Misunderstood Fate

Set after "The Incident" Parts 1 & 2

I. We're Not On The Island Anymore

A/N: I thought of this after seeing the last episode of season 5. I would have published this sooner, but I never found the time or motivation.

Opening Scene: We see Desmond lying in his hospital bed and we hear the monotone beeping of his heart monitor.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep…

Suddenly, the sound fades into the beeping of the hatch. Desmond's eyes shoot open, he looks confused before realizing where he is. He hurries down off of his bunk and rushes to the computer to enter the six familiar numbers:

4 8 15 16 23 42


- Opening Credits -

Kate Austen opens her eyes, and like Desmond, she appears to be confused. She looks down to see that she is in handcuffs. She jumps when someone taps her shoulder.

Marshal Edward Mars: I'm going to run to the bathroom, don't try anything.

When he walks away, her eyes are still wide with shock, suddenly an announcement is heard:

Flight attendant on intercom: We will be landing and reaching out destination of Los Angeles, California, in approximately five minutes.

We are now brought into the presence of Jack Shepherd. He sits up (having been awakened by the announcement). He, too, is apparently alarmed with his surroundings.

Jack: Excuse me? Could you tell me the date?

Flight attendant (Cindy): It's September the 22nd, sir.

Jack: The year?

Flight attendant (Cindy): (with a puzzled expression) 2004.


This is short, yes. But, I would just like to see if anyone is interested before I continue. So reviews/opinions are appreciated. Thank you for reading.