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It had been a year since the worlds of Will Schuester and Emma Pillsbury had collided. Some speculated it had been coming on for a while, others had no idea, but no one expected what had really happened.

Will had finally gone for it with Emma last year in the fall after the kids had won Sectionals when he realized he was in love with her. It took her standing there crying in that wedding dress telling him she felt "heartbroken" being around him that really struck him. He had just ended things with Terri but the divorce papers hadn't been signed by anybody, yet.

Emma was ready to leave and hoped she wouldn't have to see Will because it was going to be that much harder to walk away. The rational side of her brain told her that he grabbed her arm in a moment of desperation because they were best friends and he didn't want to lose the one person who was his biggest fan…but the other part, her heart, hoped and begged for his feelings to finally match hers after two years of longing.

Sucking in a deep breath, she headed down the hallway stopping in the light of the window to see through watery eyes that maybe things would work out. Tomorrow was a new day, and a new start…she wiped away the lone tear sliding down her cheek when she looked down the hallway and saw a familiar face.


He ran up to her, took the box, and Emma watched breathlessly as he put a finger to her mouth before taking her in his arms for a sweet kiss. She watched his lips move towards her knowing nothing good could come from this – but she couldn't stop him and she knew her body wouldn't let her anymore. She gave in to his embrace and kissed him back, involuntarily grabbing at his arms to hold him as close as she could almost pinching him to see if he was really in front of her right now…

And that was enough to give her a glimmer of hope to continue waiting for her one and only real love.

After Will pulled away and waited for her reaction, she took a moment but finally opened her eyes to find him staring with a mix of excitement and worry. She told him that she wanted this too, but that he should figure his life out first and continued rambling until he attempted to pull her in for another kiss and this time she touched her finger to his lips.

"Let's wait, Will…would you wait for me?"

And so he did.

But to both of their dismay, life it seemed, took a hold of their lives and shook them around like it always seemed to. And he was still waiting.

One year later…

Terri had finally been out of Will's life for good after a grueling divorce and with the win of Sectionals for a second consecutive year, he knew just the person he wanted to take on the trip to Regional's in Chicago.

The last bell of the day finally rang and Will rushed out of his classroom to catch Emma before she headed home. He knew she enjoyed getting home early on Thursdays to start cooking and have her weekly house cleaning done in time for the local news show.

He let out a breath of relief as he saw her still moving around in her office to clean off the remnants of sweaty kids in the opposite chair of her desk. Without realizing it, he lingered his gaze on her pencil skirt tightening as she bent over to wipe down the seat.

It became clear to Will that he'd wait as long as he needed for Emma to be his. She was the only one he wanted in his life, the only one he ever wanted to wake up with, and the only one he'd love to father a child with someday…it was always 'someday' with Will.

He snapped out of his trance when she turned around spotting him through the glass windows and waved him in.

"Hey Em, I—I'm glad I caught you because I really wanted to ask you something,"

Emma's eyes widened as she slowly nodded for him to go on.

Oh god, oh god, here it is…finally…oh god Will of course I want to go out with you, c'mon just ask me, please—

"I was thinking, since the kids are going up to Chicago for Regional's, that…maybe you'd like to come along with me?"

Will watched as her face slightly fell and tried to recover.

"—I mean it's only a weekend thing, ac-actually not even a weekend. M-more like a day, just the one day really. We were going to drive up early, perform, and be back before…before it gets too late."

He watched her eyes that seemed to be racing at a million miles a minute and her head nodded to the side while she licked at her lips like she always does—

"I—I'd love to, Will."

He smiled a genuine smile figuring he'd take a day with Emma even if she didn't seem too excited to spend her Saturday with him and Glee club.

Emma flashed back a similar smile, thinking she could take a day with Will anytime. Maybe a few hints at being open to a relationship could finally give him the push to do something.

It was Saturday morning and Will was waiting on all of the kids to arrive while he sat shivering in front of the bus. He glanced down at his watch then looked back up to find Emma heading towards him.

She was wearing her usual bow shirts that Will also thought were adorable. Paired with a plaid forest green and black pea coat and a pencil skirt, Emma was shivering from the absence of the warmth of her car. She'd actually arrived before Will but decided to wait until he got out.

"G—g—good morning, W—Will," she barely got out as her lips shook from the frozen slap of the morning air.

"Emma! God, you must be freezing! C'mere"

Will motioned for her to come closer and when she quickly shook her head he moved up behind her. He reached out and grabbed her gloved hands pulling them down as he hugged her from behind. Of course he didn't want to see her cold, but really he just saw it as an opportunity to have her body next to his. He longed for it more everyday and cherished every little moment she'd let him move close to touch her and not allow anyone else.

