Chapter 15: Come Along


Okay. Okay. I can handle this. I can. Okay.

Stop saying okay.


Talking to myself probably wasn't the healthiest thing to handle the situation at that moment, but whatever. I may or may not have stumbled out of my bed, tripped on the sheets that had wrapped their evil selves around my legs, and nearly cracked my skull on the edge of my side table in my rush to get to the bathroom. When I got there, the reflection wasn't the worst thing I'd ever seen, but god, it wasn't the best either.

I swished mouthwash around and spit, yanked a brush a few times through my hair, washed all the important places, and pulled on my old trusty, comfy cotton dress and nice-enough underwear. By the time I was satisfied with the way I looked, and was rubbing on Chap Stick, Jake was knocking on the door.

Damnit! Why does he have to live so fucking close! Thank god I cleaned up the house a little this weekend.

I counted to ten. Then, I walked toward the door, wind riffling my hair a little as it swung open.

Good god.

He looked good. Really good – almost as good as he looked the first time I'd ever seen him. His shirt and sweatpants were loose, but nothing was really on that body – I could still see every curve, every muscle. His hair was pulled back, and he had on those flip-flops I hated.

He looked amazing. His eyes skirted over me and he gave me a small smile, showing off those dimples.


"Hey." Jake stepped forward. Leaning on the doorjamb with his palms on each side, he glanced around my apartment a little awkwardly. Then, he rested his eyes on me again. "Sorry for coming over so late...well, early..."

I stuck my hands in my pockets, and then pulled them out, like a twitchy spaz, crossing my arms protectively across my body. "No...uh, no, I was just, I was awake, anyway."

He nodded, scratching the back of his neck, and looking a couple of times at the couch, like he wanted me to invite him to sit. No way, buddy. You're gonna have to work for it a little.


"Jake. You said you wanted to talk. So, talk." I gestured for him to come in, and then closed and bolted the door.

He nodded, again, "Listen, Bells, I...I don't want us to fight anymore."

"I'm not fighting. I'm fine." I was defiant as I strolled into the kitchen for a drink of water; I had to show him I'd been fine without him, even though, really, I wanted to crumble at those dark eyes and force him to snuggle, and eat ice cream, and watch 16 Candles with me all over again.

"I bet. You always are, aren't you?" he said, softly, with a sad smile. Everything in me fought reaching forward to hug and kiss that sadness away. I didn't reply.

"I...miss you, Bells."

"You miss me?" He nodded. I saw the vulnerability there, and he was beautiful. I sighed. "I missed you too. I love you, but...sometimes I wonder if that's enough."

"What do you mean?" He stood a little taller, meeting my gaze.

"I..." I licked my lips before taking a long swallow of water and setting it down on the counter between us. "You know Tyler? From VV?"

He looked at me strangely. "Uh...Yeah...Met him a couple times. What about him?"

"He...We're supposed to go out tomorrow," I blurted. I don't know why I said it. Part of it was because I wanted to be honest. And, part of it, a larger part than I'd ever want to admit to myself, wanted him to feel bad, to feel angry, and sad, and fiercely jealous.

"Oh," he said, just above a whisper. I nodded. "What does that mean?"

"It...It doesn't really mean anything, Jake. I just, I thought you should know that."

"Okay. Well. Okay." He mirrored my nod, and we stood there in this horrible silence for what seemed like an eternity. I could literally hear my blood thumping in my veins. Could hear actual time ticking and not from a clock. Literal minutes turned from seconds and into hours. Years passed, decades even.

Then, he started to walk back toward the door.

"Wait...Jake, where...I thought..."

"You thought what, Bella? I told you I wanted to talk; you let me in to tell me you're going out with some other guy. What else is there to say?"

"I mean..."

"What do you want from me, Bella? You want me to fight? You want me to punch the guy over you?"

This wasn't going at all like I'd planned – which, admittedly, didn't include very much thought. "I didn't mean to...I mean..."

He looked at me long and hard. Then, the anger slid off his face, and in its place exhaustion and sadness remained. "Look. I'm sorry, Bella. I am. I don't want us to fight anymore. I'm sorry. I was wrong. I don't know what else to say. I know that I may have fucked it all up, and that you may even be about to move on, but I need you to know that."

"I'm not about to move on, Jake."

"Then...what's the deal with Tyler, or any guy? You trying to make me jealous? You want to go and find Peter now, to level the field? Why would you even think about going out with Tyler? Why would you want to tell me something like that?"

