Chapter Three

"That was hilarious!" Maureen cackled as she collapsed onto the couch.

"They deserved it," Joanne said logically, "Oh, I wish I could have seen their faces!"

"I bet Roger's forehead vein was popping out," Mimi giggled.

"So now what?" Angel asked, suddenly bored. They had had their fun, but now there was nothing to do.

"Hmm..." Mimi thought it over, "We could watch a movie."

"Good idea!"

The girls popped in their favorite movie, Sixteen Candles, and made popcorn.

"I still can't believe she actually gave him her underwear," Joanne grimaced, "I mean, honestly!"

"Well what choice did she have?" Maureen asked, "Besides, it isn't like you've never given someone your underwear, right?"

"No," Joanne glared at her girlfriend, "never."


"Have you?"

"Well yeah, it's just for fun though. I mean, it isn't like it means anything."


"Pookie," Maureen pouted, "Trust me, it didn't mean a thing. Look, if it will make you feel better, I will give you that black leather thong..."

"Okay," Mimi held up a hand, "let's just finish the movie."




Mimi jumped, popcorn flew everywhere.

"What the hell was that?" She asked, clinging onto Angel's arm.

"Probably just the wind, sweetie," Angel calmly pried Mimi's hands off of her, "This is New York. You can't afford to get jumpy over every little...OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT?" Angel shouted, jumping up from the couch and pointing out the window. There was a man in a scary-looking zombie mask.

"Who's scared now?" Mimi asked sweetly, earning herself a sour look from Angel.

The man in the mask was standing on the balcony just staring at them.

"Oh guys, don't be ridiculous," Maureen said with a flip of her hair, "it's probably just the guys trying to get back at us. Watch this."

Maureen headed to the windows, opened up the one leading to the balcony, and glared right in the zombies eyes.

"Mark Cohen I swear to God, you will die."

He still didn't move.

Maureen was growing impatient. She marched right up into his "face" and shoved him. The body fell backwards onto the ground and lay limp.

She squealed, shut the window, and jumped onto the couch, "That thing was not human!"

"Calm down, pookie," Joanne barked, "It was probably just some creepy doll they found. It's just their little way of getting even. We cannot let it bother us. Just sit down, be calm, and watch the movie."

"Fine," Maureen sighed, getting situated.

"Molly Ringwald," Angel sighed, "Most talented gal in the world. Makes me wish I almost had real boobs to do that lip-stick trick."

The girls giggled and Mimi attempted it with her own tube of pale pink lipstick.

She failed miserably.

Just as they were forgetting the zombie outside the window...




"Okay," Mimi held up a hand again, "what the hell do they think they're doing? Are they seriously banging on the walls? That's real mature."

"I can call the landlord," Joanne offered.

"No, that's okay," Maureen launched herself up from the couch, "I will handle this."

"My neighbor's are going to call the cops," Joanne put her head in her hands, "why don't they just give it a rest?"

"Hold on," Maureen headed to the door of Joanne's apartment and swung it open. There was no one in the hallway, "There's no one here, guys. Okay, this is starting to get really creepy."

"I am telling you," Joanne rolled her eyes, "it's just the guys being stupid. Just ignore them and it will be fine."

"Ignore them!" Mimi scoffed, "you're kidding, right?"

Angel grabbed the phone from the table, "I am going to call the Loft and see if they are there. If they pick up, we will march over there and give them a piece of our minds."

She dialed the number.








"Roger, Mark, it's Angel Dumott Shunard, and I am just calling to tell you that you're both dead men! Alright, do you understand that? Dead. Dead like...a doornail. Dead like...meat. Dead like...Mark after he's collapsed after a sugar high. Got me? Dead. Dead. DEAD!"

She hung up the phone and rolled her eyes, "I guess we should just get back toatching the movie."

"Good idea. We cannot keep encouraging their behavior," Joanne said.

"Yeah, I guess," Angel sighed, "but it would be fun to get back at them!"

"That's how this whole thing started," Mimi reminded her, "if we just let it go, then we can get back to our slumber party and it will all blow over."

"I guess."

"Look, as much as I want to barge into the Loft kicking ass, I know that this is better. Come on, chica, just watch the movie."

Angel finally gave in. They were about ten minutes into where they had left off, when...


The girls turned around to see someone in a white sheet standing on the balcony.

"That's it. Screw being mature," Mimi flung herself from the couch and stormed out to the balcony, "Look, whoever you are..."

"Boo! Aren't you scared?"

Mimi flung the sheet off and saw Mark standing there. He seemed confused, like he didn't know what to do now that his plan had been foiled.

"Uh...this is...awkward."

"Why don't you just leave us alone?"

"Because you wrecked the Loft!"

"You prank called us!"

"Look," Angel and the others were now on the balcony, "get your crap, get Roger, and leave."

"Fine," Mark sighed, "It was just payback."

"You started this whole mess!" Mimi glared at him, "And we're sick of it."

"Roger is going to kill me. He e keeps saying that we aren't going to clean up your mess and my job was supposed to conivnece you to.

'how's that working out?" Maureen asked.

Mark frowned, grabbed the zombie doll, and headed out the door of the apartment, "I am so dead."

"Not our problem," Joanne shooed him away.

"Damn," she said once the door was shut.

"What's wrong, pookie?" Maureen asked.

"Now I feel bad."

"Don't. They deserved that."

"Then why do I feel so guilty?"