.

"FINALLY!" Akane groaned out impatiently. "So, what is with that bimbo anyway? Why does she hate you so much?"

"It's simple. I'm the reason she's a girl."

Akane stared in annoyance, her eyes tiny little pinpricks. "That does not explain anything."

"I'm gettin' to that." Ranma sighed once again and coughed, clearing his throat. He then went 'mi-mi-miii-'...


"Ok, ok, fine, sheesh." Ranma at cross-legged and looked toward Akane. "Ok, this is gonna be a long one. You see, before I was cursed, my pop had enrolled me at an all-boy's school, saying that a co-ed school would just lead to distraction and weakness. This was also one of the rare times when we actually stayed in a place more than a single day. Anyway, while there, I had met a guy named Ryoga Hibiki. Ever since the day when i got the last curry bread during lunch, Ryoga and I became what he called rivals." He smirked proudly. "Of course, what that meant was that every day he would find some excuse to challenge me to a fight and i would always beat him.

One day,, he challenged me to a fight in an empty lot behind his house. I waited, but he never showed up. Of course, on the third day went hom and pop was packin' to go to a new place for training, so we packed out bags and left. I kinda forgot about Ryoga for a while. And so of course it turns out that when we left, the idiot found out and tried to follow u to China. Surprisingly, he was able to catch up to us just as we fell into the springs.

Of course, Ryoga's an idiot, but he figured out what happened to us pretty quickly. He tried to attack me, spoutin' some nonsense about me being a coard or somethin'. Of course i dodge his lame ass attack and he trips on my foot, falling into the spring of drowned girl. Ever since, he's been chasin' me and pop, shouting how we 'ruined his life' and how 'vengeance shall be his'. And, that's about it."

Akane sighed. "Well, I guess it sorta makes sense. But he ahs no right calling you a coward just because he forgot to show up for one lousy fight."

"Nah, he didn't forget, he just has an bad sense of direction. And by bad, I mean it by all accounts breaks reality."

Akane rubbed the bridge of her nose. "Nothing is ever simple or normal with you, is it?"

The cursed man gave a cocky grin. "I suppose not."

Ranma and Akane both stared with blank expressions, mouth hanging open due to sheer ludicrousness.

Gen-chan smiled warmly, holding a black piglet in her arms.

"No Pop, we are not keeping' Ryoga's pet." The young man said sternly.

Gen-chan pouted angrily. "She was outside, all alone; I have to take care of ehr! Who knows where Ryo is by now! She's probably worried sick about little P-chan! I HAVE to take care of her until she comes back!"

Akane growled. "The damn thing bit me!" She held up two bandaged fingers. "The thing might have rabies for all we know!" She turned to ehr father. "Dad, you're with us, right?"

Soun Tendo's head was currently in giant scary demon head mode, wreathed in flames. "IF IT MAKES HER HAPPY, GEN-CHAN KEEPS THE PIG! UNDERSTAND!"

Akane and Ranma backed away in unison, their faces locked in terrified cringes. "S-sure! N-no problem!"

Soun returned to his normal state and coughed politely. "Good." He suddenly looked at them both with a stern gaze. "And if you EVER harm that pig I won't be afraid to punish you!"

"Yes sir! No problem!"

Mentally, Akane frowned. Her Dad always sided with her in the past, but now his newfound relationship has turned him against even his own flesh and blood, his daughter. But this couldn't bring her to hate Gen-chan, no matter how ahrd she tried.

Stupid old man being in cute girl mode most of the time.

Akane sat in the furo, sighing with contentment. A nice hot bath was just what she needed. It really helped her relax and forget her problems. Just then, a tiny black blur hopped through window, forming a hole in the glass and crashed into the water. Akane recognised it as P-chan.

She growled and got up, ready to pound the thing despite what her father said. "OK, you damn pork chop! I don't care what my Dad says or what Gen-chan thinks, I'm not gonna let you bite me again!"

However, she noticed the shape in the water grow exponentially and rise out of the water. Akane stared in pure shock as she saw a young woman with long dark hair stand before her buck naked, a look of pure rage on her features.

"You'll pay for what you have done, Gorrilla!" The strange woman snarled.

Akane sputtered and stared, unsure how to respond, a strong blush on her cheeks. And that was when the door was flung upon by Ranma and Gen-chan opening the door, Gen-chan yelling "Why are you screaming Akane? Is it a burglar!"

And they stared at Akane standing naked next to another naked girl.

Ranma ripped the door off its hinges and threw it at Akane. "Pervert!"

Akane was knocked down, gurgling in the water, her last conscious thought being "why me?".

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