Can't Say

AN: It's been awhile hasn't it? Drabble goodness. R/R.

Sometimes she felt guilty for needing him as she did. Whether she finally found her mother, or a dog she was to adopt was euthanized, she longs for his shoulder and his input. Talented young interns did the unspeakable and he was there by her side. There was no way out: she plain old depended on this man whether she wanted to or not. She just couldn't say she hated it, despite her cruel past showing her how wrong it was to crave someone so completely in her life. It was not something she could hate. Protest to maybe, but never truly regret. He was always there, because beside all the " I can take care of myself" statements, he knew he ought to be at her side for her good. She can't begin to say how much she loves that.

Occasionally he feels like he can't take care of himself like he ought to, since she helps him out so much. He won't ever pretend that it doesn't bruise his ego slightly. Fact is that when Jared gets a DUI for being stupid he calls her to lament on his brother's troubles. Hers is the doorway he darkens when something goes or feels wrong. Her door always is open when he needs to get in. Rebecca's newest boy toy is spending more time with Parker and that squint that is supposedly so straight and narrow has to be stopped from giving them both a piece of her mind. He can not only vent with her, but truly have her side when she agrees with him. If she thinks he's being overtly sensitive or just idiotic she'll let him know. That in itself is a comfort that only true honesty can bring. She knows him: reads him well. When Vegas or Sudan plague him she carries enough of the burden so he isn't crushed. Macho ego or not, he can never say he wishes she didn't know him so well. Never say that he loathes needing her. He can only say that it's pretty awesome that she springs to his defense and has his back when he truly needs her to.