Chapter two
Rated: M for religious themes and some sexual content
Pairings: Mentions of BH/HHH but mostly HBK/Raven


Raven tossed his fiancé down to the bed, pouncing eagerly on top of him. He rolled up Shawn's shirt, dragging his tongue down the middle of his stomach to dip into his naval. "Mmmrph, Shawn…" He groaned as he grabbed Shawn's hips. It had been one month, one day, twenty-three hours, and four seconds since he had a real moment alone with Shawn. Ever since Hart's one day return and their subsequent romp, Hunter was in the dumps. Hart showed no real interest in Hunter since their tryst, which prompted this dry spell of sex. His fiancé was far too involved in cheering up the big nosed cock block than taking care of Raven's needs.

"Rave-" Shawn reached his hands into Raven's braids, tugging on them while the other man sucked and nipped at his tummy. "Mmm. Oh, I love your tongue…"

"And I love your tongue. It's been one month, one day-"

"Twenty-three hours and four seconds since we've done anything intimate." Shawn got up on his elbows to look down at the man who had his chin perched on his stomach. "I know, I'm sorry. I appreciate your patience, Rave. But Hunter's-"

"Your very best friend in the whole wide world." Raven grumbled uttering out the words Shawn used for the past several weeks as an explanation to his actions. "And you wouldn't dream of leaving him in such a sorry state because he would never do that to you." He let out a sigh. "But you're sure, you're impossibly sure that he won't be calling to mope to you? Because in case you've forgotten, Michael, you're my fiancé. My needs are there for on a higher level than Hunter's needs. Fiancé trumps best friend in the whole wide world."

Shawn wrinkled his nose at the mention of his real name. "Well, Scott, you don't have to worry my love, as you are the man I want. I just wish Hunter had the same kind of love we do with someone who loves him."

Raven gave him a look as if he was stabbed in the heart mercilessly at the mention of his real name. "You cut me to the bone, darling. But even though I really don't like your 'very best friend in the whole wide world' I too want the very same thing for him... As it would keep him occupied and away from us."

"Agreed." Shawn smirked and pulled Raven on top of him. He kissed him firmly on the lips, then moved up his cheek to gently pull on Raven's eyebrow piercing.

"Ohh, daddy likes." He purred pressing his knee into Shawn's groin, rubbing it in gentle circles. Shawn's mewls of pleasure sent familiar chills down his body. He caught Shawn's lips in a hard kiss, their tongues dancing and rubbing against each other. He stroked Shawn's denim covered leg, loving the way his muscle felt under the rough material. "God damn, I love it when you wear jeans."

"I just love you." He wagged his eyebrows at him and grabbed Raven's ass. The two men tussled in bed, hands roaming, lips exploring, and clothing being disrobed. Shawn quickly found himself on his knees in front of Raven's crotch, fingers grabbing at the zipper desperately. He tugged Raven's jeans down to his knees, wrapping his lips around the head of his shaft.

"Yeaaaah, I missed this." He hissed shutting his eyes. He stroked Shawn's soft hair, playing with the strands as his fiancé worked his hardest to give him the pleasure he'd been waiting for. Shawn's sexy boy theme rang out, breaking the sound of Raven's hard pants. "No!" He growled and reached into Shawn's back pocket and pulled out his cell phone, only to throw it across the room.

Shawn removed Raven's cock from his mouth. "Damn it Raven." He grumbled and went over to pick up the phone. "Hello? Oh Hunt. Yeah, hi!"

Raven looked down at his cock, frowning. "Sorry bud. No action today." He sighed, watching Shawn talk on the phone. This had to end now. He couldn't take another month of this! He shut his eyes, concentrating on calming his body down. Once he was fine, he tucked his cock back into his pants and went to go put on his shoes. "What room is the big nose baby staying in?"

"306." Shawn put his hand over the end of the phone. "Why? Raven! Wait, stop!"

Shawn pleas fell on deaf ears. Raven slammed the door behind him, cracking his knuckles. "This nonsense ends tonight." He growled softly storming down the hallway to Hunter's room. He pounded on the door with his fist, shouting obscenities loudly until Hunter opened the door.

"Raven, what the hell-" Was all he managed to get out due to Raven's fist cracking him hard in the jaw. He staggered back holding a hand to his fist.

