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Never Forget to Let the Cat Stay at Home

Samus Aran was drinking Galactic Milk Boom at a bar at the edge of Parlor Galaxy. She left her suit in the women's locker, because it's not good form drink with suit on. She was with a short dress showing her beatiful legs. A party was at the horizon, so she must stay good looking.

After a while, a small mouse went thru the bar's door. It was Jerry, and he was running from Tom. There were no small places to hide, but Jerry saw Samus, so he raced to her, climbed the stool she was seatting and entered her good smelling woman pussy. Samus took a scare and looked to see wat happenend. The freightened mouse was shaking and shy, hiding from the cat that entered that second at the bar. It was Tom, the cat.

Samus knew the danger and didn't delated the small rodent. Tom was very angry and searched everywhere, looking for a clue were the mouse could possibly be. Samus had a hard time trying to hide Jerry, because that shaking in her organ was causing tickles and she smirked with funny eyes.

Tom entered the men's locker, but no sign of Jerry. He them went to the women's locker. While he was there, Samus bought a small pice of cheese and put inside her housed uterus. Jerry took it with great satisfaction and ate till his belly got full.

Tom searched, searched and them...found Samus Suit. He looked inside, but carelessly he activated it and got stuck inside. Luckly, he was in the right position, legs down and head up. Unluckly, he activated Samus loneliness's striker. It was a device prepared to make Samus feel comfortable. Tom didn't understood, and two small phallic objects appeared in the front and in the rear, at the pelvic region of the suit, were, coincidentally, Tom's puss ass was accommodated. The two phallic metal vibrating and shiny pieces tried to penetrate the poor cat. Tom got uneasy and with all of his strenght runned inside the suit, trying to fleet the evil puss-de-virginization contraptions. Meowws and screams could be heard at all the bar and Samus went to check the strange occurence in the locker.

At the last possible moment, Samus deactivated the lust seeking devices, freeing Tom from an inglorious butt hurting fate. Tom was so scared he jumped at Samus hugging her trying to seek comfort while flickering in a despaired manner. Jerry was laughing his guts off, feeling relieved and avenged by the unhumanly assembled confort machine.

Samus felt herself a motherly figured to those pityful animals. They were misguide and homeless. She decided:

"Mouse and cat, you are going to live with me!" and she took them home. Tom smilled and Jerry gnawed his nails. The hunt is just begining!

The end