Chapter 1 An Almost Perfect Morning

Perfect, that's usually what came to mind when I woke up like this. I didn't open my eyes because I already knew what it looked like.

Because only one person smelled this good or fit that perfect on my side, my super hot badass blonde protector Sarah had spent that night and like the last couple times, over the night she had ended up snuggled against me.

So as I sat there in my own little world trying to pretend that it was real and that she was my girlfriend. A very interesting sensation came over me as I lightly rubbed her back. Skin on skin, which for most couples wouldn't have been a big deal but she always, wore a shirt to bed.

Usually one of mine that had some ridiculous Sci-fi saying on it and the way it fit made my inner fan boy scream. So sitting their I decided to open my eyes and ruin my moment so I could make sure that Ms. Walker still had some clothing on for the sake of my sanity. As I looked down I saw that she was wearing something, a very small something, but I breathed a sigh of relief anyway.

Forcibly dragging my eyes away from her, I noticed I wasn't in my room or her room or any room that I had recalled sleeping in ever. So I sat up a little and took in the room that lay before me. The bed that we were sleeping in was a wrought iron canopy bed. We both had bedside table complete with a lamp, the current book I was reading along with an alarm clock. There was a mahogany dresser directly in front of the bed with a plasma screen setting on it and then there were pictures spread out along the walls.

My curiosity at an all time high I got up as smoothly as I could as not to wake Sarah. I walked to the nearest wall that had a large group of pictures. Some of which were real, others were obviously fake like the wedding photos and some other outdoor photos which reminded him of Awesome more than himself.

So is it another suburbs mission he pondered wondering why he could only remember walking through the foyer of the apartments post mission when it hit him. "That son of a bitch tranked me" he heard Sarah stir "Chuck ssshhhuuusssshhh" deciding it was time to let the cat out of the bag and tell her he started waking her up.

"Sarah I think you will want to wake up for this" so with bed head and a very displeased look she sat up yawning and rubbing her eyes. "This better be good Chuck I was….where are we?" She said her eyes suddenly alert.

"I have no idea, the last thing I remember is Casey tranking me outside my apartment, I was hoping you could help me fill in the blanks." Taking a quick scan of the room he noticed a little white envelope on the dresser "I wonder if this will help". Looking inside he finds a DVD and a note from Casey.

Dear Walker and Moron

You both are now victims of Castle breach policy six. This DVD will explain everything to you.


P.S. Good luck with the girly feelings Bartowski

"What's Castle breach policy six" a knowing look came to Sarah's face "Castle breach policy six is that incase of a breach and suspected access of files the Castle will self-destruct and all personnel will flee to pre-setup cover locations throughout the US. Are cover is obviously together, so lets see the damage; pop the DVD in."

Doing as he was told he setup the DVD and sat on the edge of the bed General Beckmans appeared on screen

"Agent Walker Mr. Bartowski as you have been informed Castle breach policy six was enacted. You both were moved to a safe house in the middle of Kansas, as to not draw suspicion to yourselves we have provided you with a cover story and jobs so that you may assimilate into the community.

You both will be known till further notice as Mr. and Mrs. Charles Weston a teaching couple moving from California to the Midwest so that you can raise a family. Mr. Bartowski you will be the new Math teacher at the local high school and Agent Walker you will be the new kindergarten teacher" chuck heard a gasp from behind him and saw a look of confusion on Sarah's face as General Beckman continued.

"A more thorough explanation and any materials you may need are in the closet safe to my left. You both have a driver's license, social security card, credit cards, and other miscellaneous items along with emergency ID's if you cover is compromised.

Agent Walker along with these items a map of the house and the security system layout, along with a small weapons cache is included. I suggest you explore the house and the surrounding area as you are outside of town and have no neighbors.

Finally it is imperative that you both become Mr. and Mrs. Weston until we are able to retrieve you. I have the utmost faith in both of your abilities Beckman out."

Chuck looked to Sarah "So what does it all mean" Sarah walked to the closet retrieving the materials from the biometric safe. "We are on an Indefinite mission, It could last anywhere from a minimum of six months to being a permanent assignment"

Sarah took out the Identification envelopes and handed Chuck his, all while he never took his eyes off her mostly because she was only wearing a black bra with pink lace and a matching set of boy shorts. "Ok let's see more in-depth back story" she said as they pulled out their paperwork.

Charles Robert Weston DOB October 22, 1981

Graduated Magna cum Laude University of Southern California with a Degree in Mathematics and Education in 2004

Has been Teaching at Hillwood Preparatory since graduation till relocating to Marion, Kansas

Married Sarah Marie Conner Weston in 2006

Siblings – none

Parents – Deceased

Sarah Marie Conner Weston DOB June 9, 1984

Graduated Magna cum Laude University of Southern California with a Degree in Elementary Education in 2006

Has been teaching at Rose Hill Elementary since graduation till relocating to Marion, Kansas

Married Charles Robert Weston in 2006

Siblings – none

Parents – Deceased

Looking through his papers Chuck found a wallet with his ID credit cards, a small amount of cash and a picture of him and Sarah. "So that's not very In-depth it mostly only gives us dates" chuck pondered as he sorted through the rest of his paper work.