"No! I don't know... I don't know. I don't. It was the first thing that came to my mind and I wanted to tell you the truth, I didn't want to lie."

He turned his back to me, running a hand over his hair like he does when he's anxious, and then turned back to me, walking a few steps into the kitchen. He gazed at me, sliding his hands into his pockets, and looking exposed in a completely raw sort of way. I saw that little boy in him, then. "I talked to Rosie."

My heart sunk into my stomach. The last thing I needed was the thought of gorgeous, model blond Rosalie talking to Jake about how much of a bitch I am, and how I don't deserve him. "Yeah?" I croaked, then tried to swallow.

He nodded. "She's coming to the states in a couple months to visit her family for a little while." He looked at me for a few moments. "She says I'm being an ass."

I stifled a snort, and couldn't help the half-smile that crossed my face.

"Forgive me. I'm sorry."


"About Angela, about my selfish shit, everything. I love you...I need you. I do."

I nodded. I had about a million things I wanted to say, or, like, thought I'd needed to say all those days away from him. But now, with him here, with his sad dark eyes and soft voice, none of them really seemed all that important. When I stared at the face of a man that I could feasibly see spending my life with, all of our petty bullshit seemed so... insignificant.

"I'm—I'm sorry too, babe. I was a bitch. I should have trusted you." I slipped my palm to his cheek. "You've never given me a reason to doubt you, and I realized that you were right – it is my own shit, not you."

He looked at me for a while, then stepped forward, leaning down for a soft, sweet kiss. I felt my face get a little warm, and squeezed my eyes shut, trying to get myself to stop blushing. We lingered there for a while, but I needed to finish. "Wait...wait. I'm not done." I pushed away from him. "I realized a few things during this time alone."

"Okay..." His face dropped to a slightly disappointed, but mostly neutral gaze.

"No...No Jake." I laughed, trying my best to assure him. "What I mean is, I realized we shouldn't have ever let it get that bad. We should have talked more. We should have talked long before that fight."

He nodded. "I agree. I don't want us to fight like that, anymore, Bells. I hate it."

"I hate it, too. I love you too much for that." He smiled a little, leaning down for another small kiss that lingered on my lips.

I looked up at him. "I was so wrong; Ally let me know that much. Not just about the Angela thing, but just, everything. I've gotta be more patient with you. I've gotta be less insane, and jealous."

He nodded, again, and then smiled a small smile. I fell in love with him all over again. Instead of responding in an oh, I don't know, sexy, captivating way, the back of my hand flew to my mouth, trying my best to keep in the yawn that tumbled out.

He smirked. "You're tired."

"It's 4a.m., Jake."

He lifted his eyebrows with that smug look that would be annoying on anyone else, but was beyond cute on him. "Mmhmm."

"Shut up."

His eyes twinkled. Then, he brushed his lips across mine, and then over my cheek, and I tried my best not to blush like a maniac again.

"Listen, it's late and you're dead on your feet. I'm gonna go."

"But, I—I..."

"I know, me too." He winked, and grinned, and I blushed more. How could anyone, even my once-office crush, ever compare to this man?

He took my hands for a second, then let them fall. "But, maybe we should...Maybe I can see you in the morning – well, later today. Maybe I can cook breakfast?"

Yes, god, yes! That sounded great.

"Oh, okay." I put on my best smile, glad that we were talking again. And, even though I wanted nothing more than to rip our clothes off, I was tired, both from the conversation, and the hour.

"Okay, then," another kiss, and squeeze of my hand, "I'll call you."

I nodded, turning the locks and letting him out. One last time, I stepped closer to him, pulling him lightly from the back of his neck into a soft kiss, and let him go.

Surprisingly enough, over the next week, Jake and I didn't have sex.

I know what you're thinking: that it must have been an act of god. It was, actually. Well, an act of Mother Nature, at least. I mean, not that that had ever stopped us before, but I kind of took it as a sign.

Jake said it was the universe talking to us. I told him that then was not the time to evoke the religion he barely ever referenced outside of the occasional prayer for Miami to make it to the playoffs. That got me a swat on the butt and a tug on my ponytail, with that slow thousand-watt smile.

This boy wasn't making it easy for me, in those cargo shorts with the little hole near the left back pocket, and those biceps, and the way he licked chocolate off the corner of his mouth as he made me dessert.

