This story was actually a video game storyline that I had intended to send to Capcom, but due to high copyright costs, I scrapped that idea. So, I decided to put it here. Two couples are present in this story: GreyxAshe and AtlasxTaylor(who is an OC). Worry not, AilexVent fans. I'll write another story for them at another time. At any rate, enjoy!

Disclaimer: Though I own most of the characters in this story, Capcom owns all characters that are officially part of the ZX universe.

MMZX3: Mega Man ZX Enforcers

Prologue: Darkness Awakens

Within a giant fortress that gave off a dark aura, a group of five people made their way towards a massive black coffin. Four of the people were appeared to be teenagers, two humans, two Reploids, all with red eyes. The last was a grown man.

One of the humans was a girl in a dark blue suit covering her arms and torso. Over the suit, she wore an orange sleeveless belly shirt and orange fingerless gauntlets. She had on khaki jeans with a brown belt, and orange boots. Her hair reached to her shoulder blades, and it was mainly brown, but a patch on the front was red.

The other was a male with whitish hair, covering one of his eyes. He was decked out in a green suit with a yellow stomach area. The waist area came down over his legs like a pair of capes. A sword in its sheath rested in his right hand.

Both the Reploids were male. One had quite long blue hair, which was slightly messy. He had on what looked like a sweater, which was the same blue as his hair.

The other had dark purple hair spiked upwards. He had on a purple ninja outfit, with a red scarf around him. The scarf covered his mouth, and his eyes were much smaller than the other three.

These people were Mega Men, special warriors that used items called Biometals to Megamerge into more powerful forms.

At the head of the group was the man, possibly in his 40s. He had reddish hair spiked outwards, reaching down a bit. Unlike the teens, his red eyes glowed. His body was decked in a lavender suit, with a white cloak around his shoulders.

"Soon…" the man spoke, "I will be able to pick up where that fool Albert left off." Three of the teens rolled their eyes.

"Jeez, what a nut." The blue-haired boy said to himself.

"Can it, Thetis." The girl told him. "This could be something good."

"Whatever, Atlas." Thetis replied. He turned to the whitish-haired male. "Yo, Aeolus. What exactly is it he's after?"

"Ask Siarnaq, he's the computer here." Aeolus said smugly, gesturing to the purple-haired Reploid. He turned to said Reploid. "Do you even know?"

"NEGATIVE." Siarnaq droned in a computer voice. "NO DATA AVAILABLE ON THIS LOCATION."

Aeolus scoffed. 'And here I thought only humans were fools…' He thought.

"Mega Men!" The man called. The teens knew he was talking to them, so they turned forward. "I require your assistance!"

"This had better be good, Thomas." Atlas said out loud so the man could hear her.

"Trust me, it is." Thomas told her and the others. "Within this coffin lies a great power. With it, I can succeed where Albert failed and reset this world. And, as I promised, I will grant all of your wishes. Now, help me open this coffin!"

The four Mega Men, as well as Thomas, grabbed the edges of the coffin and began to lift it upward. It was heavy, even with all of them together. However, during the pull, an energy surge was sent outward, knocking all five of them away. Thomas was shocked, but black light shot out from the coffin, and the lid slowly rose off. It shook around a bit, then exploded. Then, a dark cloud rose out from the now-open coffin. The cloud dissipated, revealing a small purple and black object with red eyes and devil-horn-shaped attachments. A wicked smile crossed over Thomas's face.

"YES!! It is awake!" He yelled. He turned to the four Mega Men. "Behold, this is what we have been after! I present to you Biometal Model D, the Biometal of Darkness!"


"Low power?" Thetis complained. "We came all this way for a weak piece of junk?"

"Bite your tongues, both of you!" Thomas scolded. "It might seem weak, but in truth, it possesses great power!" The man turned back to the floating Biometal. "Model D, I have awakened you from your long slumber! In return, I demand your power!" The dark Biometal just floated there for a few seconds, not saying anything. Then, its red eyes flashed, and the dark cloud reformed. The cloud immediately left Model D's form, and shot towards Thomas. It shrouded him, causing him to yell in pain.

"Uraaagghh!!" he yelled. "I… released you… and this is how… you repay me…? GAAAAAHHH!!"

"POWER LEVEL OF BIOMETAL MODEL D IS INCREASING RAPIDLY." Siarnaq stated as he observed the scene.

The dark cloud began to crackle with dark electricity, causing more pain to Thomas. With a last pained yell, the dark cloud fully covered Thomas. A blinding flash of light shot from his body, causing the four Mega Men to shield their eyes. When the light died down, he was still standing there, but he was giving off a dark aura, and the whites of his eyes became black. He began to approach them. Atlas, Thetis, Aeolus, and Siarnaq grabbed their Biometals and prepared to Megamerge, but Thomas held up a hand.

"Stop…" he breathed. "I am using this man to speak to you…" The teens were confused.

"Ah, so Biometal Model D finally speaks!" Aeolus said.

"Correct…" Model D told him, using Thomas's voice. "I am unable to speak on my own, so I require a vessel to communicate… This man released me, so I used him…"

"So what, if anything, do you want from us?" Atlas asked.

"I am going to drown this world in darkness…" Model D told them. "This man has promised you that your wishes will be granted… If you help me, I will do what he has promised…"

"Hmph. Why not?" Atlas said. "I've got nothing else to do."

"At least I might get some action." Thetis chimed in.

"Weaklings might be more effective in a darkness-covered world…" Aeolus mused.

"…" Siarnaq stayed silent.

"I'll take your silence as an agreement…" Model D said. "I guess I should make my presence known… I'll need some help raising my army… HAHAHAHA…"

Uh-oh! What will happen now that Biometal Model D has been awakened? Stay tuned to find out!

Computer Voice: Vile, logging out.