Summary: A chance meeting turns into unbridled attraction and a month of hot days and even hotter nights. Can a relationship be grounded on toe-curling, mind-blowing sensuality? Jacob/Bella, AU, A/H

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Chapter 1: The Run In

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"Bills, Bills, junk mail, coupon for $5.00 off my next teeth cleaning, birthday card from Charlie, bills..."



Not that it was any surprise, but, my body met a solid structure with a muted thud, and my handful of letters, flyers, circulars and other crap went flying. Great.

Wait a minute.

This wall wasn't concrete, or like, wooden or whatever, it was clothed, and warm, and soft, but solid. It was the warmest wall I'd ever run into. And trust me, I've had my share of run-ins with walls.

"Oh! Excuse me..."

"Oh, no, it was my fault..." the wall said.

"I am such a klutz sometimes..."

"No, I saw you there. I just..." it tried to explain.

"I just..." I finally looked up from shuffling the stack of mail, various forms of paper, and shit now littering the entryway of my building and saw the wall.

This wall of... man.

…Beautiful, gorgeous, man.

"I uh..." I couldn't quite formulate what was happening to me, or, rather, come up with anything witty or even cohesive to say. So, instead of giving any real form of communication, I stood there, mouth agape and mesmerized.

His skin.

It was perfect and smooth; a shade of reddish-brown that made me want to reach out and touch...

"Sorry about that. I—" He trailed off when our eyes met, blinked, and then continued in a distracted near-whisper, "I wasn't paying much attention to where I was going, either."

That voice.

He had the deepest baritone, which strummed over every part of my body like a well-tuned instrument.

He grabbed my elbow to help me steady my uneasy and wobbly legs and there was electricity.

I felt it just as sure as I'm here breathing. He looked at me with a furrowed, confused brow. His eyes drank me in, darting all around my face questioningly.

Had he felt it too?

"No, no, I just… I have a run in with something or someone at least once a day. It's God's own little way of mocking me."

Chuckle. Genuinely amused. Not at me, but with me. His laugh was definitely a sound I could get used to hearing, especially when it was brought about by something that I'd said.

I could deal with that.

Then he looked at me with those eyes – so deep brown and soulful – like a laser cutting straight through me. Mine were brown too, but like chocolate. His were nearly black, like the gorgeous head of hair atop his head, and seemed to darken the longer we stood there in that hall. His eyes dragged over my body, wantonly, and I thanked God that I'd worn a push-up bra and the fitted Kelly green top that always seemed to get attention against my fair skin. I smoothed down my skirt and hair, self-consciously, hopeful my make-up had made it through the day.

"Well, uh—" He shifted awkwardly, after we both noticed his gaze rested on my lips a little longer than necessary. His hot fingertips also sat at the back of my elbow a little too long for mere polite chivalry. Not that I was complaining.

He glanced around, and then absently licked his bottom lip, before his eyes darted to my own parted mouth. I paused, feeling my body ache for him. It was insane. I'd never seen him a day in my life and there we were, eye-fucking each other in the hall of my building.

"Well, glad I could help you fulfill your daily run-in quota," he joked, smiling.

Who was this man?

"I uh… I live in 4A," he offered, extending his massive palm. "Jacob." My lips moved, making an honest attempt to speak. There was a moment of delay, and then my brain finally caught up with my mouth.

"Bella, Bella Swan." Did he really need my entire name? "I, uh… I live in 4C. I've never seen you in the building before. Did you just move in?"

No, I've certainly never seen him before. I definitely would have noticed this much hotness living right down the hall from me.

"Yeah, same here; I've never seen you around here, either." He paused, slowly sliding his fingers from my body, and I caught his gaze lingering on the curve of my hip. "And no... Uh, I haven't been here much, lately. I'm a freelance journalist. I've been covering the crisis in Haiti for the past two weeks. I was in Indonesia before that."

Oh my god. …Beauty and brains? He's like my walking wet dream.

"Sounds interesting."