It was good though. I got that ice cream and 16 Candles. I also got St. Elmo's Fire and all the Rob Lowe, Emilio Estevez and shoulder pads I could handle. As we laid on his couch, both of us freshly showered and fed, and me in my plaid pajamas he only ever let me wear once in a blue moon without complaining because he said they made me look like someone's mom, but I didn't care because they were old and soft and worn and comfortable, I remembered why I loved him. I remembered why I loved us.

Later that week, on a rainy night – I remember because I'd opened the windows to let the fresh air in – Jake was padding around the kitchen and it struck me: how could I have ever been away from this man? This hysterically funny, scarily intelligent, sickeningly handsome man who made the best waffles, like, ever.


I packed another syrupy wad into my mouth, nodding happily. Jake smirked and placed a quick kiss to the top of my head, then finished off his orange juice. "I'm glad you're enjoying it." I crunched a strip of bacon, then another, as he turned and dug into the dirty dishes.

"There's another one in the microwave if you want it."

"Ooh!" I shoved a last forkful into my mouth, enjoying the back view of his jeans, before I stood to get another helping.

"Greedy little thing." He chuckled. "Some things never change."

"I resent that."

"Resent, not deny."

"Shut up."

He finished off the dishes as I finished off my second, well, second and a half if you count the triangle of waffle and slice of bacon I stole off Jake's plate.

"You know, you better keep me around. Who else will cook you waffles for dinner?"

"It's true." We looked at each other, shyly, which is funny considering we'd seen every inch of each other naked in one way or another. For us to have reverted back to a place I honestly can't ever remember us being in, even in the beginning, when all of this started.

Jake looked down at me with a small smile, then absently started playing with the ends of my hair. "I like your hair like this."

I licked my lips, sucking off the last bit of syrup that had strayed, suddenly incredibly aware of his closeness, of the clean, masculine smell of him I'd come to love. The mix of it with the sweet smell of my dinner breakfast was heady and amazing.

"I uh, I just blew it out a little more."

He stepped closer, swallowing. "It looks good." His eyes roamed over my body and I felt myself getting aroused just from his intent gaze. The pull between us was overwhelming me then, and was becoming harder and harder for me to ignore. "You look good."

"So do you, Jake," I admitted.

"I..." he whispered, glancing down at my lips, tentatively, and something was there, still there. It could have been hunger, or possessiveness, or a mash up of the two. His eyes met mine again, quickly. He pulled his lips inward, dragging his tongue to wet them, then reached out to me. "I missed you, Bells."

I gazed at him for a second, from his gorgeous face, that hair pulled back in a knot at the back of his head, curves of lean hard muscle straining against his shirt, that dark look in his eyes. Without another thought, I stepped into his strong arms, settling against him in that perfect familiar way. We were careful. Careful not to move too quickly, careful to not shatter what was there, what was being re-formed, scared that either one of us would get skittish and it would all be over.

God, it couldn't be over.

I rested my cheek against his chest, then rubbed it a little against his soft, worn-thin t-shirt. He pulled me a little tighter and we just stood there. We breathed each other, and felt each other, and remembered all that good stuff that made us

Finally, I tilted my head to look at him, and I got those eyes. Those black eyes full of intensity. He leaned down, and I met him; I pressed my lips against his, then. I felt him pull away slightly, gazing at me before proceeding, asking for permission. I grabbed him by his neck, and pressed in for another kiss, greedily taking his mouth, sliding my tongue against his, forcefully.

I groaned. "Oh, fuck."

It was just so good, and we were just kissing. I just missed him so much, missed this so much. I wanted to latch onto his body and never, ever let him leave my sight again. He slid his hands to my lower back, pulling me tighter to him, licking and sucking my tongue, like he knew I loved, and with practiced ease.

We stood there, like a pair of teenagers, just exploring each other, learning each other all over again. I remembered the smooth, slick feel of his mouth against mine. The languid way he would drag his tongue along mine. He nudged me softly, until I was pressed against the counter. Jake's fingers pressed into my waist, urgently, pulling me against his long, lean body. I could feel the heat radiating from him through my cutoff jean shorts and light sweater, his hard chest pushing against my soft breasts, and his hard cock rubbing against my abdomen.

I moaned against his mouth as he bent his knees just-so, and I could feel the firmness of his erection move to my clit. Even through the clothing I did have on, I could feel every hard angle of his body against me. I could feel his heat against the cotton rubbing against my body. He nipped at my lips, running his teeth lightly along my jaw, then my neck. His open-mouthed kisses settled a few inches below my earlobe, and I was nearly shaking.

