Had a great day on Saturday at my first Spn fandom event. One of the great activities arranged was a drabble competition. The challenge word was "towel" Thought I'd have a go – this was my entry:


I can see it in your eyes Dean

"Damn it," Dean groaned, pressing the clean towel against the seeping shoulder wound. He stared in the mirror, at a reflection that was hard to recognize. Dark, weary eyes were clear evidence of exhaustion; he'd not slept in days. How could he when Sammy was missing.

Now his brother was safe, sitting bewildered in the next room, oblivious to the damage he'd caused. "Way to go Sammy," Dean thought as blood continued to seep through the white cloth.

The tap at the door was barely audible. "Hey Dean … you okay in there?"

"Yeah Sammy … m'okay … now!"