Sounds interesting? FYI, Bella: saying that makes it sound infinitely less interesting.

"Yeah, uh, it is, but it's tough sometimes – traveling to some places. Still, I love it." He shifted, throwing his shoulder-length hair casually over his shoulder. That was when I finally dragged my eyes away from his perfect, chiseled face, and took a good look at him, from head to toe.

Jacob was huge, but not bulky. He was leaner, with perfectly-crafted muscle. He had to be at least 6-4.

I wonder if he's ever played football, or hockey, or like rugby or something.

I was mentally rambling.

I also felt myself swooning and hoped, to whatever god would listen to me, that I wasn't my usual bright red at the thought of traveling next to this man I'd never laid eyes on before five minutes ago and, yet, would like to take to some exotic place with tiki huts, private beaches, and bright orange drinks with little umbrellas sticking out of them. More rambling.

His gaze softened as we caught eyes, again. The sexiest smile that had ever been directed at me played at the corners of his lips. He whispered, hoarsely, "4C huh? Well then, Bella Swan, I guess that makes us neighbors."

"Well. I uh. I guess it does."

"Listen, I gotta run – meeting – but, it was nice...running into you. Maybe we it again, sometime."

That smile peered out, again. The beautiful man was funny, witty. And his teeth were perfect.

He took a few steps back, never peeling his eyes away from mine. He moved lithely, almost animalistic, and I was sure I would combust if I didn't have his hands on me, soon. Then he finally turned to depart, and I waved weakly at his blue t-shirted back – and what a beautiful back it was – as he exited our building.

Just like that, my world changed.

I didn't see Jacob again for almost two weeks – believe me, I'd been counting the days. I'd walk slowly down the hallway, taking entirely too long to reach my door and pausing to stare at his, willing it to swing open.

It didn't.

It had taken every ounce of willpower in me not to knock on the door.

I'd planned on doing just that if I went even one more day without seeing him. Saturday morning, I set out orange juice and a bagel on the small table on my spacious balcony – perfect for mornings like these – with paper in-hand. My mind was finally off of Jacob.

Maybe he'd gone away on location, again. Maybe our attraction was all a dream. All I knew was that I had to stop thinking about him and focus on something else.

This couldn't be healthy.

My balcony faced the street, so it provided the option for people-watching. From a distance, I heard the rhythmic shuffle of sneakers against pavement. My body responded, instantly.

No. It can't be.

I glanced up and saw just the outline of his body and his deep sienna skin, shining with sweat. I was mesmerized...again. Just as I became even more swept up in my revelry, I felt a thick, fat raindrop plunk the top of my head. Then another on my cheek and the middle finger of my right hand. Rapidly, the sky opened. On a sunny day, without a cloud in the sky, rain pelted me from where I sat.

Stupid Florida sun showers...

Then it dawned on me. If I was getting rained on, so was a very shirtless Jacob. I looked in his direction, once more, and watched the water slide over every groove, every indentation of his muscular body. It was the most sensual, non-sexual thing I think I'd ever witnessed.

It was beautiful.

He was beautiful; his slick, and hot, and wet body. He made no effort to run any faster, to escape the rain. Instead, he kept his pace and I was awarded the view of his form as it became larger and larger with each step he took closer to our building. While the rain continued to fall, he became shiny, dripping, and more delicious.

I made no move to get out of the rain, either. My now inedible bagel soaked up the water from the sky and my orange juice turned light yellow and cloudy from mixing with the rain. Even more, I was drenched; the thin white cotton tank I wore was soaked through, as were the matching pajama bottoms.

I stayed where I was, though. I kept standing, trying to get a better look at him as he entered the building, and felt a pang of sadness when I realized that he would be dry soon, and out of sight. Then my brain snapped.

I had to catch him.

I had to stop him.

And do what?

I wasn't sure of at the moment. I just couldn't let him go. As fast as my feet could carry me, I rushed to my front door, gripping the knob and swinging it open.

"Oh!" I almost stumbled backward in my surprise. I looked up, clutching my chest.