He angled his hips a little more, lowering his hold on me to my ass, gripping me even firmer. Then, without shame, he began grinding his jean-covered cock against me. I gasped, moaned and, after just few of his movements and the feel of his strong body against me, I felt myself too near to an orgasm. I followed his lead, rolling my hips against his, clinging to his neck, gasping in pleasure. Jake lifted his lips from my neck, cupping and squeezing each of my bra-less breasts, then rubbing a thumb over my nipples through the knit cables.

"I missed you so much, Bells...I wanna..." He swallowed, then ran his lips over a sensitive spot on my neck. "Can we...I want you. I don't wanna wait anymore." He licked his lips, then kissed me again before I could answer. With his hands sliding under the hem of my sweater, I felt his thumbs against the edge of my nipples. Then, he flicked the button on my fly, and his palm was against my thigh, and next the fabric of my panties. I rocked my hips against his stiff fingers, needing him in every way imaginable at that moment."Lets...please."

I moaned more, clinging to his shoulders for a few moments, just really trying to get my bearings. I wrapped a hand around his wrist, stilling his hand against my clit, and whimpering. "Stop...stop...You're gonna make..."

Jake stopped, and slid his hand from me quickly, teeth grinding, jaw twitching. His gaze rose to me. Then, he sucked his fingers into his mouth for a moment, before covering the buldge in his jeans with his wide palm and readjusted himself. I took his lips again in a hard kiss, and then started walking toward my bedroom.

After a few steps, I noticed he wasn't behind me. I turned to find him still standing in the kitchen, with his palm gripping the counter, and his head bowed just slightly. He looked up and our eyes met.

"Well? You coming?"

He quirked a smile at me, and gave me a look that should have set my clothes on fire, swaggering over in a way that really could make me cum all on its own. He bent and kissed me again. "Lead the way."

I walked about midway down the hallway, then stepped a little closer to him., I pulled him to me in a kiss, while walking backward until we were in my bedroom. I eased my hands under his shirt, hand greedy, nearly groping, just feeling his warm body against my fingertips. I tugged at that shirt, his favorite I finally noticed: black Grateful Dead, old as hell. Seeing him there, half-dressed, I just wanted to put my hands and mouth on every part of him until he was moaning and out of his mind.

He eased his belt out of the loop, never taking his lips off mine, except to help me lose my clothes, and soon, we were skin to skin. He pushed me softly onto my back, and settled between my legs, kissing, and licking. and sucking my neck, then easing down my body to each of my stiff nipples. He lingered there, lapping his tongue on each of them, and then sucking softly, and licking, and sucking, until I was moaning and grinding my hips against his chest. I begged, and still he lingered there, commanding me, licking one while running a thumb softly over the other.

"Oh babe, you're so fucking good at that."

He chuckled, and licked his fingertips, before easing them between my thighs. He rubbed tight circles across my clit with the pads. My body was in meltdown mode from the feel of him sucking my breasts and stroking my pussy masterfully, and I moaned his name even louder.

He shifted his body lower, his mouth never pausing before it covered my clit, licking softy at first, then purposefully.

"Spread your legs," he murmured. He placed his palms on either of my thighs and eased them where he wanted them, quickly lying flat between them, and running his tongue from the dripping wetness of my entrance to my clit. Every nerve ending on my body screamed in pleasure as his tongue settled there, lapping, with just enough pressure. He moaned against me, as my hips began rolling in time with his mouth, and I was starting the climb toward my orgasm.

I groaned, arching my back. "I'm gonna cum..."

He continued, licking, and sucking, and pumping his fingers, until it hit me like a brick to the head, and I cried out, clenching and unclenching around his fingers. Thankfully, he pulled away before it was too much, but kept his fingers inside me until my body calmed.

When I was finally able to move or speak, I pushed him onto his back, his stiff cock bobbing slightly with the movement. That cock: so perfect, and smooth, but hard. I leaned in, taking him into my mouth, and had to steel myself against the pleasure washing over me as he bucked his hips. I loved the supple feel of his hard cock in my mouth. It had been so, so long. Too long.

