Taming the Many Sides of Raven
NarutoxMulti Raven
Story Start
Two figures were in a room filled with dark objects, artifacts and vast book cases. The room was covered in an assortment of black, blue, violet, and gray. The dark colors gave the room a calm if not emotionally restraining feeling. The first figure was male, blond spiky hair that came down to his shoulders. He was wearing a gray sleeveless T-shirt and faded blue jeans. He was tall, about 5'11 and looked like a young male in his twenties. His skin was slightly tanned with a yellowish short of tent. In his arms he carried five books as the figure next to him browsed her selves with a slender figure.

Next to him was a young woman with pale skin with a very slight grayish tone. She had long dark violet hair that reached to her midback. She wore unusual blue dress robes that had a hood and skirt that had slight in the sides. Under them once could see the slight rims of black material, shorts in fact. While the male gazed at his companion with curious eyes, Cerluean blue eyes that seemed to hold a life time of knowledge behind them the violet-eyed Sorceress's eyes currently only shown one emotion. Concentration.

''To Kill a mocking bird? Do you remember getting this book?'' The make spoke up.

''Yeah...'' She answered in a monotonously voice.

It was quite a few years ago when she relatively younger then she was now.
The young woman approached the counter. ''Did the shipment arrived?'' She asked the bored teen behind the cash register.

''Sorry not yet...these books are quite in demand. They'll probably sell out as soon as they arrive. Though if you leave me with a name I'll reserve you a copy.''
The young woman looked hesitant to answer.

''A nickname or such would do just as well,'' The blond haired male answered, smiling at the grayish-skin young woman. By her skin tone and smell it was obvious the woman wasn't normal, but did she had any inkling of a clue that the young man behind the register wasn't normal as well.

''Raven...'' Even as the words come out not a hint of emotion.

The young felt a shiver down his spine. The way she spoke was so cold. ''Naruto...owner of this store and many others. I could interest you in another book if you...''

''Excuse me!'' A preppy blonde haired girl interrupted. High School age and wearing a sickening amount of pink. It didn't help she was wearing pale face paint. '

'Do you happen to carry the Twilight series? I can't find it!'' The girl whined.

Naruto scowled,''For the last time I don't carry that trash in my story. You take your pussy wannabe fake sparkling gay ass Vampires and Lycans and shove it!'' The girl took off crying.

''Kami! The stupid shit teenagers and people in general eat up. All this reality TV bullshit and such.''

''That was a bit...harsh,'' The woman now identified as Raven stated in her emotionless tone once again.

''That's the fifth time this week I told that girl...if she didn't have the attention span of a squirrel I wouldn't have snapped.''


''Begone!'' Naruto shouted as he levitated one of his book and hurled it at the other annoying kid that came to his shop and acquired about another damnable book series.''Stupid brain dead teenagers and all their new vampire romance crap. They don't know the first real thing about vampire couples.''

''You seemed quite bothered by this...''

''Yeah well...I had an ex that was a vampire and this is mainly on her behalf. Were still good friends and all, but...I don't want to talk about it.''
Flash back end
''Oh right...wasn't one of the reasons was that unnatural fear of yours,'' The violet haired sorceress teased. Back then she couldn't so much as smile without something blowing up, but now she could smile, laugh, and with each passing day exposed a bit more of her emotions.

''Hey...I heard from a friend when his Vampire Chick was performing fellatio she bit him there and sucked out the blood so it's not an unnatural fear.''

Raven levitated the books on a stool by the door. ''Right...I don't see why you're obsessing about it.''

''You're right...the only thing I have to worry about is you suddenly sprouting tentacles suddenly while were having angry sex and trying to ...''

Naruto massaged the back of his head. ''What is it about the back of my head people enjoy abusing?''

''You were completely deserving of that smack.''

''Yeah, yeah...hey it's thirty to one. We still have an hour and a half before we have to head for the team meeting. ''

''You're not suggestiiiiing!'' Naruto hoisted Raven over his shoulder and walked over to the bed. ''Naruto! Iee!'' Raven yelped as Naruto dropped her onto the bed. He climbed over her and began tenderly kissing along her neck line.

''Naruto...no stop...we have to...Naruto stop,'' She moaned as his hands started to massage her bosom through her clothing. ''Hhm don't stop...'' She whispered hooking her legs around his waist. Once again Lust was soon going to be in the driver seat. Unknown to either of them something was going on inside of Raven that would change both of their lives.
Chapter End
I hope the prologue of this story is well received. Let me know what you guys think.