...and was met with my wall of man.

Standing there, dripping on the hardwood hallway floor.

Soaked to the bone with rain water.

Eyes black and intense.

His gaze lowered to my breasts. I knew he could see through the sheer wet cotton – now suctioned to my body, and to my nipples – as clear as if I'd been shirtless, too. Then, he stepped closer, entering my apartment.

I didn't move, and felt his hot, hard, slippery torso pressed against mine. His chest just barely kissed my nipples through the thin barrier. He stared at me for a long moment, unblinking, and hungry.

I heard the lowest sound escape his chest. Something crossed in his eyes.



He leaned forward, and I prepared my mouth for his kiss; for his full lips to press hotly against mine. Instead, his mouth passed mine, and lowered.

His pink tongue darted out, and skimmed along my collarbone, effectively catching a droplet of water that was sliding south, toward my cleavage. And my clit lurched toward his body, urgent and needy. A shiver snaked its way up my spine and he kicked the door close behind him.

"Jacob..." I whimpered, as his hands where on my skin, all at once. His lips met mine and I was caught up in the slick feel of his warm mouth. He searched my body, starting at the dip in my waist, squeezing and kneading me, and sparking flames over my skin. I stepped closer to him, pressing my body harder into his, needing to feel him on my nipples.

His body was...indescribable. It felt even better than it looked under my fingertips; the deep curves rolling over his chest and abdomen, so sinfully pronounced and perfect.

My hands were greedy and my body, aching. I arched and clawed at his back, pulling off the tie that held his beautiful hair. I ran my fingers through it reverently, even in our frenzy, just as I had wanted to the day we'd met.

I just needed to feel him.

He was silent, biting and sucking my neck and shoulder. His fingers slipped underneath my top, pulling it away from my body, frantically, and so hard I thought he might rip it. He lifted it over my head and threw it, with a slap, onto the floor. Immediately, his mouth was on my nipples, rough and hard, and greedy. Finally, he pulled at the string holding my pajama bottoms on my hips.

I wanted this. I needed this so bad. I wanted him so bad. It was the most impulsive thing I'd thought of doing in a long time, but, really, I didn't care. All I was sure of was him, and me, and us, and the electricity that was pulsing in waves between our two bodies.

"Please..." I panted as I slipped my thumbs in the waistband, and we both slid my panties and pants off, in one quick motion.

I stood there, naked, and I felt him.

I felt him pressed stiffly against my bare body, through the thin nylon fabric of his running shorts. He spun me and pushed my body against the back of my front door. Then I snatched the shorts away from his body, pulling them down and gripping him like he was mine. I could have done this a million times before. It was like second nature to me.

His cock was hot, heavy, and massive in my palm. I could barely get my hand around its thickness; it was a thing of beauty- just a shade darker than the rest of him, begging to be touched and then slid inside of me. I released him, and fisted my hands in his hair. Pulling him toward me, I crushed my mouth against his. He tasted like everything. His mouth was hot, and slick and hungry against mine, urgently sliding his tongue against mine.

Trailing his fingers down my thigh and under my knee, he held himself between my parted legs, and dragged his fingers along the damp, wetness outside my folds. My whole body shuddered at his touch, as he rubbed guided circles over my sensitive clit, and then slipped two fingers into me. I whimpered and then moaned, leaning my already arched body against the door and allowing him to do as he wanted with me. Because I was already wetter than I'd ever been, his fingers glided effortlessly in and out of me, until I was begging and panting.

He slipped his fingers into his mouth, sucking them clean with a low, satisfied groan. After, he quickly guided himself into me. It was all too much.

A guttural cry escaped my lips and we paused. I was completely overwhelmed at the fullness I felt, and the tightness I was sure he was now sucked into. The heat, and fire, and tautness were almost more than I thought I could handle. After several moments, he kissed away my distress and pumped until he was completely inside me and I was gushing over his length.

An unabashed moan escaped me.

"Please... Please don't stop..." I begged through my pants. He was just so fucking big inside me.