"Mmm." I purred, after relaxing and sliding completely down the length of him, and then back up. My hands replaced my mouth, as I stroked him in quick hard jerks. "This, I missed..." I murmured, spreading his legs a little wider. "Put your feet on the bed, babe," I whispered. He obeyed, bending his knees, and I moved my attentions a little lower, tounging his sac as I stroked him firmly, like I knew he loved. I was awarded with his deep, masculine gasps and groans. So, I sucked a little in time with my hand movements, and he began cursing a blue streak into the silent, dim bedroom air.

I could hear the waves above the rain, could hear the beach and it made me feel so sexy. So aware of us. Of him. Finally, I slid my mouth over him again, hollowing my cheeks, sucking the head, and running my tongue along the full length, licking the soft rim.

I looked up at him. I knew what he wanted. "Go ahead, but, don't cum yet."

He tentatively threaded his fingers in my hair, gripping me at the scalp. I tried to relax as I felt his hips arc off the bed, his massive hands pulling my mouth down, as he fucked my mouth slowly and carefully, at first. I put my weight on my hands between his open legs, allowing him to do what he wanted, and feeling like I'd cum just from my lack of control at the moment; at my submission, where I always gained so much strength.

Jake's deep grunts of pleasure pierced the quiet, less the soft whir of the ceiling fan. "Oh, God...shit." He shuddered for a brief second of pleasure, and I eased up and off, but never released his cock.

I gripped him tightly, and then lapped at the tip with my flattened tongue, before sucking him into my mouth once more. His entire body tensed, and I took that as an affirmative that I'd done the right thing. With continued groans, his hand ran through my hair, which was, I'm sure, a complete mess. I lifted my head, fully wanting to suck him off until he came in my mouth, and swallow everything until he was whimpering, but that could come later. My hands returned to circling his cock. This time, the strokes were firm, but slow, nice, but not enough to pull him over the edge.

"C'mere...fuck, Bells," he mumbled, out of breath. He pulled me to him, with heavy-lidded eyes. I rubbed my clit, while crawling higher up his long body. "Come sit on it."

I really could have come then. The look of uncontrolled hunger, the way he'd taken that beautiful, big cock in his fist, the tone of his voice – all of it. I placed a flat hand on his chest for leverage, swinging my knee on the other side of his hips. Swatting his hand away, I took his cock in my own hand, and rose as high as I could on my knees. Arching my back, I slid the head against my clit again, and received just the moan from him I wanted.

"So fucking sexy," I whispered. Widening my knees a little, I sat on the tip of his cock. "Oh god, Jake." I hissed, biting my bottom lip. I moved my hips a little, trying my best to slide down the thickness. I moaned as he anchored his feet against the mattress, grabbed my hips, and lifted until his cock was deep inside me.

"Jesus-fuck, Bells. Shit..." he rasped.

I rose to my knees slightly, then sat back down, and then did it again. We locked eyes and, really, I think we both realized that being away from each other was the stupidest and best thing we could have done. I placed both palms flat on his chest. Then, I rolled my hips back and forth, unhurried at first. I just needed to get used to the feel of him again, and god did he feel amazing. Even with the slow burn of him stretching me, it was good. It was so good.

Before long, we'd found that synced rhythm we always did. My hips were jerking violently on his cock, and I was gasping and moaning his name, and all kinds of unintelligible things. I'd sat up and back with my hands behind me on his thighs, tilted at an angle that always got me to a place where my brain went haywire.

I started rubbing crazily at my clit as I rode him and his cock brushed against that spot inside me again and again, dragging across it. And I gushed, and gushed each time. He felt so good. We felt so good; the closer I got to cumming, the more intense emotions for him became, until I felt so close to him, I wanted to fuck him until I physically couldn't anymore.

Jake clenched his jaw, squeezing his eyes shut as he dug his fingers into my hips, helping my back and forth movements. My pace slipped into this erratic, jerky grind. My body leaned forward over his, and my head rolled almost to rest on his shoulder.

"That's good, Bells. That's so good. Come on my dick..." he encouraged, thickly., Tightening his grip on my ass, he pulled me forward and pushed me backward with sure force.

"Oh, Jake... Oh god," I wheezed. I leaned forward, more, to grip the comforter at either side of his head. "Uhn, fuck..."

"Shit, Bella, oh, godamn..." He squeezed his eyes shut, throwing his head back, never leaving my hips with his hands.

"Don't...Don't..." I rolled my hips wildly, feeling the orgasm low and deep, until I was whimpering and the tremors vibrated through me. All I felt was wetness, as Jake and I slicked against each other and my pussy spasmed in that white-hot, pain-pleasure space. All I could do was sob his name, and how sorry I was, and how good he felt like a blubbering idiot.