Emma jumped as he had wrapped his arms around her and told her she shouldn't be wearing pencil skirts in 14-degree weather. His breath tickled behind her ear and she closed her eyes momentarily imagining that this wasn't just about trying to stay warm. Emma moved back slightly into his body, and her mind drifted to the last time they were this close as they swayed slowly together waiting…

4 months…4 months since Will and Terri had finally ended their disputes and signed the papers. It was almost May and the only thing keeping Will sane from Terri's antics of reliving their glory days by putting on her old Cheerios uniform was the one girl he knew that he was really waiting for.

Will walked into her office hoping to see her and tell her the news when he found her chair empty.

That's odd…she's always still here right after school for at least 30 minutes to avoid all the dirty kids after a school day..

He took a few steps down one of the back way teacher halls near an exit and found Emma curled into a ball with her knees tucked under her skirt outside and her elbows resting on her knees with her hands pulled up to her face sitting against the wall…on the floor! She never touched the floors, EVER. Will ran towards her knowing something was very, very wrong and as he got closer he heard small whimpers growing louder as she cried.

"Em-Emma," he touched her shoulder hesitantly and she didn't look up for a moment. He wasn't moving though; he'd wait until she was ready to talk like she'd done for him so many times so he sat on the floor next to her for another 5 minutes before he finally heard the sobbing slow to a stop.

She looked up, still feeling his warm hand on her back, and tried to smile through the tears brimming at her eyes.

"W—Will, oh..."

And with those few words, or one word really, she ducked her head back down and began crying again, louder this time. Will moved his hands to pull her towards him and she clung to him immediately wrapping her arms around him and burying her head into his chest.

"It…it'll be alright Em, just, just breathe, ok…"

As Emma came more to her senses, she realized how close she was to Will now and…and that she was now sitting on the cold, dirty floor. But she didn't care about the floor, not even now. It was too painful to even think about the germs and messes in her life right now so she blocked it out. Taking a shaky breath before pulling away, she retreated from Will slowly moving her arms back to her sides and faced forward.

Will observed her completely different demeanor. He'd never seen Emma look so sad and broken, and…on the floor. Her mascara was running down her cheeks and her hair had been ruffled and messed with now.

Without moving anything, Emma finally spoke up.

"I—I got…,"

She took in another shaky breath, it needed to be said.

"…I got a call.. today. F—from my momma a—and…daddy passed away this morning…"

Her voice cracked as she barely got the words out and the crying started up again.

Will's mouth gaped open for a moment because he knew how close Emma had been to her father. He was the only one who truly understood her phobia growing up and always tried to help her by doing little experiments and trying to get her to forget about the germs. He'd take her to the park and make her get on the merry-go-round and spin the bouncing little red head around until she let go of the fears as she'd put hers arm out like she was flying…or on easy days, he'd take her to the Renaissance Museums that Emma loved as a child. They were clean, quiet, and simple. He understood her and she loved him.

Will pulled her into him this time and her head rested on his chest as she eased into him and they both faced forward looking at the lockers across from them. He looked down at her as her breathing slowed and closed her eyes from the emotional exhaustion. Moving gently, he pushed back her hair from her face and started to wipe her make-up away with his forefinger. He wanted so badly to just pull her face to his in this moment and tell her he loved her and he'd be there for her because he was finally free of Terri and that he wanted to whisk her away to Regional's with him so they could begin their journey…but, as he looked down at her face calming now – he knew it wasn't the right time. She waited for him for two years, he could wait a little longer. So he bit his tongue.

Over the next few months after her father passed, Will was always a phone call away and checked up on her quite often. He even offered to stay over one night after letting her cry into his arms again…but, she sent him along saying she just needed to be alone.

As the weeks turned into a month, and a month turned into months… he lost his courage to say something, to do something like he'd done after Sectionals. She was vulnerable and emotional, and he didn't want her to ever think he took advantage of her at such a hard time.

Emma started see a therapist after the funeral for a little while and eventually after about 6 or 7 months, she was feeling alive and better about life again. She knew her father would have wanted her to be strong and continue working on her phobia. But…she realized even through the moments of closeness, near kisses, and honesty with Will late at night in her apartment or his over this past year… they'd fallen into their old ways of looking at one another but not saying, and thinking about the things they wanted to do, but not doing...

Emma was startled from her thoughts as Will's arms gripped a little tighter around her waist leaving her slightly breathless. She let out a deep smile that he couldn't see and looked down at his arms still around her.

Say something Emma…c'mon…you can do this.

"Y—you feel like a-a heater making me… all warm inside."

Mentally slapping herself for her word vomit, Emma turned bright red at the comment she made. She certainly hadn't even been thinking those kinds of thoughts when it was said, at least not today anyway.

Chills went up Will's spine as he let her go from behind quickly and pulled her to his side, looking down to see a very embarrassed Emma scrunching her eyes and nose up and making that face he loved when she said too much. His mind instantly shot to Emma clad in a little babydoll nighty telling him those exact words. He really had to get those kinds of thoughts in check.