He raked his fingers through my hair, cupping the back of my scalp, snaking his free arm around me as he stroked his body into mine and I reached to grip his shoulders, slowly meeting his thrusts. It was all I could do not run my nails down his back until I drew blood.

I wanted this. I needed this – him – so much.

In one swift movement, he grabbed my other thigh, and I was off the ground with my legs crossed behind his back. He hissed at the change in position, his jaw twitching, his lids heavy-lidded with determination and lust. He held me there for a moment, with his eyes closed, biting his lip, and I knew he was pulling himself back from the edge.

This position was so much deeper. I could feel him in every part of me, and it was intense.

"Ah...fuck..." I moaned into his mouth.

He held my waist, pulling me up and down, slowly, and carefully rocking his hips against my body. It was an easy thing and I felt weightless in his strong grasp. Soon, we were in perfect sync- him forcing me down on his cock, me whimpering and rolling against him. I was eager, and ground my hips against his as he held me tightly.

"Ahh... Bella, Shit..." He whispered. His moan was the first word he'd said since entering my home.

"God... I know. " I grunted.

I did know. I knew this was something all consuming and terrifying. This, with him, was too good and something that couldn't be right. It was something that felt so insane; we both were teetering on the edge of madness.

Everything inside me shivered and shuddered against him, contracting again and again. Wetness dripped and leaked from my body onto the floor. I screamed, not caring that we were inches from the hallway and the door to my balcony was still open, rain pattering the floor.

"Oh god...oh god..." He gripped my hips tighter, thrusting himself into me harder. My body, not even completely stilled from my first orgasm, began rolling in waves as I felt the stirring of my second.

"Bella..." He panted, grinding harder. "I...fuck. I gotta cum..." His thusts were deep, and steady and sure, his eyes full of abandon, never leaving from mine.

Still intense. Still focused.

"Let me down," I whispered. He looked at me incredulously. "Let me down," I whispered again, tapping him lightly on his shoulder.

He obeyed me, yet never stopping his thrusts, which made it terribly difficult for my body to ever want to leave his. I did though, sliding him out of me, and he had the most painfully sexy look on his face. It was one of madness and need. He needed release.

I gripped his cock, and knelt before him. His look became more pained, but in a different way. It morphed into a level of desire I'd never seen in someone's eyes, and was sure it mirrored my own.

I wrapped my mouth around him, sucking his tip, and then slid it as far as I could into my mouth. His body tensed, and his face grimaced as he pressed his palms against the door for support. He slowly propelled his hips, easing himself in and out of my mouth.

I wanted to taste him.

I wanted him to cum, so I pumped him with my hands, which was not an easy feat, because of his size, but I did. I eased the length of him between my cupped hands, arcing them in steady strokes, all the while, sucking and licking and sucking.

Up and down...up and down...

"Fuck," he gasped.

Jacob's brows knitted together, his lips parted, and with one final jerk, he burst in my mouth: hot, thick, and him. He curled his hands into fists, his forehead resting on one arm. He swallowed thickly several times, trying to catch his breath. I licked my lips, savoring the taste of him, as he stood above me, attempting to stabilize his breathing. Finally, he opened his eyes.

There was fire in them.

His cock, still as stiff as if we'd just started, twitched in my hands, inches from my lips.

Oh my god.

He raised an eyebrow and pulled me to my feet, that feral, hungry look still in those black eyes. My heart soared as he cupped his palm against the heat between my thighs, and tried not to cum again.

"I'm not done with this yet," he whispered seriously, glancing around for my bedroom, then, meeting my eyes again. "Let's do this right.



A/N – I've never shipped just Jake and Bella, and I have to say, I absolutely love them in this. It was SO fun and *ahem* rewarding to write. These two got a little carried away, which I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed. FYI, there are EPIC lemons and a little teeny bit of angst later, but I'm sure you guessed that already.

Massive thanks go to one of the best betas, writers, and lovies out there, Kay Cannon. She's amazing, and I am the captain of her fan club.