Sasuke had returned to Konoha. Everyone had thought he died in the war but when he showed up at Naruto's door covered in blood. A shock Naruto let Sasuke in straight away. After he had eaten and bathed he was resting in Naruto's bed. Naruto treated him as if he had never been away. "Do you need anything?"

"No" Sasuke answered faining sleep.

"I'll be in the shower" Naruto walked out of the room. Awhile later he re-entered the room "I forgot my clothes".

Sasuke looked up from the bed. Naruto bent over his dresser slightly revealing his ass to Sasuke. Sasuke pulled the covers over himself hiding his visible erection. Naruto turned back to face Sasuke. Sasuke was embarrassed his face flushed bright red. Naruto walked to Sasuke. He thought that Sasuke had a fever, "Sasuke are you alright?" Naruto said slowly.

He moved his hands so he could feel Sasuke's temperature. Naruto leaned over, his hair dripping on Sasuke. Sasuke couldn't stand the tension. Naruto was to close to him. Sasuke moved his hand to rest it on Naruto's lower back. He slowly ran his hand up Naruto's back, eventually resting it on Naruto's neck "I'm fine" Sasuke said trying to act normal.

Naruto tried to move back away but Sasuke pulled him closer, Naruto's eyes widened. Sasuke pushed his lips gently against Naruto's, moving them slowly. Naruto dropped his clothes and broke away from Sasuke. He ran swiftly towards the door, Sasuke was right behind him in the same instant. Sasuke twisted Naruto towards him and pushed him against the wall. Sasuke pinned Naruto's hands above his head. Narutos turned his head away from Sasuke.

"I still love you Naruto" Sasuke whispered leaning his head on Naruto's chest so that he could his heartbeat.

Naruto struggled even more "Get off me" Naruto growled breaking free. Naruto stumbled out of the bedroom closing the door behind him, he slid down the wall sighing as he put his head in his hands. On the other side of the wall Sasuke had done the same.

It was late evening and now Naruto had fallen asleep on the sofa, while Sasuke occupied the bed. Naruto slept soundly he had been on a long mission that had exhausted him. Sasuke on the other hand was wide awake. His head was all over the place if Naruto hadn't got free what would he have done? He kept thinking to himself. He knew that he couldn't stay in Naruto's apartment anymore, his emotions would get the better of him and he would regret his actions. He had to leave now. The few items he did have he put in one of Naruto's bags and went to find Naruto.

Giving him a good-bye kiss wouldnt be a bad thing right? Sasuke put his bag by the front door and went into the front room. He stood over Naruto as he leaned in Naruto stirred in his sleep. Sasuke was torturing himself by watching Naruto sleep, he kissed Naruto lightly on the lips, Naruto self conciously kissed him back. Sasuke quickly left the room shutting the door behind him he rested his forehead on the door and whispered "Good-bye Naruto, i will give up on you now".

Naruto woke up, his eyes were drawn to a shadow moving outside the door, he grabbed his Kunai ready for a fight and opened the door carefully to see Sasuke putting on his shoes. "What are you doing? If you go out there you will be captured and tortured" Naruto hissed.

"It's got to be better than torturing myself here, I can't control myself around you anymore" Sasuke stood and opened the door. He looked around knowing there were still night patrols.

Naruto pulled Sasuke's top so he could not get away. "Sasuke" Naruto's voice broke.

Sasuke's chest ached. He wanted to hold Naruto now and he could'nt control himself. Sasuke turned and slammed the door. Pushing Naruto against the wall "Sasuke st.." Naruto's lips were occupied by Sasuke's. Sasuke slipped his tongue into Naruto's mouth, Naruto was unable to break free but he tried desperately to resist Sasuke. Sasuke used his left hand to pin Naruto's hands above his head again. He ripped Naruto's vest off using the other, letting his hand roam across Naruto's tanned skin.

Sasuke moved so he could look at Naruto he knew that Naruto would hate him for doing so but he had to find a way of leaving and he couldn't do that without hurting Naruto. Naruto had his eyes shut tight, he was frozen. Sasuke was unable to stop himself Naruto looked so cute, his cheeks flushed red and slightly quivering. Sasuke used his free hand to rub Naruto's member through his clothing. "Ah" Naruto moaned, the moan just made Sasuke want to continue, so he carried on lightly rubbing it. Naruto turned and buried his face in his shoulder.

Naruto was unable not to react to Sasuke's touch, he bit his arm to stop himself screaming. Naruto was not in pain but the pleasure was unbearable. Sasuke pulled Naruto back into the frontroom pushing him down on the sofa. Sasuke tied Naruto's hands behind his back using Naruto's headband.

Now that Naruto was unable to get his hands free Sasuke was able to move faster. "I'm sorry" Sasuke whispered quietly in Naruto's ear.

