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Chapter 22: Winds of Change


I never believed much in god after I became a vampire. I didn't think there was one after we were changed. We were soulless monsters that didn't deserve to exist. But how could that be true?

After all that I have done wrong, I must have done something right. To deserve having this little girl before me, not to mention having her call me 'Daddy'. She really was sent here from heaven.

What else could this little girl before me be the one who danced and twirled around? Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair, she truly was an angel sent from heaven.

I really must have done something right, to deserve her love and her mother's heart.

The others missed Renesmee and they called to her waving her over. She smiled to them and told them to hold on. She walked over to me, handing me a single white flower. She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and turned to walk away. She was halfway there when I remembered a question I had yet to ask her.

"Wait," I said she turned to look at me, "What's your favorite memory?"

"Oh that's easy," She said laughing. I looked at her.

"It would be today Daddy," She said smiling and turning back towards the rest of our family. She ran and jumped in the water. Splashing around with them. They called me with their thoughts to join them but I motioned to the that I would be there later, there was something I had to do first.

I closed my eyes and looked up at the sky.

For the first time in a long time, I thanked god, I thanked him for all of the joy in my life.

(A/N: note that we are going back to the same week that the mystery characters were spying on them so you will be seeing what happened in the Cullens/Munas point of views)

(As requested by Someone) Jaspers Point of View:

The day was spent joking around with the family and just having fun. Everyone filled with feelings of joy and contentment. It's like we were in our own little world completely untouched by the outside world. It was peaceful here. The family was playing in the water, splashing around and enjoying the sun.

Emmett was still trying to get Rose to forgive him for the cliff incident from earlier by the time we were all getting ready to leave. She was dutifully ignoring him and his pleas of forgiveness.

"But Rosie baby, it was an accident I didn't mean to pull you in. Alice pushed me and I lost my balance and…and…" Emmett stammered searching for an excuse.

I felt a flicker of amusement from Rosalie she was enjoying Emmett begging for forgiveness on his knees and quickly tried to cover my snicker.

"Forget it Emmett, she's not going to forgive you that easily" Alice laughed

"Yea Uncle Em you pulled her off a cliff and got her all wet" Renesmee stated

"Face it man, you're sleeping on the couch tonight," I said laughing.

Emmett pouted the entire run home, even after all of our teasing and joking that even though aimed at him should have made him smile.

The family was now spread throughout the house doing various activities. The girls were in Rosalie's room and we could hear the giggling from downstairs so we knew to stay away. Esme was in the kitchen. Carlisle in his office working on some of his patients files. That just left Edward and Emmett and I in the living room.

Emmett was still pouting so I decided to challenge him to a game of Xbox. So now we were in a heated race Edward was watching us. I kept amplifying Emmett's emotions so he was a lot more competitive then he normally is, and trust me Emmett is very competitive.

After destroying Emmett in the game and him getting frustrated and throwing the remote, Esme came in and scolded us, and then Emmett accused me of cheating. Which of course I denied, I mean I guess I played a little unfair but...I wouldn't go as far as calling it cheating.

Edward was laughing at us, whether it was at my logic, or Emmett's tantrum I don't know.

Then Edward froze. His head whipped around to the window and I felt confusion and worry come off of him in waves.

"What is it?" I asked mentally

"I thought I heard something…but it was so faint like it was muffled almost." Edward said seriously.

"Did you recognize who it might have been?" I asked aloud for Emmett's benefit since he picked up that something was off too.

"No, well I don't think so I mean it was hard to tell I could barely get their thought anyways it was like I had bad reception almost. I thought I heard their thoughts but they vanished just as soon as they appeared. Maybe it was nothing…"Edward trailed off.

The girls had migrated from upstairs to the living room when they heard our conversation. Bella had her phone out and was texting her family to see if they had any hint of others in the area.

"Maybe it was just someone that was at the edge of your hearing range," Esme mused.

"I don't know I mean our house is pretty isolated why would someone be all the way out her in the woods?" Rosalie said.

"The others are ok and haven't caught any scents or trails of others in the area. They are on alert though and are coming back now," Bella said reading the text message from her family. Renesmee visibly relaxed at the news and I sent out a few calming waves to release some of the tension in the room.

How did such a perfect day go wrong?


