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When Elena awoke, she found the room empty. Her heart sunk a little. Last night had to be the best night of her life. Sure it wasn't with Stefan, but it was with his much more dazzling brother…Damon.

She looked over to the pillow next to her a saw that her lover had left a note for her.

Elena my love,

My gift for you my love, until next time.


Next to her she picked up a Rose, but it wasn't just any rose. It was a black magic rose. It was also the deepest darkest red with a tinge of purple, it looked black from far away, but if you looked closely, you could see its beauty. Black magic was also a wine. It was made for vampires by vampires. And it was the only wine a vampire could drink and survive if blood was scarce. But Elena concentrated on the flower. It was freshly picked and it still had some dew on its beautiful black edged petals. She lifted it up to her nose and inhaled its delicious scent.

She felt like she was in heaven, pine with a hint of vanilla. She wondered where Damon had gotten it; couldn't have been too long ago since it was freshly picked. He probably got it from Mrs. Flower's garden; she remembered seeing a patch there.

As she got up, she saw her tattered nightgown on the floor; she'll have to buy a new one.

She resisted the temptation to call Damon, but then the troubles would arise, because you never knew who would be on the other end of the phone. And besides, she didn't really want to have to explain herself to Stefan.

Her mobile started vibrating and she saw that it was a text from Bonnie telling her to meet her at the café. Being her best friend. Elena knew something was wrong.

Damon carefully peeled his orange as last night's memories ran through his mind. He hope Elena enjoyed her gift as well as he enjoyed his.

"Damon" Damon looked up to see his dear brother.

"Hello brother"

"Where were you last night?"

"Oh I was off enjoying myself" Damon replied with a smile.

"You mean biting some girl and then erasing her memory?"

"Maybe" Damon finally finished the task of peeling his orange, "Where were you?"

"I was here"

"You mean, were you eating bunnies?" Damon threw his brother a mischevious smile, "Stefan and his bunnies sitting in a tree…"

"Damon, stop"

"K-I-S-S-I-N-G" Damon sang.

"Well its a lot better than killing people for the pleasure"

"It's not pleasure brother, its life, you should join the winning side"

"Katherine was on the winning side and now look where she is" Stefan remarked.

"Brother," Damon began, "I'm on the winning side and you don't see me poofed to dust"

Stefan shook his head at Damon's reply, his brother was smart, but sometimes he had no commonsense, "Damon, just forget about it okay?"

"Oh and guess what? I visited Elena last night"

Stefan immediately turned around, "You what?!"

"Elena, goodness she is beautiful in that that little white nightgown of hers. I just love the way it tightens around her body like a satin wrap" Damon flashed Stefan his trademark smirk, while Stefan was about ready to murder him.

"I swear I'm going to kill you Damon. If it's the last thing I do!" Stefan yelled in fury.

"Oh little brother it will be the last thing you do" And then Stefan's world went black.

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