Taming the Many Sides of Raven

NarutoxMulti Raven

Author's Note


For the last time as mentioned this is an offshot/AU story of Kitsune Among Titans. For Origin stories and stuff read there.

Story Start

Out from the bowel of earths a reptilian head emerged. Its eyes glowed a hellish reddish-green as it clawed its way out of the earth. It's long serpentine body reminiscent of a dragon ripped through the hole, making it larger for six more dragon like creatures began pouring out, their tails swaying back and forth. Their sharp teeth gleamed as a small mist of poisoned breath from their mouths. The creatures, the Abassy set their sight of Jump City and began making their way towards it.

'Naruuuuuto!'' Desire cooed as she threw her hands around the blond's neck and began nibbling on his ear. She was dressed in a lavender blush crop top with black jeans and several leather belts as-trued around her hips and her hair done in the style of a french braid.

''Come on now...stop that.'' he said as the emotion clung to him. ''Look I don't know if it's such a good idea.''

''But I really want to see the outside world. You have no idea how boring it is to be cooped up here all the time.'' she said nuzzling her head against his chin. Today it was Desire's turn to spend some time with Naruto and she seemed quite intent on going to the outside world.

''Narry!'' Joy's voice rung as she tackled the blond resulting in him yanking forward and Desire going with him as they landed onto the field of violets they were walking by. Joy letting out a giggle as Desire huffed and pulled the flowers out of her hair.

''Go away Joy! Today's my turn to spend with Naruto you had him yesterday!''

''But I want to play,'' Joy said with a pout as Naruto chuckled and stood up, dusting his clothing. Joy was really coming along, developing just like the others. She was wearing a pink hello kitty T-shirt with jean shorts and flip-flops. With an echo of Kagebunshin no jutsu a couple of Naruto's puffed into existence.

''Why don't you hang with them Joy and you and I can spend some more time together later.''

''Aye aye captain!'' she said doing a salute as she grabbed two of the kagebunshin by hand and began leading them away.

''Now back to what I was saying,'' Desire said as Naruto gave it some consideration.

''I'll talk to Raven about it.'' he relented, deciding that maybe it would be interesting if Raven's emotions experienced the outside the world even for a short while.

''I just really want to see the outside world you know. Having to suppress all of one's urges and wants isn't an easy task which I'm sure you know quite well.''

''I know...'' he said as they continued down the path. ''In fact it would be interesting now that you really brought it up. Raven and I never really get to enjoy hanging outside the tower too much; fanboys and fangirls are pretty much the problem. They ruin everything from vampires and werewolves to manga and pizza. ''

'How did they ruin Pizza?''

''I rather not talk about it,'' the blond said as he winced after he remembered a particular weird incident. ''So come on Desire there has to be something unique to you. The others have their interests associated to who they are so how about you?''

''Kind of hard to say you know. I want a lot of things; for me an interest is simply something I haven't tried yet but I want to do. Joy views everything as a game and Rage surprisingly enough likes to learn about the human body if not as a means to learn how to torture people more effectively. I haven't found anything that really satisfies me you know. What about you Naruto? What do you enjoy?''

''Most people don't tend to know or overlook the fact but I tend to garden.''

''How come you haven't started a garden during the whole time you've been here?''

''Considering we live in a giant T on a small island quite a distance from Jump city it's mostly paranoia.''

''Paranoia?'' Desire echoed in confusion as they came to a stop in front of a rather old and withered tree.

''Well one figured our more intelligent enemies would have paid someone or find a way to mind control someone into dropping a nuke onto the tower or something. I mean it wouldn't really have been all that hard to simply spend weeks stalking us and learning our routine to the point where they could substitute the food we died with something poisonous and simply have enough where random people would have died too as to not bring up too much attention. I mean sure the police and FDA might investigate it, but that's not the normal thing super heroes are normally going to explore; while yes the League would have gotten involved due to the fact super powered beings were among the victims they wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion that it was the work of a super villain. I'm quite sure they're ways and arguments for a way around it, but there is probably just as many on how to be more thorough and to get away with it.''

''That mind of yours is quite crafty, attentive and brings up some good points that most people don't consider. One of the reasons Raven and I'm sure plenty others are glad you're a hero and not a villain.''

''You'd be surprised how much of a pain it can be constantly worrying about that sort of stuff. Like for instance if one ever keeps track of dates one can't help but tend to notice a lot of problems tend to occur once a week with a two to three month break each year. Though let's change the subject because when you bring up stuff like that some sort of trouble usually occurs.''

Speaking of which Bravery showed up. ''Hey Foxy knowledge sent me! Something is going on up in town so you got to get into gear.''

''God damnit!''

Chapter End

Sorry if it's short. Went through a bit of fatigue from all the lemons and chapters I've been working on and since I got jury duty the 25th I really couldn't focus. Anyway we might finally see some action in the up and coming chapters.






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