A/N: This is just the speech I would imagine George giving at Fred's funeral. It's really, really short.

"Hi, everyone. As you all know, I'm George. I'm Fred's twin. Fred was more than a twin to me. More than a best friend, even. He was half of me. We always knew what the other was thinking and we did everything together. We were born two minutes apart, slept together until we were eight, went to school together, opened a business together and we always assumed we would die together. I guess that stupid war changed our plans. Now, I must say goodbye to Gred, my half, my best friend, my brother. All of you are here to mourn the loss of a great prankster, but do you really think Fred would want it like that? No, he would want you all to be out celebrating the death of Voldemort. He would want you to eat, drink, and be merry. Light some fireworks! Throw a party! prank somebody. And as you do it, remember a great prankster. Remember a man who died as a hero. Who shouldn't have been wrenched apart from us so soon. Remember a man who was always smiling and laughing. Remember Fred. Thank you."