The next morning Naruto was awake early. Not dressed yet he walked around in his boxers, not wanting to bother Sasuke because he was very impatient and cold in the mornings. He was craving for eggs so for the first time in years he had decided he was going to cook for himself. He didn't want to wake Sasuke he was exhausted after the events of the day yesterday. Naruto tried to make scrambled eggs in the microwave. When he tried to remove the dish from the microwave, he had not used anything to pull it out with but his bare hands, the heat was to much for him, he wasn't able to keep his grip on the dish. He tried to stop the dish from breaking using his leg to soften the blow as a reflex.

Sasuke woke when he heard a loud crash. He ran to the kitchen to what had happened. He found Naruto slumped on the his knees, his feet were cut from the broken china around him, and his legs were bright red burning. Naruto was in pain but tried to hide it. Sasuke quickly pulled Naruto off of the floor and carried him to the bathroom, he let Naruto down from his grip so that he sat on the edge of the bath. He climbed in, grabbing the shower head off of the wall. He turned on the water wetting Naruto's legs he squired away from the cold of the water, Sasuke caught his waist and held him in place. "Just bare with it" Sasuke was annoyed at Naruto, because although this would help him he still wanted to get away.

"I'm sorry" Naruto cried, he felt useless and that he was causing Sasuke to much trouble.

"Don't cry, your fine" Sasuke moved so he sat next to Naruto keeping the water running on his legs. Sasuke gripped Naruto's chin pulling his face close so he could lick the tears off of his face. Naruto wrapped his arms around Sasuke and gripped him tight and nuzzled his face into Sasuke's neck. "Hey, what's wrong" Sasuke was concerned about Naruto now.

Naruto's voice was muffled "s...sorry".

"Come on, talk to me, what's wrong" Sasuke dropped the shower, letting it spray them both continually.

"I'm sorry, I'm ok" Naruto moved away from Sasuke slightly staring at him. He winced as he moved his leg which was no longer under a direct flow of water so it was starting to burn again.

Sasuke sat back in the bath at Naruto's feet. He picked up the shower head spraying Naruto with it. Sasuke gently took Naruto's foot into his hand, he lifted it towards his face but paused not knowing wether this would cause Naruto more pain. His moment of observation passed, he started lightly pressing his lips against Naruto's skin softly starting at his toes and moving slowly up his foot towards his leg, his tongue zig-zagged across Naruto's leg.

Naruto leaned forward over sasuke kissing his neck. Sasuke stood slightly hooking the shower head back up. Sasuke pulled Naruto up to meet him. Stood under the flow of the water Sasuke and Naruto began to grope each other, Sasuke pushed Naruto against the wall. Naruto gripped the shower curtain unable to stand alone. Naruto could feel Sasuke's member hard against his own. He arched his waist. Sasuke's hands slipped down Naruto's back resting on his ass squeezing and pushing it hard against him.

"Ahh" Naruto shivered slightly embarrassed "I came".

Sasuke laughed lightly "me too" he whispered in Naruto's ear. Gently nibbling at it as he moved away to look him in the eye. They smiled cheekily at eachother.

Sasuke put his hands up on the wall leaning in front of Naruto. Naruto turned away from Sasuke, pushing his ass higher towards him spreading his legs, he used his hand to stretch himself opening himself up. Sasuke lined himself up with Naruto's entrance, which was twitching in anticipation. Sasuke moved slowly into Naruto. Naruto covered his mouth not wanting to let out his moans. With the shower running on them it made it easier to move. Sasuke started pumping Naruto's member, it was already rock hard not needing much to get him ready to cum.

Sasuke moved in close to Naruto whispering in his ear "love you", he licked the inside of Naruto's ear, his words lingered in Naruto's head. Naruto started seeping into Sasuke's fingers. Sasuke thrust harder so that they could cum together. As they came their cum was washed away by the shower. Naruto turned towards Sasuke wrapping his arms around Sasuke's neck, pulling him into his face kissing him. Naruto slipped in the bath pushing Sasuke onto his back. Naruto pushed back from Sasuke they laughed. Naruto pulled himself up so he say on the side of the bath.

Sasuke sat up, the water running on him "You better now?" Sasuke laughed.

"Yea, I'm good" Naruto turned away turning off the shower.

Sasuke stood shaking his hair onto Naruto. Sasuke pulled Naruto to his feet, carressing his face, there was a loud knock on the door, Sasuke stopped, "go get dressed I'll get rid of whoever it is" Sasuke stepped out of the bath and took a towel with him as he walked through the apartment. Naruto was vey happy with his life at the moment. Naruto happily went to change.

Sasuke opened the front door with a smile wide across his face. Hokage Kakashi was stood at the door he was not in a good mood and was looking very shifty. Sasuke's face lost it's smile he looked souless. Sasuke stepped aside allowing Kakashi in, Iruka following him closely, nodded as a greeting to him.

Kakashi and Iruka sat in their front room on the sofa against the far wall. Sasuke sat on a box next to the door. Naruto walked into the gloomy room and stood next to Sasuke fearfull.

"Sasuke it's time" Kakashi was hesitant in saying this but knew he had to get it out of the way. Sasuke's facial expression did not change he knew what Kakashi meant straight away.