And it wouldn't end. I was shaking, trying unsuccessfully to pull my knees together, while realizing quickly that I no longer had control of my limbs. Jake did, and it was completely out of body. It lasted forever.


I'm sure my eyes rolled white, as I squeezed them closed and tried my best not to lose consciousness, because things were starting to get a little dim and hazy behind my vision. I mean people probably aren't supposed to cum that long, or that many times. You'd think that with all that action with Pinkie, I wouldn't have been so built-up, but dammit if Ali wasn't right. I wasn't fooling anyone, especially my pussy.

I sat upright, as Jake gripped below my waist, until it hurt it a little, pushing his hips up to meet mine. This set off another round of tremors, and we were both jerking, and panting, and moaning. My hands shook like crazy as I tried to find purchase on something, anything. Then, finally, I linked my fingers in his, trying to move, trying to roll my hips. But it was so much, almost too much pleasure.

I finally felt Jake cum in hard spurts inside my throbbing pussy, pushing, and pushing himself deeper. He cried out my name, sitting up, and holding onto me like we were the only two people in the world, and he needed me like air and I needed him like the sun. And he came more, easing his cock in and out of me, and biting into the fleshy skin just below my collarbone.

"I...don't..." I panted, my arms wrapped tightly around his shoulders. My whole body felt like jelly. "Don't move."

He nodded, digging the pads of his fingers into my back, and pulling me closer. We sat there like that, me straddling his waist, and both of us holding onto each other for a while, until we'd caught our breaths, and my right foot was falling asleep.

"I..." he started lowly.

"Mmhmm." I agreed.

"I just..."

"Yeah." I slid back just a little, and we were met with a pool of wetness, as I rolled over onto my back, not really caring about anything but sleeping until the next millennium. Jake joined me, holding a hand over his eyes, and breathing deep and steady. I stumbled to my feet. "Gonna get some water."

He nodded in response, and was snoring before I got to the door.

The first thing that tipped me off was that it was still dark as hell in the bedroom. It wasn't morning yet but, unfortunately, I was awake. Wide awake.

I realized I was alone in my bed, and glanced at the clock. I'd only been asleep for an hour and a half. I heard the toilet flush and the water rushing against the sink. Then, Jake strode back into my room, as naked as I'd seen him last, cock half-hard, which sent saliva rushing to my mouth.

"You're awake?" he asked. He pulled the tie from his hair, smoothing it all back again, then retied it.

"I am," I replied, in a voice about five octaves lower than was normal. He leaned over, pulling back the covers and sliding in next to me.

God he smelled good. All masculine musk, mixed with sex.

His cock was in my hand in the next moment, pumping my fist languidly, until it was stiff again. Jake covered my lips with his, our mouths moving against each other like we'd done a thousand times. Slower this time, less frantic. We'd be there for a while; neither of us was going anywhere.

"I love you." He threw the covers off, pulling me to the edge of the bed. I hooked my heels into bed railing, spreading my knees wide enough to allow for Jake. He leaned down for a moment, taking my lips again, in a sweet, long, and slow kiss. He took my hand and wrapped it around his cock, and I led him to my entrance, a little sore but in that good, good way. I was already wet, already ready for him. He pushed his hips forward, pushing until he was completely inside me.

He started his measured, thorough pace, easing his long, thick cock inside, then pulling it to the tip, and then burying himself to his balls inside me. I was a little tense at first, still getting used to the size. But then, I finally settled into it, letting him control my pleasure, letting him ride me like he wanted to. I whimpered, and ran my fingertips up his sweat-slick chest, as he reached down to thumb my clit.

I was getting close; wet and sensitive, I gripped him each time he eased inside me. "Oh, Jake… Yeah, baby. Yeah, fuck me slow like that," I whispered, "You feel sooo good."

He moaned, loudly. "Ah, Bells, babe," he strained, "talk to me. Your voice... Fuck."

"Your dick feels so good… can cum right now."

He swore again, leaning over me with palms on either side of my head for leverage. The slight shift in the position of his body above mine sent shivers through me. "Fuck, Jake. I'm not gonna be able to..."

"Yeah, cum for me," he whispered. He pushed inside me again, rolling upward, and sliding back out. He grunted, softly, then bit down on his lower lip, trying to maintain control. I met his strokes with my hips, and we rode each other through slick slaps of ecstasy.