"They set it up that way so that we can fill in the blanks, make it more believable and curtailed to us" Chuck nodded "So how did we meet?"

"Well we can go with how we really, met say that you worked at a Buy More in college and you fixed my phone and we hit it off. We can say that was your senior year and I was a freshman." She looked up at Chuck trying to hide her emotions.

"So Chuck how did you pop the question?" He paused before giving his answer "We were walking down the beach by my apartment after are date and I had the ring in my pocket but I had been putting it off for a couple days because I was scared and it was such a big step. So when we stopped and sat down in the sand to watch the sun set, you looked at me with those big blue eyes and everything clicked. My fears were washed away as I pulled out the ring and asked you to be my wife. Telling you that you have the love of my mind body and soul"

Fighting back tears she said "Very nice Chuck" as he got everything sorted Chuck he sat back on the bed "So what was are wedding like, by the way it was a beach wedding according to are wedding photos"

Sarah looked up eyes sparkling knowing that her perfect wedding was almost exactly like Ellie's second try "Well I was thinking we just use Ellie's wedding as are own I can't really see a better one than that" Chuck smiled "So another question, when did we get married?"

Sarah's eyes brightened, she had always wanted to be a June bride, well not always but at least since she had started seeing as a possibility after meeting him "June 24". Chuck Smiled "So I can't really think of anything, else we could probably use stuff from are previous cover relationship to fill in the blanks."

He had never even heard of Castle breach policy six but it had seemed to give him the normal life he wanted with Sarah. Looking again at Sarah's half naked body he broke down "Sarah can you put a robe on or something I'm having trouble concentrating" he said trying to be polite as possible.

Without answering she walked into her closet and came back in a black silk floral robe that was less revealing but no less provocative. "I just can't win" he muttered to himself trying to drag his eyes away was and it was proving to be a great feat. "So I'm going to go explore so you can stay her and get dress or take a shower and get dressed one of those two"

Chuck was begging it wasn't going to be long before he explodes if she kept this up. She smiled, this was fun she hadn't seen him like this in a long time "So I can't explore with you in my bath robe honey?" she said in sweet innocent voice while she played with her collar exposing more smooth skin.

He was about to lose it and he needed to be away from playful and tempting for a while so through gritted teeth he managed "No you stay here and I'm going to go cool down, I mean walk around" he walked out the door mumbling "Torture would have been better than seeing her in the black and pink number" Chuck had said it to him self but Sarah couldn't help but hear.

There use to be times in their relationship where she liked to watch him squirm and see how he reacted to her but as her feelings got more pronounced and she had make the decision to tease him less after she had told him multiple times that she had no feelings towards him which was the most blatant out right lie she had ever told.

So she headed to her closet and put on a sweatshirt and a pair of long shorts. She might not be able to be with him the way both of them want to but she could at least try and make it easier.

As she walked through the hallway after him she poked her head into each room first seeing a small office with nice wooden desk topped with a desktop and then shelves on the walls. The next door was a medium sized bathroom.

As she kept going she noticed the decorum on the walls pictures of her and Chuck both real and fake. Some ranged from them in USC jerseys hugging each other at the Rose Bowl, others were of them playing on the beach the one that made her breath hitch though was a wedding photo from Ellie's wedding. The wedding party had paired off and the couples all jumped at the same time except in this picture it was zoomed in on them and her bridesmaid dress was white and she had a veil on.

She couldn't bring herself to pull away it was to perfect. Then she heard a metallic crash and a "Son of a" she tore herself away from the photo and walked down the hall where the noise came from.

As she walked in on chuck rubbing his head and looking annoyed she smiled. "What happened?" He looked up noticing her for the first time "The pans tried to kill me" he said with a laugh. "So I'm guessing you're hungry?"

He smiled an extra wide grin "Very much so, I was trying to get the pans down so I could make us some food."

"Well how about you look in the fridge for food and I'll get the pans so you don't get a concussion" she said giggling "Alright we have some hamburger, some chicken, a couple steaks, milk, and some fruit oh and some cheese and butter" she took a second pan down then started looking in the cabinets.

After opening a few she found some spices and some potatoes. "How do you feel about steak and a baked potato?" he looked up from the fridge handing her the steaks "Sounds good to me" She took the steaks and spiced them while putting a pan on the stove to heat up as Chuck got out the cheese and butter and started preparing the potatoes.

They cooked in companionable silence and one thought came to her mind Day one of Normal