"If you don't want to be sorry STOP, AH" Naruto clenched his fists as Sasuke rubbed his knee against Naruto's member. Sasuke pulled Naruto's trousers off of him revealing his erection. Naruto's face burned red he felt uncomfortable being in this posistion. Sasuke could see that Naruto was not happy, but was unable to stop himself. Sasuke did not want to watch as he hurt Naruto even more so he turned Naruto face down on the sofa.

He ran his tongue down Naruto's back, Naruto shuddered and arched his back under Sasuke's touch. Sasuke pushed his middle finger into Naruto's hole toying with it a little. Naruto tried to hold back his scream. Tears ran down Naruto's face as Sasuke inserted another finger. Sasuke tried wiping Naruto's tears away from his eyes, Naruto was in pain and wanted to cause some sort of pain to Sasuke. Naruto turned his head as Sasuke took his hand away he sunk his teeth into his hand. Sasuke removed his fingers from inside Naruto. Sasuke pulled Naruto's head trying to get him to let go of his hand.

Sasuke pushed Naruto down violently. Naruto quivered, he was scared and trembling. Sasuke untied Naruto's hands to release him. Naruto covered his face as Sasuke left the room. Sasuke was still trying to get his head around what he had done to Naruto. Naruto cried himself into a restless sleep. Sasuke watched Naruto sleep from the doorway. Once he thought that Naruto was in a deep enough sleep Sasuke carried Naruto into his bedroom and let him sleep in peace.

"Nn" Naruto woke up the next morning with the image of the night before flashing through his head, was it real? Naruto looked around confused by his surroundings he remembered falling asleep on the sofa. Naruto swung his legs of the bed he felt a twinge of shooting pain in his lower back. He remembered Sasuke inserting his fingers, he shook the thought out of his head and slowly got up.

He walked into the kitchen able to smell something coming from there and it wasn't his usual cup ramen. Naruto slid the door open silently. Sasuke was humming to himself stood over the stove.

"Morning" Naruto mumbled quietly sliding the door shut and taking a seat.

"Morning" Sasuke replied not turning to face Naruto.

The two ate quietly not saying a word, they both stole glances at eachother but would never lay there eyes on eachother for too long. Naruto stood silently, slightly wincing with pain. He gathered his dishes. "I'll do that" Sasuke stood grasping Naruto's dishes silently, their fingers accidently brushed against eachother. Naruto released his grip automatically. Sasuke smirked, Naruto caught this in his veiw.

Naruto smacked the dishes out of Sasuke's hands, Sasuke looked as the blonde and tilted his head so that he could see Naruto better. Naruto snapped his head up "what? you find this funny" Naruto shouted at Sasuke "why did you do t..th..that" Naruto was insecure and mad at Sasuke, but there was something more than that but he didn't know what it was.

"Naruto.." Sasuke was cut off.

"Don't say my name" Naruto's emotions turned more agressive.

"Of course I dont find it funny, but this was the only way i could think of to show you i wouldn't be able to stay" Sasuke was unsure of his words, he moved his hand to caress Naruto's face.

Naruto pushed Sasuke's hand away from his face violently. Naruto tried leaving the kitchen he couldn't handle being in the same room as Sasuke. Sasuke pulled him back. Naruto turned and kicked Sasuke in the ribs. "Let me go" Naruto shouted almost crying. Sasuke held Naruto's shoulders and pulled him in close sniffing the blondes head of hair. Naruto burst into tears "pl...sto..now" Naruto's words just barely broke through his sobs. He used his fists to hit Sasuke's chest.

Sasuke lifted Naruto princess style and carried him to the sofa. Naruto froze figuring Sasuke was going to make a move. Sasuke gently put Naruto down, hugging him tight before letting him go. Sasuke kissed Naruto lightly on the forehead. Sasuke turned to walk away "this is how i will let you go" Sasuke choked out.

Naruto didn't want Sasuke to leave. He loved Sasuke but hadn't realised this yet, but he had never felt this kind of pain that Sasuke might leave him for good. He didn't want Sasuke to be the some as everybody else who he loved they all had left or died.

"Wait" Naruto whispered then shouted "please wait" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's hand to stop him. "Don't leave me" Sasuke turned in disbelief. Naruto stood on his toes leaning into Sasuke, kissing him gently on the lips. Sasuke didn't kiss him back he was in shock. Naruto dropped back to his feet and blushed had he just made a complete fool of himself. Sasuke carried on walking pulling Naruto with him. He pulled Naruto outside. Naruto was confused by Sasuke's reaction but looked around cautiously. "Sasuke what are you doing?" Naruto was worried that Sasuke would be spotted and they would take him away.

"Even if you want me to stay I can't hide in your room forever, I can't control myself" Sasuke stood slightly in front of Naruto, his face conflicted with pain.

"Sasuke, come inside so we can talk, Sasuke" Naruto couldn't get Sasuke's attention. Naruto let go of his hand and walked around to face him. Naruto started pushing Sasuke trying to make him move, Sasuke gave in and walked back inside.

