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"So after school we all still going to the Nasty Burger?"Said Tucker in a hopeful tone. He had nothing to do today so he was looking forward to it.

"Sure."Sam then turned to Danny. "What about you Danny?"

Danny was staring off in to the distance apparently in deep thought.

"Uh...Danny?"Sam said waving her hand in Danny's face. He didn't respond. "DANNY!"Sam yelled.

"Huh…what?"Danny finally snapped back to looking a bit out of it.

"Are we still on for the nasty burger?"Tucker asked.

"Um…I uh….er…..i have to- I can't go." Danny said looking a bit nervous. This didn't go unnoticed by Sam and Tucker but, it was tossed into the back of their minds for now.

"Uh, ok. We have to go, we're gona be late….again."They all took off hoping to get to class before the bell rang.


Well, they were only hoping.

Lancer's class....

"Sorry we're late ."They all said in unison while stumbling into the class.

This caused half the class to snicker as they went to their seats.

"I would give the three you detention for being late…again, but I have exciting news as I was just saying, a very important guest is coming in three days and she works for the school board of education an-"Lancer was cut off by a groan from the class. "Honestly, all of you take some pride in your education. Anyway, She'll be hosting a 'Honest money' competition. You-"This time he was cut off by Paulina.

"So we get money for being honest, even though I don't need it of course but I-" He cut her off this time.

"Lord of the Moles people!Will you people stop interrupting me! Now listen, if you tell the truth you get money. The longer you last in the contest the more money you get for college. Then it will all be put into a savings bond." He explained quite fond of it all. Everyone's faces immediately fell.

"That sucks, why couldn't it be real money?" Danny asked not even really thinking he could win anyway already having to tell lies in order to keep secrets. But in the end, it's all for a good cause.

"Technically it is real money, You just cant use it untill a certain period of time." Tucker stated matter-of-factly.

"Well, why couldn't they give us money that we can use as soon as we get it?"

"Don't ask me, ask the person who's giving us the prizes."

"You guys think it's a good idea if we do it?" Sam asked thinking 'what could possibly happen?'

"I don't know, we don't exactly always tell the truth." Danny said already thinking this might not be a good idea.

"Come on dude, you really think some random lady is gona ask us 'what's the real identity of Danny Phantom?' or something along the lines of that. Most people think Danny phantom is full ghost anyway." Tucker said messing with his PDA.

"There's no such thing as being to careful.....wait, yes there was and Danny was giving a perfect example." Sam said which caused her to smirk a little at the corny line.

Danny still looked like he didn't want to do it.

"It's possible you could end up winning."Tucker trying to persuade him.

I considered this but its not like the prize was great. I mean come on, do you really think teens would want a savings bond?This whole thing seems a little suspicious. But then again what evidence did I have to prove this. I'm probably being paranoid. What could possibly happen?

"I'll do it if you guys do it." Danny said.

"OK." Sam and Tucker said in unison. Then they all walked up to the sign up sheet and looked at the names that where already on there. There were only a few which were Paulina, Dash, Kwan, Star, and Valerie.

"We got a pretty good chance of winning according to my PDA since there's only five other people."

"Tuck you can't always rely on that thing for everything."Danny said.

"Exactly, I bet it dosen't even tell you that only ONE person will win." Sam said signing the paper followed by Danny and Tucker quickly.

"First of all, this is not a thing or an it. It is a SHE and it actually does say that right here as a side note."Tucker said in a proud tone pointing to the side note.

"Tushay, But didn't you just refer to 'she' as an 'it' in the sentence you used do describe 'it' as a 'she'." Sam pointed out with many air quotes.

"Ok, I'll give you that but you get my point."Tucker said a little flustered and annoyed.

"You still can't rely on it ALL the time."

"I can rely on it as long as I want. I'll never abandon my baby."

"Fine, you win."

"So is it a she or a baby....or even a baby girl because sometimes you treat it like your baby and sometimes you treat it like a girl friend." Sam said about to start a soon to be confusing argument.