"So, you want to meddle in my love life with Shawn, eh? Ohhh, don't try to tell me differently you slimy bastard! You were looking for an excuse to steal Shawn away from me and you're using the whole 'Waaaah, Hart doesn't want to be with me' thing to do it! Don't try to play those games with me, Helmsley. I'm not like everyone else; I for one couldn't care less if you're miserable. I'm also far more intelligent of a man than you're used to dealing with so knock it off!"

Hunter rubbed his aching jaw. He stared at the angry man hard and finally let out a sigh. "It's not a game. It's real."

"Bull shit."

"No, Raven- I mean it. I really fucked it up with Hart. He hates me now more than ever, and at first I'll be honest with you. I couldn't care less. But then I got to thinking about it, and the more I thought, the more angry with myself for fucking up I got. I could have had a good thing going with Hart, but I screwed it up. I played my games like usual, expecting Hart to want to stay around just like everyone else I've ever played, but I forgot what made Bret Hart, Bret Hart. His damn will power; deep down inside he may want me, but because of a combination of my trick and his will, he'd rather forsake me."

"Oh golly gee, can't imagine why." He rolled his eyes. "But... let me get this straight. You want Hart for what? Another fuck or something more?"

Hunter shut his eyes, rubbing his chin in thought. "To be honest, I'd love another fuck before we really begin any sort of relationship, but that's a certain part of me talking. That damn tiny little voice that usually keeps quiet is telling me I owe it to him to at least explain to him that I do have some feelings for him before I make it hard for him to sit down again."

"Little voice?"

Hunter looked at Raven's confused face. "Yeah, you know- the one that tells you not to do something because it's a bad idea, or to do something because it's right?"

"I don't know what you're talking about."

Hunter blinked at him for a moment. "You don't have one of those? …Well, that does help explain you a bit better. Look, Raven- I know you have to be pissed at me. And if I were you, I'd be pissed at me- but to be honest, I don't care. I'm all alone without Shawn, and I'm not going to just let you have him while I suffer."

Raven crossed his arms across his chest. "So you want me to convince Hart to come talk to you or you'll keep this business up of interrupting Shawn and I. What a fiendish plan. Kudos, Helmsley."

"You know me so damn well, Raven. It's like we're kindred spirits, only as sadistic as you are, I'll always be able to outsmart you now that you have Shawn." Hunter smirked and rested up against the wall. "Love has changed you for my benefit."

"You're right, it has. Normally I'd be busy gutting you, but considering you're Shawn's maid of honor, I can't do that. I have to care about his feelings, even when they conflict with what I'd love to do with you right now. But believe me when I say, Helmsley, one day love will change you too. If it can happen to me, it can happen to anyone."

"I'm too smart for love. Even if this thing with Bret goes for more than just a few dates, there's no way I'll be able to be manipulated like that." Hunter snorted. "Now listen, Raven. You want me to stop bothering you and Shawn? Then get Bret to talk to me. Otherwise, I'll be calling you every hour on the hour making sure that you don't ever get what you want. You must have learned that by now, if I'm not happy neither is anyone else. Now, if you'll excuse me I've got some things I need to do."

Once Hunter's back was turned, Raven reached out to grab the vase on the table. It would be so easy to just smash this over the back of Hunter's fat head. He gripped the rim of the vase, trying to keep calm and forced himself to place the vase back down. Shawn would never forgive him, that was for sure. He turned around and grabbed the door knob, slamming the door behind him as he left. "Calm down, you're useless when you're angry."He hissed under his breath. After sucking in a few deep breaths and shutting his eyes, the wheels in his head began to turn. Shawn had two troublesome old flames lurking in the distance; if they were together, neither one would be a problem anymore. Slowly, he smirked. Honestly, this was to his benefit, but regardless there was no way Hunter's meddling was going to go without retribution. "You want Bret Hart? Fine, Helmsley- but if you think I won't be punishing you for holding my relationship with Shawn over my head, you're very wrong." He whispered and licked at his lips. "No one messes with me."


Shawn looked up from polishing his engagement ring at Raven as he came back in. "You're back! You're not covered in blood! You were able to talk to Hunter without getting into a huge fight, I'm so proud of you."

"Hmph." Raven went over to the bed, sitting on the edge by Shawn's legs. He stroked his calf lightly. "He really is asking for it, Shawn. I'd like nothing more than to-"

"I know, Raven. I know. But you have to have some sympathy for him. He really thought he could make it work with Bret. Silly, huh? He was so upset when Bret told him to piss off, and that he never wanted to see his face again. I've never seen Hunt like this before; he must really care for Bret."

