Naruto started planning his wedding. It would be a very small ceremony because few people actually knew about their relationship. These few people consisted of the 6th Hokage Kakashi and his civil partner Iruka. Kakashi had always helped them hide their relationship, but when he married Iruka he wasn't able to keep it a secret from him. People had to accept Kakashi and Iruka, so Naruto was hoping they would accept him and Sasuke. Sakura knew, the nosy bitch she is, was spying on Sasuke when she saw him meeting Naruto and Kissing him, she confronted them about it and they thought that even if they denied it they wouldn't be able to keep it a secret for long. Shikamaru found out on accident when they were on a mission. Sasuke almost died protecting Naruto. Naruto never left Sasuke while he was recovering. Jaraiya had known about it when he was alive, he definitely took that secret to the grave with him. Other people knew around the village but were under oath to keep quiet.

Sasuke was away on a mission and shouldn't be back for days.

Naruto went to sort out his outfit for the wedding, he wanted to find something perfect traditional. He was left alone in the store trusted by the owner. Naruto chose a few dresses in his size to try on, he really wanted to be a traditional blushing bride. He tried on many dresses trying to find the right one. Naruto had not realised he had chosen out a smutty dress. He tried it on and his package was pressing the material. He wanted to see if it would look better on a woman so he used his 'sexy no jutsu' to turn himself into a woman.

Her long blonde hair reaching her ass. The faintness of her whiskers, against her slightly tanned complexion. Her breast fitting into the dress just right showing enough of herself so that people would take a second look but not stare for too long. The way her dress hugged her curves in the right places. To think of this it made Naruto happy.

There was a sudden crash inside the shop, which brought Naruto back to his senses. Naruto warily opened the curtain of the dressing room "Who's there?" he turned back into his male self he was stronger like this.

He was grabbed from in front and spun around so that he was facing away from his attacker. The hand that covered his mouth was pale in the darkness. The other arm was around his waist keeping him where he was. Naruto squirmed trying to escape the grip, he was unable to release himself. Naruto tried pulling the mans arm away but his dress was very restricting. The mans arm moved from Naruto's waist downward, it rubbed his member through the dress. Naruto moaned into the mysterious hand. The man was pressing his member against Naruto's lower back to show that he was excited to be with Naruto. Naruto panicked he didn't like the feeling of being touched in the place only himself and Sasuke had ever touched. He felt like he was betraying Sasuke letting someone do this to him in a shop which he would buy his wedding dress from. He thought that it would be better if he wasn't able to touch his member so he transformed back into a woman. He thought this would be better. Naruto had tears running down her face. She tried struggling free knowing that this was still not right no matter what she looked like. Naruto managed to open her mouth wide enough so that she could sink her teeth into the mystery arm, piercing the skin, letting the blood flow into his mouth. He was choking on it he had no choice but swallow it.

"Bastard, you bit me" a familiar voice said from behind, releasing Naruto. Naruto fell to his knees, trying to catch his breath. "Are you ok Naruto?" the hand touched Naruto's shoulder, she jerked away from the touch.

"Stay away from me" Naruto tried shouting, but was unable to make it come out more than just a small growl, she tried crawling away, but did not have the strength in her.

"Stop Naruto, I'm sorry, Naruto, listen to me" the hand grabbed Naruto and swung her around so that their faces were close together. "Naruto open your eyes, it's me Sasuke" Sasuke caressed the blondes face she whimpered at the cold touch.

Naruto was still in shock and completely blanked the words of Sasuke. She kicked out hard in front of her, hitting Sasuke in the chest making him fly backwards into the dressing room mirror. Naruto was now slightly more aware of his surroundings he heard a familiar cry from the man "ugh". She opened her eyes having to blink a little to make them adjust properly. She stared at the raven who was slouched so that he was almost doubled over against the wall, his hand lying next to him, bleeding from where Naruto had left his teeth marks.

"Sasuke?" Naruto spoke confused that his eyes might be deceiving him, he slowly crawled forward to where he lay. "Sasuke" Naruto said worried.

"Stupid dobe" Sasuke looked up slightly towards Naruto's face who was hovering over his, he tried smiling. *Cough Cough* Sasuke's expression was pained and blood trickled out of his mouth, he coughed again bringing up more blood this time.

"SASUKE" Naruto shouted in a panic, she moved Sasuke's head so it tilted up so she could inspect him properly.

Naruto ripped the dress she was wearing so that it split up the seam, she tore off a part with her teeth and wrapped it around Sasuke's hand to stop the bleeding. She put pressure on it to try and stop the blood flowing to much. Naruto tried to pull him so that she could pick him up, he moaned in agony. Naruto knew she wasn't able to move Sasuke now without causing him more pain. She didn't want to leave Sasuke now what if he was seriously hurt Naruto kept contemplating the worst scenarios over and over in her head. Naruto was now always over protective of him because he was almost killed trying to save her from Karin and the other members of the Akatski. "Sasuke tell me what I should do" Naruto's tears dripped down onto Sasuke's face.

"I'm fine Naruto, but we do have a small problem" Sasuke used his good hand to wipe the tears away from Naruto's face. Naruto looked at Sasuke not understanding what he meant. Sasuke's eye wondered down to what he meant. Naruto gasped shocked that Sasuke was in that type of state when he was like this. "You are just so cute, I can't help my self" Sasuke smiled a cheeky grin which only Naruto had ever seen.

She smiled sweetly. She knew he was like this because of her, so she moved so that she was knelt between Sasuke's legs. With her hand still keeping pressure on Naruto's hand she only hand one hand free. She used her mouth to unzip his trousers slowly. Using her free hand she pulled Sasuke trousers away from his member.