Carlisle advised us that we all act completely normal. So we did. We went to school we went home and we acted as if nothing was wrong. If I didn't know better I would've believed that everything was fine and that we were just overreacting.

Edward was nervous all week, he was tense and anxious. Bella of course was because Edward was. She didn't like seeing him worried.

Emmett in true Emmett form was the comical relief of the week. He was making jokes left and right. Teasing and trying to lighten the mood. Which I was thankful for, everyone's emotions were really starting to get to me.

Alice couldn't get any visions of anything happening though. She was constantly keeping her mind open so she could be ready for visions but none came. Whether it was this unknown threat or Renesmee's presence that was possibly affecting her visions, I don't know.

Esme and Carlisle were the best at acting as if nothing happened. Both just went on as they normally would and were the parental figures they normally were. Esme cleaning and cooking and Carlisle going to work at the hospital.

By the middle of the week Bella was able to see how Renesmee's presence at the house was affecting Alice's visions. She suggested that her and Nessie go home for a little bit and see their family. We had seen Taylor at school of course, but they had yet to see Alexis and Conner.

"Bella, you don't need to leave." Edward said.

"Yea Bella stay," Alice said sad to see her best friend/ sister leave.

"Guys you act as if you will never see me and Nessie again." Bella Laughed, "I need to go home and see my family I haven't seen them since they got back from hunting. Besides we need to make things look normal as possible and I think me being here away from my coven is a little unusual."

Edward opened his mouth to protest.

"Listen my family might be at risk with just three of them. With me there they have a much better chance. I need to go home." Bella said silencing him.

Well look who took charge, I thought.

Edward shot a death glare at me for a second before looking at Bella and his daughter. He was clearly worried for their safety. I didn't need to feel his emotions to know that. Still I knew there was no way he was going to sway Bella on this.

Bella's Point of View:

I wasn't going to take any chances. There was possibly a threat to both of my families and one of them was being left vulnerable and unprotected. I knew the Cullens could hold their own in a fight. Of course my coven could to but the Cullens also had numbers. Where as right now my coven only had three since Renesmee and I had been staying with the Cullens.

Edward was being Edward and no matter the fact that I was a vampire and could easily take care of myself he was worried. It was cute…in a total over protective and over bearing way.

"I will be fine I can take care of myself Edward," I said

"I know that I just don't want you getting hurt," he said.

"I won't," I said exasperated.

"BELLLLLAAAAA! You can't go we didn't go shopping like you promised me." Alice whined.

"Guys, I'm not leaving forever," I laughed," relax I don't live that far and you can come there. Besides we see each other at school we have classes together." I said placating Edward.

"Alice…I never promised to go shopping I am still recovering from our last shopping trip…" I shuddered just remembering all of the stores.

Renesmee during this whole ordeal was quiet. She was enjoying the playful banter of Alice and I. that and I knew she was just as concerned for my families safety as I was. She and I were alike in so many ways.

"Listen you guys can come over when you want we need to keep up appearances and not let anyone know that we are on to them. We don't live far you can be there in a few minutes if needed. Besides like mom said we see each other at school and we need to make sure that no one gets suspicious." Renesmee said calmly.

"I agree with Renesmee on this if Bella or her family needs us we can easily be there in a few minutes if we run. You children see each other at school. Besides I'm sure Bella would like having some of her own clothes back instead of you dressing her everyday Alice." Esme said.

Alice stuck her tongue out at me when I smiled at that last part.

"Ok so its decided Bella is going home and we are going to continue acting as if nothing is happening." Carlisle said.


It was nice being home in my own house again. I missed my family even thought we were only separated a few days. When you get used to seeing someone everyday for the past 74 years a few days seems a lot longer than you would normally think.

Taylor of course was glad to see us, even though we had seen her not only 4 hours earlier at school she acted as if it had been decades since we had last seen each other. Squealing happily when we walked through the door and practically pouncing on Renesmee and me.

Alexis and Conner were just as happy to see us but they at least patiently waited to give us hugs once Taylor got off of us.

Renesmee took the liberty of catching everyone up to speed with what was happening. I needed to go online. I figured it was a good idea to see if there were any report of disappearances or any tell tale signs that a vampire might be in the area.

When my search proved fruitless I decided to head back downstairs and join the family. Maybe I was just being a little paranoid. I had good reason to be though, I was a danger magnet…and I am long overdue for some trouble.

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