Raven sucked in a breath, letting out a slow, agitated sigh. "Yeah, yeah. I know what you mean. He's all torn up inside. I bet every night he bawls like the big baby he is."

Shawn frowned. "Oh now don't be like that. Hunter has real feelings. Just like I knew you have real feelings too. I can see beyond his mask, just like I saw right through yours." He reached over, stroking Raven's back. "He, like you, only lets that mask slip for me. That's why I know why he's in so much pain over this whole Bret thing."

Raven gave him an incredulous look. "Really Shawn, really? Hunter doesn't have feelings or concerns." He snorted. "He's more concerned about whether or not he'll get another fuck out of him than anything else."

"No… it's more than that." Shawn leaned up and pecked Raven's cheek. "Don't try to think about it, Rave. It's really none of our business, it's their problem. Just get ready for bed." He slid the ring off of his finger, placing it on the night stand. He leaned over to turn off the lights, rolling on his side to go to sleep. Raven remained where he was seated, staring off into the darkness of their hotel room.

Shawn could claim all he wanted to about Hunter's inner sap, but Raven knew he and Helmsley were one in the same on certain issues. He listened to the quiet sound of Shawn's breathing, letting his mind go into overtime on just how he was going to pull this all off.


The bar was filled with superstars that night after Raw, every seat was taken especially those around the bar where none other than Bret Hart and his beloved niece sat. Nattie couldn't help but smile; her uncle was doing great, he was fitting in with everyone backstage. It was just what he needed, in her opinion. Their beers were getting a bit low- now seemed like just as good a time as any to get a couple of refills. She glanced out of the corner of her eye at the gothic bartender. She was a pale woman, who wore her dark hair back. Nattie squinted at her, and then at the name badge she had on. "Daffney." She mumbled in thought. The woman looked familiar, but she couldn't put her finger on it. "Excuse me, Daffney! Can we get two more drinks down this way?"

The bartender nodded, not uttering a word as she poured two more beers. Nattie turned her attention back to her uncle. "That was great, Uncle Bret! You really sold it well."

Bret grinned over at his niece. "Despite the spit, I think it went really well. Batista's a behemoth of a man; too bad I can't get back in the ring. I woulda loved to have had a match with him."

"You looked great out there, Uncle Bret." Nattie smirked. "Glad you decided to color over the grey. Makes you look so much younger! And as for Batista… you could have really put on a good match with him." She watched Daffney bring over the drinks, setting down the large glasses of foaming beverage. She gave the glass her uncle grabbed a funny look, as she wrapped her fingers around hers. "Damn Uncle Bret, she must like you or something. Your's looks more fizzy or something."

He looked at his glass, shrugged, and took a drink out of it. "Doesn't taste any different. You try it."

Nattie took a sip out of her drink first before grabbing up her uncle's. She sipped out of it and thought it over for a moment. "Huh. I guess the grass just looked greener on the other side of the fence. Er… or the beer fizzier. Something like that."

"I told you it wasn't any different." He absently ran his hand through his hair. Bret looked over his shoulder to see if he could see Hunter, but it was far too crowded for him to tell. "Son of a bitch." He grumbled quietly, catching the attention of his niece.

"Huh? What did you say?"

"Nothing, Nattie- don't worry about it." He said his mind drifting off to what Hunter did to him. Tricking him into sex like that, making him beg, and then getting a stupid photograph to use as his damn cell phone background? It was damn shameful, the most embarrassing moment of his whole entire life. What made it worse was Bret actually enjoyed it. He liked being dominated by Hunter for that brief moment; it felt so good to just let go and have someone else take care of his needs. However, there was no way he'd ever admit that to him, let alone go looking for more. He felt a hand on his shoulder, and for a brief second, found himself wishing it might be Helmsley. When he turned around though, he was face to face with a man he barely knew. "…Scott Levy?"

"Raven." He corrected him. "But yeah, that's me. I'm surprised you remembered me."

"Well yeah, we've only met once or twice backstage in WCW, but you're definitely the type to leave an impression. You're Shawn's fiancé right?"

Raven smirked at that. "Of course. Can I have a word with you-one WCW vet to another?"

Bret nodded. "Yeah, sure. Nattie, I'll be back in a bit. If you want to leave, just go and I'll catch up with you later."

"Alright Uncle Bret! See you soon!" Nattie waved watching her uncle go along with Shawn's infamous fiancé. Chris Jericho took the opportunity to slide into the empty seat next to her.