She took Sasuke's member into her mouth, not able to fit it all in like usual she focused on the tip. Sasuke moved his hips higher wanting her to go deeper, she almost choked on his member, she was smaller as a female so she wasn't able to take it all in. Sasuke moved his good hand down her back, unbuttoning the dress. Naruto was able to move freely, releasing Sasuke's member from her mouth. She moved so that she was just resting on Sasuke's stomach, he winced at the pain but held her there. Naruto's hand moved behind her so that she was able to pump Sasuke's member. Sasuke's good hand tore the wedding dress off of Naruto. Naruto felt a wisp of cold air against her tanned skin. Which was now revealing everything to Sasuke. They had never tried this before they while Naruto was female. Even though Naruto felt strange doing this as a woman he thought about the idea of a normal relationship it sounded good to him.

As Sasuke started seeping into Naruto's hand, he arched his waist. He used most of his energy to push Naruto onto her back following her over, Sasuke moved so he was on top of her he was only barely able to support himself. The pain Sasuke was in was almost unbearable, the only thing keeping him conscious was the naked Naruto that lay before him and knowing that he was going to be able to penetrate her. Naruto did not need for preparation today. Sasuke moved slowly into her, leaning forward to kiss her as he did he thrust into Naruto making her moan in pain and pleasure. Sasuke tried building up speed as much he was able to. Naruto and Sasuke moved together. Sasuke started to come Naruto, he wasn't thinking properly about the consequences. After Sasuke had come he pulled himself out. Sasuke collapsed next to Naruto, she started to panic. She tried cleaning him the best she could, she put on her orange clothes and transformed herself back into a man.

Naruto pulled Sasuke so he was on his back. Naruto left money to pay for the dress he had ruined, the broken mirror and any other damage he had caused to the shop. Naruto ran through Konoha with Sasuke passed out on his back, he was glad it was late evening he wouldn't see many people in the streets. Naruto headed straight for Sakura's house so that she could heal him. He fell into Sakura's door unable to keep his balance. Sakura opened the door in an instant.

"Naruto?" Sakura said angrily, stood in the doorway sighing.

"Sakura help" Naruto barged past Sakura letting her see Sasuke who was unconscious, Naruto placed Sasuke onto Sakura's sofa gently hoping not to cause him any more discomfort.

"What happened?" Sakura knelt beside Sasuke preparing to heal him.

"What's going on?" Sai walked into the room. He and Sakura were an item and shared the house. He did not know about Naruto and Sasuke.

"Sasuke was…" Sakura stopped she didn't know what to say. She looked at Naruto wanting him to explain now.

"Don't worry, Sakura please" Naruto begged. Sakura began. Naruto hovered over Sakura as she worked on Sasuke, Sasuke began to breathe normally again. Sakura bound his wounds, making Naruto wait outside so that he wouldn't get in the way of her. Naruto was against this but Sai stood in the doorway so that he wasn't able to pass without a fight.

"He has to rest now, explain to me what happened" Sakura said opening the door, Sai stood in the doorway confused as Naruto flitted to Sasuke's side.

Naruto sat on the floor and rested his head against the sofa so that it was close to Sasuke's. "You know I wont tell you while Sai's in the room" Naruto closed his eyes and put his head back.

"Naruto, come on, I cant keep this secret for longer from him, he'll find out soon enough anyway" Sakura pulled Sai's arm so he followed her to the smaller sofa opposite to where Naruto was, he sat on the arm of the chair and put his arm around Sakura holding her close to him.

"Fine explain to him first, then I'll tell you what happened" Naruto took his hand and caressed Sasuke's face.

Sakura started to explain Sasuke and Naruto's relationship to Sai, who was silent, his face slightly changing as he took more of it in. It took a while to explain so that Sai would understand completely. Sakura finally said "That's it". Sai was silent he just leaned back against the wall and looked at Sakura, who diverted her eyes to Naruto. "Naruto".

"I was buying a wedding dress" Naruto didn't give time for Sakura to intervene "Sasuke came up behind me and I didn't know it was him so I bit him so he would release me, and then I was cared and kicked at him harshly and he flew across the room" Naruto turned his head to face Sasuke and focused on him.

"Your getting MARRIED, wait then how did he break the arm that you had bitten and fracture his leg" Sakura looked at Sasuke and then to Naruto who's head was now up straight facing Sakura.


"He had more injuries than the ones you just explained the cause of, hold on" Sakura left the room for a while and returned with a file marked classified. "He just returned from a mission but didn't stick around long enough to have himself examined, maybe he had them already" Sakura was confused if he was hurt why would he have left.

Naruto slowly got up off of the floor and walked towards the window, he stood still staring out of it. Sasuke stirred on the sofa. "I should take him home", Naruto was at Sasuke's side immediately.

"He needs to rest he should be fully recovered within a week" Sakura put painkillers into Naruto's side pouch. Sai helped Naruto get Sasuke onto his back without moving him a great deal.

As soon as Naruto was out of the house he started running as fast as he could in the direction of their apartment. He slowed as he felt Sasuke move "mn" Sasuke stirred. He woke up slightly "Naruto" Sasuke mumbled softly in Naruto's neck, slightly self consciously tightening his grip.

"Yea" Naruto said calmly, turning his head toward Sasuke's where he was leaning on Naruto's shoulder.

"I love you" Sasuke fell back to sleep onto Naruto's shoulder.

"I love you too" Naruto whispered back.