Once they were safely inside Naruto began shouting at Sasuke "How could you be so stupid, what were you thinking, do you want to be killed.." Naruto got cut off by Sasuke kissing him, Sasuke's tongue roamed Naruto's mouth exploring every inch, Naruto began using his tongue to kiss him back. Sasuke pulled back nipping Naruto's tongue.

Sasuke stared intensly into Naruto's eyes, he caressed Naruto's face "calm down, you know I have to leave. You said it youself if I'm found they will kill me".

"I'll protect you, we can go back to the way it was" Naruto pleaded although hu knew that Sasuke was right.

"Naruto I will never be able to leave this room if i stay it can never be normal again" Sasuke pulled Naruto into his chest not wishing to see how he was hurting Naruto.

"Wait here, promise me you will stay here" Naruto waited for Sasuke's nod as a reply before running towards Kakashi and Iruka's home.

Naruto stood out of breath on the door step as he banged repeatedly on the door. Iruka opened the door "What do you want Naruto?"

"Where's Kakashi?" Naruto pushed past Iruka and began searching the house "Kakashi come with me, I'll explain on the way". Kakashi followed him able to see that there was something urgent Naruto wanted him to look at. Iruka ran behind the two wanting to know what was so important. "When you see this don't be angry and please listen to what I have to say" Naruto stopped at his front door "Please don't be mad". Kakashi and Iruka exchanged glances then looked at Naruto and nodded.

They slowly followed the cautious Naruto into his apartment, the place was completely silent with no sign of Sasuke. "Naruto why are we here, I have work to do" Kakashi was impatient he thought that Naruto was just wasting his time.

"Sasuke was here, I shouldn't have left him" Naruto rushed opening every door not finding Sasuke.

"Sasuke" Kakashi stood still wandering if he had heard right. Iruka caught hold of Naruto who was becoming irratic while searching Kakashi asked confused "you told us you buried Sasuke".

"I didn't want him to be sent away again, he didn't fight Konoha he fought alongside me, he doesn't deserve to be sent away" Naruto stood in front of Kakashi looking up at him, Kakashi had a stone face so Naruto couldn't tell what he was thinking "I hid Sasuke here, he promised me he would still be here".

"Naruto what were you thinking harbouring a fugitive" Kakashi asked still confused.

"It's Sasuke not a fugitive" Naruto seemed mad.

"Where is he?" Iruka asked.

"He should be here, he promised me he wouldn't leave" Naruto's heart ached.

"Raise the alarm" Kakashi told Iruka.

"NO" Naruto shouted "let me find him".

"You have an hour to bring him to me, else Konoha will go on high alert" Kakashi walked out of the apartment with Iruka. Naruto ran past them quickly not knowing where Sasuke would go.

"I think he finally learnt a lesson" Iruka said putting his arm around Kakashi.

"Let's hope he doesn't mess it up" Kakashi sighed.

After searching everywhere he could think of Naruto was about to give up when he remembered the place the two use to train together at. He only had 10 minutes left to bring him to Kakashi. He crouched down not able to see Sasuke sat watching him from a tree. Sasuke walked behind him, he bent down next to Naruto "What are you looking for?"

Naruto layed his eyes on Sasuke and let out a sigh of relief. "Why are you here?"

"I figured you were going to Kakashi so I thought I would get away by I still can, but then I realised I'm tired of running" Sasuke stood up pulling Naruto up with him.

"I'm sorry it's the only thing i could think of" Naruto kept thinking about the time.

"What did he say?" Sasuke was worried.

"I have to take you to him or he's going to put Konoha back on high alert" Naruto was now afraid of what was going to happen.

"How long have we got?" Sasuke asked.

"Four minutes" Naruto choked out.

Sasuke's eyes widened, he turned to face Naruto. "We should go then".

"But.." Naruto was interrupted by Sasuke kissing him, it was a passionate kiss not like before which they had been harsh.

Sasuke began to run towards Konoha pulling Naruto with him. Sasuke and Naruto stood outside Kakashi's office scared to enter. Sasuke knocked. Kakashi voice "Enter".

Sasuke took a deep breath before entering the room, Naruto by his side. Sasuke bowed upon entering "Kakashi I.."

"I'll speak first" Kakashi said harshly. "You have commited a crime against Konoha, though from what I've been told you also fought alongside Naruto is that right?"

"Yes" Sasuke answered.

"This will be taken in to consideration of your punsishment" Kakashi had two of his best students stood in front of him they had come so far from the first day they met "for now you will be allowed to become a citizen of Konoha, until the time of your punishment".

"Does that mean I don't have to go away" Sasuke was confused.

"You will be watched closely, until a suitable cell becomes available, for now you are free to live as you want" Kakashi didn't know if this was the right decision but there were more pressing matters he had to attend to and Sasuke wasn't his biggest problem at this time. "Leave now before I change my mind".

"Thank you" Sasuke walked away.

"Naruto wait" Kakashi waited until Sasuke was gone before speaking again. "He is your responsiblity, if something goes wrong you will be punished, you can leave now".

Naruto bowed "I take full responsibilty no matter what" Naruto left quickly.