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Annabelle Lennox was devastated. Her heart was broken and she wanted to do nothing more than cry. Walking onto base, the first person she met was Mikaela, who took one look at her, and ran to get Arcee. The two of them decided that Annabelle needed a girl's night in, with support and ice cream galore. And it was no surprise that the girl in question agreed.

Soon it was all over that base that the rec room belonged to the females of both species. After laughing at numerous offers to blow her ex up, (Hyde and other swore they really would,) Annabelle finally meandered toward the earlier claimed room. She was greeted by a grinning Arcee, in her alt form, (to make everyone the same height for the night,) and the fun began. The women of the base all sat in a circle and talked about anything that needed talking about. At the end of that, Annabelle's heart was much lighter.

Then the insanity began. Mikaela and Arcee surprised everyone by lip-syncing Single Ladies, and Annabelle found herself joining in for the encore. The three made a nice trio, they all took turns to sing the main part and the back up and dancing around the room, swaying their hips.

(Sarah normally would have never approved of her daughter doing anything like this, but she made an exception for that. She knew her daughter needed to forget, and this was one the best way to do it.)

Theresa flabbergasted everyone by singing a White Lair, and did a really good job of it. Chromia pulled off Should've Said No, and Elita found Prime, and they did I Run to You. By this time, it wasn't girls only; it had turned into a giant karaoke party. The only instrumental piece of the night was Reels as Glen astounded them all with his knowledge of the violin. Annabelle was right along with everyone, dancing crazily with Sam, Arcee, and 'Bee. No one could quit laughing, especially when Ironhide did faked It Happens, which after finding out the twins recorded it, said it only did it for Annabelle, and would kill anyonewho thought they could black mail him with. But unknown to anyone, Red Alert looked very happy, and wouldn't quit giggling for some reason.

All the females teamed up to Cowboy Casanova, with Annabelle singing the main part. Every male in the place had his jaw on the floor, by the end of it. Several hoots were heard as they women dispersed, and more than one couple disappeared into the shadows and reappeared very disheveled. One of the shyer tech geeks who had just gotten off duty, sang Real Gone, and sounded just like Sheryl Crow. She introduced herself to Sarah and Annabelle as Zoey, and soon she and Maggie were chatting away, weaving through the dancing throng. Zoey didn't disappear for long though, soon she and 'Bee found themselves shoved on stage to Keep on Lovin' you, and made a cute couple.

Mikaela sobered everyone including herself by performing One Step at a time and everyone was waving their cell phones to it. The evening ended with Prime, doing Walking in Memphis, with Arcee and Elita on backup. Everyone knew it was homage to Jazz, who would've enjoyed the night. Zoey shut off the music and started playing the piano, with Epps on guitar and 'Bee on drums.

At the end of the song, everyone shuffled out, with joy in their hearts and minds.

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