"Aren't you concerned about your uncle?" He frowned looking to her. "That's Raven of all people."

"So?" She knocked back the rest of her drink while the man beside her ordered his usual staple of Grey Goose. "He's Shawn's fiancé. If Shawn can tolerate let alone love a man like him, then he really must not be all that bad."

"Still, it's hard for a man to change completely regardless of a stellar recommendation from HBK." He scoffed pouring some of the vodka into a glass. "I wouldn't trust him if I were Shawn regardless of whether or not he bought me a boulder sized rock of an engagement ring."

"Aw relax, Chris. Uncle Bret has it under control." Nattie suddenly yawned. "All of a sudden, I feel kinda… sleepy…" She yawned again leaning forward a bit. "Mmmm."

"Nattie? Nattie!" Jericho snapped his fingers by her face. "How many drinks did you have?"

"Jus… one… and somma uncle… Bre-" She didn't finish her sentence as she wobbled to the side, crashing into Jericho.

"Damn Harts." He muttered and helped the woman to her feet. "You just can't hold your liquor. I better take you back to your room." He slipped an arm around her waist, keeping her body stable as they walked together out of the bar.


Bret walked slowly down the hallway with Raven, casually glancing over at the other man. He didn't look at all like Shawn's previous lovers. His braided hair, eye make-up, and over all dark demeanor hardly seemed like the kind of characteristics to attract Shawn Michaels of all people.

"I came to ask you a question, but you seem to have some of your own."

"Well no I-"

"I know the look." He said shortly. "You're staring at me as if I came here in a space ship, Calgary boy. So I'll say it again. Do you have something to ask me?"

"I… well… yes. How? How did Shawn-"

"Fall for someone like me?"

"I take it you get that question a lot."

"How'd you guess?" Raven gave him a smug look. "I realize that I don't look like you, or Hunter- or that big idiot Kevin Nash. But hasn't it occurred to you once that that may be the answer to your question? I'm not like Shawn's other lovers. I'm better."

"Well, you got him to say yes to marry you, so I suppose in that respect you're right."

"I'm right in all respects, Hart. You jokers were so wrapped up in your own massive egos that you couldn't see that Shawn was in serious trouble. It didn't take a genius to tell something was wrong with the heartbreak kid. He fell and none of you helped stop him from crashing. He never forgot that. So when I came around he was ready for something new."

Bret went quiet for a moment. Part of what Raven was saying was true- everyone was wrapped up in their own hype. But the same went for Shawn. He had his own massive ego which well covered his demons. Feeling mildly guilty, he changed the subject. "…What did you have to ask me?"

"Will you meet with Hunter again?"

"Wait? No. No way." Bret scowled at Raven. "Do you have any idea of what that dick did to me?"

Raven pulled out his phone, revealing the infamous background picture. "I have an excellent idea." He smirked at how quickly Bret's cheeks turned bright red. He quickly pocketed his phone before Bret had a chance to steal it from him. "And you're positive about not going to see Hunter?"

"I've never been more serious about ANYTHING in my whole entire life." He yawned, and then shook his head as if trying to shake the tired feeling from his body. He felt fine moments ago.

Raven sighed. "I figured as much."

Bret opened his mouth to say something, but all that came out was a huge yawn. "Mmph, sorry. I don't know why I'm so tired all of a sudden. …Why do you care about… me n' Hun'ner?" He said finding it hard to stop slurring. He only had one beer, how could this be happening?

"I have my reasons." Raven gave him an amused look. "I'm sorry we couldn't come to a deal the normal way. Guess we're going to have to do it my way."

Bret shut his eyes and opened them a few times, trying to wake himself up. A wave of fatigue slowly came over him, forcing the older man to lean against the wall. He rubbed his temples and slapped his face in an attempt to shake it off. Raven's words sounded loud and soft at the same time, going in and out of volume as every tick of his watch became incredibly clear. "Wha you do me?" He managed to slur out before his legs went out on him. He slid down the wall, falling over to lay on his side.

"I didn't do anything. You're the one who took the drink."

Bret heard Raven's words echoing loudly in his head as the tips of the other man's boots became clear. As he lay there on the ground he felt Raven's hands grabbing him and hauling him off the ground.

"Nighty night, Hitman." Raven watched as Bret's head rolled back. "If only it were this easy all of the time." He mumbled and hauled Bret's unconscious body down the empty hallway.