"First, i will say once again that she is not an it.I-"

"Come on guys don't start this because you know how it will end." I said getting both of them to stop for the time being just as the bell rang.


"Uh...I have to go, I...um....think i heard Jazz call me....to go to the library....and do that report.....on Hamlet. "I said with a nervous chuckle before running off without even saying goodbye. He ran out the building and into a alley way, Yelling the infamous 'Goin' Ghost', Transforming himself into Danny phantom and taking off.

"But wasn't that due last week? Since when did he go to the library...with jazz....to do homework?"Sam more so said to herself still in the same spot as when Danny left.

"He was rambling which he's done alot these past few weeks." Tucker said hearing Sam's comment.

"So he's probably up to something but what?"

Tucker just shrugged as they headed the oppisite way towards Sam's house for....no specific reason actually.

With Danny…..

He flew into Downtown Amity and turned into another alley to transform back into Danny Fenton. He then Ran into the gallery. "Sorry I'm late , I got caught up at school."

Parish said who looked rather annoyed. "Fine, none the less we have to get to work immediately. I have a very important customer coming. She's a regular and I want the finest stuff out."

"Yes sir."I said getting right to work.

I should be more careful around Sam and Tucker. They're probably really suspicious by now. But, i only have a few more weeks and then I can stop. But, this job is pretty nice and a good pay. All I have to do is make sure everything is in order. I may even get done earlier if I can sell a few more of my paintings. I cant believe I even sold some already. Although my skills have gotten better ever since I learned a few techniques from . This is for a good cause anyway, just a few more pay checks and we can go on that cruise for the weekend.

At Sam's house…..

"Ok do you think he's doing something illegal then?" Tucker asked Sam.

"No,he wouldn't do that." Sam said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"What if he's being controlled?"

"Well, he's not. First, his eyes are still that beautiful baby blue color. Second, he's strong enough to fight that off ever since control freak."On a side note Sam thought that might be possible if control freak got stronger. Then again, the GIW still have him.

"Hmm…Beautiful baby blue eyes Sam?"Tucker sent Sam a knowing glance.

"Shut up tuck, can we back to the problem?" Sam said while blushing.

"Fine,fine but sooner or later its gona happen. You cant change destiny."Then as a side not Tucker added another though."Only clockwork can do that."

"Whatever, back to the matter at hand now." Sam said with that blush still apparent on her face.

"Fine. You know if you really think about it, he's been stuttering a lot lately so it's probably important but he dosen't seem to have any major guilt trips so it can't be bad."Tucker stated.

"Looks can be deceiving tuck."Sam said with more than one meaning to it.

"This is Danny we're talking about here. Remember when he was rambling earlier today about his 'homework'?" Tucker asked.

"Yep, I think he said he was doing it on Hamlet."

"Well, you were right, that was due last week and he turned it in on time actually. I know because I helped him with it. Besides he would never step foot into the library...with Jazz, he knows what would happen." As a side note Tucker added " That's why we have computers now."

" All of that is very true. But sometimes I wish he would just say what he was thinking. It would make things a lot easier to figure out."Sam said wiped out.

"I agree. Then he might not be as stressed sometimes. He'll have gray hairs before you guys get married."Tucker said getting ready to run just in case Sam tried to jump him. Good thing he was prepared.

After Sam realized what Tucker just said, she was just about ready to pounce on him when his alarm went off on his PDA. "Would you look at the time I should go before curfew hits! See ya!" Sam tried to grab him but he took of to fast and ended up falling down where he previously sat.

"I'll get him later." She said walking to her room to finish her homework and various other things.

Off in the distance, inside the vent was Desiree, who of course, heard the the wish. "So you have wished it, so sha'll it be!"But her voice was like a screaming whisper so no one could hear her and with that said and done she disappeared.

With Danny…..Hours later

"See you tomorrow Danny."

"See ya."