He knew what she'd meant, but it didn't make her any less mortified so he looked at her with a forgiving, charming smile and she looked back with a bashful grin.

"—HELLO! We are going to be late if we don't leave this parking lot in approximately 5 seconds and from my years of shows and performance experiences, it is always smart to be early and therefore on time, rather than on time and be late!"

The rest of the kids just shook their heads at Rachel watching Mr. Schue and Ms. P back away from one another quickly as she ruined their moment. They all knew something was going on between the two and believed it was only a matter of time.

"—Rachel, we'll be fine. And good morning to you all! Today's the big day for you guys, I just know you're going to nail it."

Will pumped his fist in the air in excitement and all the kids smiled at his enthusiasm.

"Normally, I don't agree with her," Kurt said with his normal sassy tone, "but if we don't get on that bus right now my hair will look like Joan Rivers on a good hair day and I cannot work that look. Let's GO already."

The kids laughed at Kurt's typical snide remarks and Mercedes patted him on the back.

"Kurt, you're hair will look fly no matter what. But I agree, Mr. Schue…let's hit the road."

Emma took that as her cue to check the bus first for any spills or messes in aisle or seats giving her ample time to clean them and not hyperventilate as Will gave the kids a final pep talk.

"Alright guys, I know it's a long drive being around 6 hours away but I really want you all to focus on the numbers, focus on your vocals, and remember how far we've come to get to this spot today. You've worked hard for this and I want to see a strong finish! Now does everyone have their costumes? Double check your bags, I'm not having an incident like last time…" and everyone moved their eyes to Brittany.


At Sectionals a couple months back, Brittany wore her Cheerios uniform to the competition and didn't understand what a "change of clothes" into uniform had meant other than to wear her uniform she wore every single day. As a result, Mr. Schue had to work his charm on a couple of the officials and the kids stayed overnight to compete early the next morning. They pulled it off again, but Regional's wouldn't be nearly as forgiving.

Each person ended up bringing their uniform and an overnight bag because of the last incident and even Will, who had to sleep in jeans last time, brought a bag of his own.

Quinn glared at Puck who had accidentally brought along his clothes as well as the baby's diaper bag and pulled out her phone to warn her mom who would be watching the little girl while they were gone.

Will checked each of their bags and turned around to the bus as Emma was slowly making her way to the front with cautious hands and stepped off the bus to join everyone.

"As I mentioned earlier this week, a cold front is moving in and we might get some pretty bad ice and snow. If that happens—they'll postpone to next week and depending on how far out we've gotten, we may be staying at a hotel or chance it and continue driving home. But, regardless, get your mind set on the show in case we DO get out there today."

Quinn moved to the front of the group and piped in.

"But if we stay at a hotel, we won't see Annabelle for over a day and I've never done that before, Mr. Schue."

"Quinn, don't worry about Annabelle, alright? Your mom's going to take excellent care of her and besides, we probably won't even be at a hotel today. The snows just now starting to fall, surely we'll be fine."

"But if aren't—do we have reservations or something? I didn't bring any money, Mr Schue."

"Artie, the school will provide for us as long as we aren't breaking any rules since it would be an emergency anyway. But since we're on the topic, each of you have already been paired in girl groups and guy groups and absolutely no mixing in the night or Sue will have us kicked out in no time."

Rachel raised her hand and moved up now,

"But what about you and Ms. Pillsbury?"

Everyone laughed at the comment just waiting for the blushing faces of both, and Emma looked down at shoes.

"A—As the adults, we—we're allowed to share a room," his voice cracked and Puck mocked him.

"Ehh, cut it out guys. And Puck how about you use the vocals for something good instead of just backtalk huh?

"Yeah, yeah. Sure thing, Mr. Schue." Puck let it go and patted him on the back as they entered onto the bus.

Emma took notice of the two developing a better friendship since the baby came and was happy to see Puck gaining a better male role model in his life. Finn and Will were still close and talked often but since the baby came, he'd been writing checks from time to time for the two struggling parents. As they're getting on the bus, and Will lets Emma in before him she realizes just how much in love with him she still is.

Always a true gentleman in everyway…

When she moved up the steps he patted for her to sit next to him even with all the open seats, and before she sat down he wiped it with a wet wipe of his own.

Emma smiled graciously and sat down close to him in the small seat.

"Want an ear?"

Will held up part of his iPod headphones for her to take, and without hesitation and the chance to be closer to him she took it and swiped it with sanitizer before putting it in.

"Thanks, Will. That's very sweet of you,"

He looked at her face so close to his and wished he could just kiss her soft lips with everything in him. But Emma turned away and looked out into the aisle as she leaned back to get settled in for the long drive.

Choking up a bit he whispered "your welcome", pushed play on the iPod, and the bus headed out of the McKinley High parking lot.

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