Raven sat on a crate, his legs crossed at the ankle while he waited for Bret to wake up. He took great care in setting up the scene. Bret's wrists were handcuffed to poles- keeping his arms straight and level. He tied his midsection to the pole, along with his ankles. All in all, he assessed it as a pretty decent job. He held out his arms, mocking the crucifixion pose he just tied Bret in, letting his arms fall back with an amused smirk. "He's going to be so pissed at me." He snickered and checked his cell phone for any new messages while Bret was still out cold. Sure enough, there were plenty- all of them from Shawn, all of them wondering why he still hadn't come back to the room.

He sighed softy, dialing up Shawn's phone. He waited patiently while the phone rang until Shawn's sleepy voice came on the other line. "Shawn? It's me, babe. I'm sorry I'm not back yet." He waited patiently again as Shawn ranted about that, and he found himself unable to hold back a smile at the underlying worried tone in the blonde's voice. "I know, I know. I'm sorry, I promise you I'm fine ...I know you don't like to be alone when you sleep. It won't be much longer. Maybe an hour at the most. Uh-huh, it's important. Very important. Go back to sleep, I promise I'll make it up to you. Night Shawn. Love you." He hung up the phone just in time to see Bret's head lifting up a bit. "Oh, my guest is awake." He watched as Bret struggled, pulling unsuccessfully at his binds. "You should be honored, you're my second crucifixion. Though the first one was done for artistic reasons, yours is more of a safety precaution. I don't doubt that you're any less dangerous than what you despite the stroke. Also, get any silly notions out of your head that I'm doing this as an anti-Christian statement. I am marrying a born-again, and I know he'd be pissed at me for this. Hence why I didn't bust out the big wooden cross like with Sandman, though I was sorely tempted. Shawn's not too observant, but I think he'd notice that in the backseat of the corvette."

Bret glared holes through Raven, which only served to make his smirk grow. He tried to open his mouth but found he couldn't due to a big piece of grey tape covering it. He cursed loudly around the gag, and though the words were muffled and distorted, Raven knew exactly what he was saying.

"Oh, you're mad about the tape huh? Gee, I thought you'd be more upset about the drugging. Anyway, sorry to be so… what's that word Cole abuses all the time? Vintage? I'm sorry get all 'vintage Raven' on you, but you must understand. Helmsley is holding my sex life hostage. If I get you to see him, then he'll stop calling us. And since you were so understandably adamant about not going, I had to have a plan B to make you see my point of view on why you should. " He got down off the crate, circling around Bret. He watched the man twist in his binds, trying nervously to see what Raven was up to.

"You really don't know me too well, do you? To be fair, we're probably not the type who would ever hang out together, whether it was back in WCW or the present day. Just like how I'm not the type who would ever attract Shawn Michaels. But that's the funny thing about 'types' Bret. Sometimes they cross the border. Sometimes there is no ulterior motive other than love." He paused to make a face. "Sorry, I'm still not used to saying that. Part of me is still suspicious that he's just jerking my chain, but that part of me is silenced when he looks at me with those brilliant blue eyes and just… smiles." He swallowed a little, thinking about his fiancé, all alone upstairs. "…Despite what you must be thinking, I'd much rather be upstairs with him than torturing a whiney, stuck up man such as yourself. Huh, love has changed me."

Bret scowled at him from behind the tape. He pulled at his binds, but found that they wouldn't budge.

"I guess what I'm trying to tell you is that you shouldn't say no to something just because that person isn't who you pictured yourself ever being with. You should try to diversify your thoughts, and give something risky a chance. I did. Shawn did. We're getting married, and we both couldn't be happier. Shawn loves me despite all the wrong I've ever done, and for the few rights I have to my name. I never would have thought I'd find anyone like that." He sighed looking up again at the basement ceiling of the hotel. "I guess what I'm trying to say is that you at least deserve a similar sort of happiness. I know Helmsley is a dick, but hell it might be different with you. What have you got to lose? And if it really goes badly, punch him in the face and get on with your life big nose free. …You had to have liked the sex somewhat according to what Shawn described. Stop being a bitch and get over it." Raven watched Bret's face grow steadily redder.

Bret hated to admit it, but Raven did have a point. Maybe there was more to Helmsley than he thought, or ever tried to see. The older man stopped struggling completely in favor of thinking over what Raven said. If anything, saying yes was going to get him out of here faster.

"Are you going to try?"

Bret shut his eyes and nodded.