Danny left and it was exactly 9:00p.m.

"Good, only a hour left 'till curfew." He went into the alley, shouted his catch phrase, went ghost and headed home which is about 15 minutes if he flew. But, just as he started heading home pink smoke engulfed him. After about a minute it was gone leaving a confused Danny in mid-air. "That was weird."He thought about it untill he ran into skullker due to lack of attention.

"Ah, if it isn't the whelp. I shall-"

"I know, I know, have my pelt adorn your wall, yada,yada, yada. Let's just get this over with so I can get home on time today." Danny said already shooting ecto-blasts at a steady paste. But, only a few actually hit skullker who was doing a good job at avoiding most of the shots.

Skullker counter acted with his own blasts from his plasma ray gun. Danny dodged them all. He had gotten pretty good with the fighting by now. He shot an ice beam at skullker which was a direct hit. Then he pulled out the thermos and sucked him in. He also had gotten better at ending a fight quicker instead of giving them time to regain their composure and continue.

It was now only 9:06.

"So I should be home around 9:20 and why did I just say that out loud and why am I still saying stuff outloud." Danny yelled a great big STOP in his head which he ended up yelling outloud. He smacked his self in the face, this might be a long flight home.

Fifteen torturing minutes later......

Danny made sure no one was around and transformed in front of his house and walked in with an annoyed look on his face.

"Danny? Your on…time?"Jazz stated surprised.

"When I got off of work I ran into Skullker and i ended it quicker than usuall. Man some ghosts can be annoying some times." I- wait, why did I just tell her I had a job?!

"YOU have a-"She was cut off by their dad bursting in pulling out a bazooka from no where.

"Did someone say ghost? Where is it? I'll rip it apart mol-"

"No ghost. Nothing here. See…except me."Danny said using his hands to show no one was here or know ghost per say.

"What do you mean 'except you?'" His dad asked very confused.

Jazz cut in before I could get a word out.

"Um....uh.... He was talking to me when he said that. Yah, he was talking to both of us at the same time." Jazz said looking like she was about to explode from nervousness.

"What about?"

Great! Now was the time he choose to add more questions?

This time it was my turn. Seeing as Jazz was to freaked out to say anything.

"Uh.....I didn't get picked for the play...at out school....on hamlet."I guess I didn't do much better and why do I keep talking about Hamlet?

"Well whe-" Jack suddenly stopped,turned and made a bee line for the kitchen. Soon it hit them. The smell coming from the kitchen was fudge.

After he was saf

"Well, I'm going to bed."Danny said heading up stairs in a rush to avoid questions.

" We are going to talk about this Danny, don't think i'll forget!" She half yelled to Danny rushing up the stairs.

"Oh and Goodnight. Sweet dreams…of Sam."She snickered and went back to reading.

Danny heard her though. "I would hope so."He slapped a hand over his mouth because he said that a little to loud and the fact that he only thought it made it weirder. Too bad Jazz heard.

"I wouldn't know this if you didn't sleep talk every night. You should work on that." Jazz said.

"How would you know I sleep talk?" Danny said thinking she snuck into my room or something and I sleep talks?He was already at the top of the stairs but he stopped due to this new information.

"Come on Danny, the walls aren't that thick and i'm rite across the hall. I know your thinking I snuck into your room or something but I didn't and for the record your not very quiet sleep talking or snoring."

Danny looked shocked for a second he snores to? Oh well, if it bothers her then she could just get the Fenton ear plugs. Which he ended up saying outloud.

"Oh, thanks for the advice Danny, I never thought about that." Jazz said with her words dripping with sarcasm.

Danny just rolled his now tired eyes and headed to his room to go to bed. "Whatever. I didn't even get to start my real homework. I'll just worry about the 'saying everything I thinks' problem in the morning." He mentally groaned. "I'm doing it again. Ok, this is annoying now." Finally making it to his bed he plopped half way onto it and fell asleep immediately while slowly slipping off the edge.