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But anyway, I was reading up on everyones situation and it sayyyys that at the start of this series, Mickey and Ian are sharing a bungalow together as the "perfect odd couple". Now, I dunno if it means likee I proper couple but I sure hope so!

So, I came up with this tiny little thing. Hope you enjoy XD.


Ian Gallagher was up like a shot, and his head banged quite roughly on his headboard. He rued the day he ever moved in with Mickey Maguire. Damn him.

As he swung his legs over the side of the bed, he shouted back to ask what Mickey wanted. His eyes grazed the room and landing on the alarm clock, found it was only half past six in the morning. He wondered what time Mickey had got up. Damn him.

As Mickey didn't answer, he toddled down the stairs and found the source of his anger. Ian was supposed to wash up last night but instead, he was greeted by a huge pile of pots – enough to fill the kitchen. By the sink, stood Mickey in a pink – no, sorry, fuschia – apron, gloved hands on hips, tapping his foot angrily on the floor. Ian resisted the temptation to giggle.

"Aww, cant you do it, please? I really hate washing up… I promise, ill do the dusting for the next month… please?"

Mickey tutted and shook his head, but started to fill the sink with water anyway. Ian smiled. This is why he lived with Mickey, god bless him.

He sauntered over to Mickey's turned back and wrapped his arms around his waist. "I love you." He whispered as he left a shadow of a kiss of Mickey's cheek.

Mickey turned to face him. "I love you too, you big messy idiot."

Mickey turned the tap off, whipped off his apron and dragged Ian towards the stairs. He started to take the gloves off, but Ian stopped him.

"How about you leave the gloves on?"

Mickey looked at him bewildered, as Ian started up the stairs, wiggling his behind as he went.

"The pink suits you."

"They're FUSCHIA!!! Do you hear me? Fuschia! Oh. He's not listening. Damn him."

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