"Excellent. Again, my apologies. This was the only way that I could think of to get you to listen to me. You're very stubborn." Raven checked his watch, looking at how Bret's eyelids began to droop. "You should be feeling sleepy again soon. The next time you wake up, you'll find yourself in your hotel room. The drug I gave you doesn't have any side effects- other than a good night sleep. Let this be a lesson to you. Never trust cute Goth girl bartenders."

Raven became one big blur to him. He fought to stay awake but found himself again surrounded in blackness.

"Out like a light." Raven mused, taking Bret down from his binds. He picked up the unconscious older man, carrying him out of the basement. After dropping Bret off in his bedroom he dragged himself back to his hotel room. He quietly opened up the door, looking at his fiancé half sitting up in bed, propped up by pillows.

Shawn's head was leaning down, his hands still on his bible. Raven crept over to him, carefully sliding the book out of his hand. He put it on the side table drawer, moving his hands up to gently remove the glasses from the bridge of Shawn's nose. Shawn muttered something quietly, his eyes opening slowly. "Mmmph. There you are." He mumbled sleepily. "What… what took so long…?"

"Don't worry about it." Raven pressed his lips to Shawn's forehead. "It's all over now."

Shawn looked at him with tired eyes. "Raven, what did you do? Please tell me- and don't lie. I know when you're lying."

"I know you know." He smirked tiredly, kicking off his shoes and crawled into bed with Shawn. The blonde man turned on his side, facing Raven. "I had a good, long talk with Hart about big nose." He murmured stroking Shawn's face.

"Mmm, did you?" Shawn shut his eyes, enjoying the sensation of his lover's warm hand on his face. "What did he say?"

"He agreed to talk to Hunter- to see him at least one more time." He brushed his thumb gently across Shawn's full bottom lip. Shawn's contented expression helped lull him into a relaxed state.

"Did you crucify him?"

Raven's eyes shot open. "How did you-"

"I know you." Shawn yawned looping his arms around his neck. "I know your style. Plus, you've had an 'I'm up to no good' look on your face for the past two days. I just took a stab in the dark at your inventory of mind games to guess what it was."

Raven chewed on his bottom lip. "Are you mad?"

"Depends. Did you hurt him?"

"He might have sore wrists…" Raven trailed off, avoiding Shawn's blue eyes for the moment. "But nothing else."

"Then no, I'm not too mad. I know how hard it is to get something through Bret's thick skull. …Just don't do it again. Frankly I'm relieved than anything if it will get Hunter to finally leave us alone. I'm done being patient. I've been patient with him for well over a month." Shawn moved closer to him, looping his arms around Raven's neck. "If he calls one more time, I'm gonna punch him in the mouth."

Raven wrapped his arms around Shawn's trim waist, resting his cheek against the other man's. "Really?" He whispered kissing the side of his fiancé's head, taking in the sweet smell of his hair.

"Really. Now get some sleep, birdman. If this works, you're going to need all the energy you can muster up."

Shawn's sexy smirk and the promises of what was to come filled his mind. "Damn it, Shawn. Way to make a guy not want to sleep."


Bret woke up with a start after what felt like mere minutes since he last was conscious. The light streaming on in through the sheer hotel curtains told him far more time passed by. He felt a little groggy, and the ache in his wrists reminded him that last night wasn't a dream. He stared up at the ceiling of his hotel room, then down at himself, taking note that he was wearing the majority of his clothes from last night. His jacket, shoes and belt were missing. "How nice of him." He grumbled and rubbed his temples. He stood up on wobbly legs, looking for his bag. After digging out his clothing and showering up, he sat down in the chair trying to determine what he should do. He said he'd meet with Hunter again, but why? So the man could debase him again? He huffed at the thought, glancing down at the light handcuff marks still visible in his skin.

Then again, Raven did have a point. What they did together wasn't bad, quite the contrary it was damn good. It was far better than Bret was ever willing to admit, but not good enough to admit it to Hunter's face. It wouldn't hurt him any to at the very least see what Hunter had to say. Slowly he reached over, grabbing the phone. "Excuse me, front desk? Can I have the room number for Hunter Hearst Helmsley please?"


So I decided to do another chapter to this story. I tried to make it its own stand alone part, but left enough room for me to continue if I want to. I do kinda want to write about the wedding, and continue with Bret and big nose finding out exactly what it is between them, if anything at all.

If I do get a chance to write a third part (which I probably will do, as I like the number 3) it won't be till mid to late March.

Hope you enjoyed this segment!