He lost his rhythm in that way that I knew so well, and then curved his back, once, twice, before slamming his hips against mine. I rubbed my clit, and I was right there, cumming with him, with his cock still mostly hard inside me.

"You're still hard."

He was panting, nose flaring, as he smirked and glanced down. "Yeah...It's been a long time." He rubbed my sensitive lips, which were getting more action than my pussy had seen in a long time... "Are you okay?"

I smiled, pulling him into another long, slow kiss that was getting me wet all over again. "You know I am. You remember that time, when it was raining so hard, we thought a hurricane was your house? We finished off so much wine..." I said just above a whisper. "That wine you had from Belize."

"How could I forget that night?"

I nodded, then smiled a little at the memory. We'd had sex on every surface of his apartment, and used almost an entire bottle of lube.

"Well, you know then." I grabbed his dick like I owned it, and I did.

He grinned at me, and flipped me onto my stomach. I immediately got onto my knees as he positioned himself behind me. "You like it like this."

"You know I do."

"Why is that?"

"I like feeling like you're fucking me."

"And you don't normally feel that way?" His smile was obvious, even in the dark room.

"Of course. With that dick?" He snorted, running his lips along my right shoulder. "I mean…" He ran his hands up my thighs, over my breasts, and then down to take hold of my hips. "I mean, you really feel like you're fucking me like this."


"And you know how much I love it when you fuck me, baby."

"Fucking dirty mouth."

"You love it."

"I do." He positioned himself just right. "Arch your back," he said, softly. I obeyed, and he slid into me.

I let out a deep, guttural groan when he was settled inside me. Jake pulled out, almost to the tip, but quickly returned, until he touched the fleshy skin off my ass again.

"Ahh...yeah..." Once I got my bearings, once I could think straight, I rocked my hips back against him, meeting him each time he pumped into me. "Ah, Jake, like that."

He reached around, setting his forearm along my collar bone, and pulled me up toward a kneeling position. I was nearly upright, Jacob placing my entire body next to his, holding me steady, with a firm hand against my abdomen. I tipped my head back onto his shoulder, as he cupped my breasts in each hand, shifting his weight slightly which landed him right where I needed him to be.

I reached behind me, and gripped his hips, trying to pull in even deeper than he already was. His cock dragged against that same spot over and over, as he kept the steady pace that always drove me out of my mind.

"Uh...oh god..." I cried, holding on even tighter to his hips, while he stroked and stroked, blowing light little puffs of air against my neck. I moaned even louder, uncontrollably, begging Jake to cum inside me.

There were very few times when he was this deep, and when I was this open for him. There was nothing between us as he thrust up into me. I couldn't think, every atom in my brain was gone except the constant need to move, to roll my hips against him at a fevered pace. Just my fingertips touched the bed, giving me some leverage, but this was Jakes show. He threaded his other hand in my hair for a moment.

"You feel so fucking good, Bells, " he murmured against my ear. " good."

I cried out, my face grimacing in pleasure, and my fingers flew to my clit again, only to have Jake grip my wrist and swat it away.

"Nuh uh...only on my dick." His words, dripping with masculine confidence and energy had me near to the edge, and I ground my hips even harder, even faster. His hips moved forward, and mine moved back to meet them at a perfectly synced flow.

I cried out, feeling him deep, so deep. He nudged me forward onto my palms, again, until my chest was flat against the bed, and I was gripping the closest pillow to me. I wet my fingertips, and slid them down, though I was pretty sure my pussy was all tapped out. He just felt so, so good, though. After a few more hard strokes that had me crying out, Jake hissed, and came.

We were a sweaty, sticky mess.

I collapsed onto my stomach. Jake rolled onto his back with an arm thrown over his eyes. I was exhausted, and raw, and spent.

And so, so happy.

"Don't touch my dick for at least two hours."

"You're kidding," I snorted. "Don't touch me until Friday; it'll take that long to get ready for that monstrosity, again."

"You love this monstrosity."

"That remains to be seen."

Slap on the butt.

"Okay, Okay! I love it! Sheesh!"

Things were getting back to normal. I knew it wasn't perfect, but really, what in life is?

I blinked back the sleep taking over me a few times, as I glanced over at Jake, snoring a little to the sounds of the rain. And I felt this overwhelming sense of satisfaction, this ease and calm.

We were okay; things felt...right. We were gonna be just fine.



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