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Courtney could not believe she was in Hawaii. For years she had secretly yearned to go to the tropical destination and be surrounded by it's beautiful scenery and wonderful culture. She had often gotten too caught up in her studies to actually pursue, or even think about pursuing, going to Hawaii. After the invitation from Total Drama, she was suddenly grateful for partaking on that show, mostly because she was now able to go to a place she had wanted to vacation at for so long.

After landing in Hawaii, all of the contestants (with the exception of the ones still competing) had decided to eat out after checking in to their hotel. They had stayed out for a few hours before jet-lag finally hit them. It didn't hit Courtney and a few others too badly, but she could sense that Duncan was becoming very tired towards the end of their meal. He almost immediately fell asleep right after they got back to their hotel room, while it took her a few minutes to fall asleep. She woke up around seven in the morning, much to her pleasure and displeasure. After laying in bed for a few minutes, she quietly slipped away and onto their balcony. She sat down in a chair and proceeded to just watch the beach and ocean below her.

"Good mornin'..."

Courtney looked over and smiled at her boyfriend, who continued to look very sleepy as he sat down next to her. She said to him, "Good morning. Did you sleep well?"

Duncan nodded, smiling softly. "I did."

Her smile widened, and they continued smiling at each other for a few moments before he turned away, looking into the distance. She watched him as he looked out. She watched his face, with his sleepy expression and his mysterious teal eyes. She knew that he was still marveling the beauty of the island, and marveling at the fact that they were in Hawaii.

"I can't believe we're here," he softly said, his eyes gleaming at the sight before him.

"I know," she softly said, looking out into the distance as well. She let out a sigh as a knock was heard from their door. She started to stand up when she felt Duncan's hand push her back down.

"I'll get it," he told her, smiling.

Courtney smiled, closing her eyes and letting her mind become blank. This, the fact that she was thirty stories above and looking out on Hawaii, was paradise. She was thousands of miles away from Toronto, all the way across the country and in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. She didn't have to worry about anything, like school, rent, work, her parents...

"Hey, you want some breakfast?"

Courtney turned around and nodded. She said, "I'll be down in a minute if you want to go ahead."

"No, I'll walk with you," Duncan said, shaking his head and walking back into the hotel room.

She slowly stood up and proceeded back into the hotel room. She saw Duncan walk into the bathroom, so she opened her bag and proceeded to change right there. She was only going to wear a pair of jean shorts and a tank top to breakfast. She grabbed her extra brush and brushed her hair as she watched Duncan walk out of the bathroom.

"You ready?" he asked.

Courtney laid back, closing her eyes with a smile on her face. She had been watching Bridgette teach Geoff and Duncan how to surf for a while. Most of the contestants were somewhere along Waikiki Beach. Courtney wanted to just lay down and rest. She was thankful when Duncan caught sight of Bridgette and Geoff and decided to run over to them. She wasn't mad at him, and she loved him dearly, but she was in need for some alone time. She needed time to clear her mind of everything, away from worrying about bills, school, her parents, her friends, her relationship... everything.

As she turned onto her back, she wondered what the other contestants were thinking. Besides their participation on the two shows, for the most part, none of them had spent much time together. She knew Gwen and Heather went to the same high school, as did Sadie and Katie (but they had been best friends for their entire lives). She didn't know much about the other contestants, though. She had be-friended them on Facebook, but she wasn't one to spend an avid amount of time on the site. She knew Duncan was on there more, and she knew he knew a bit more about their lives than she did. Sure, everyone was comfortable with each other - for the most part, they spent two Hellish summers together. They were all happy and chatty on the airplane, at dinner after landing, and even that day at breakfast and at the taping. She didn't mind being in Hawaii with all these people, mostly because she knew she wouldn't be seeing them most of the time.

She turned her head. She covered her eyes, for the sun was very bright. She smiled at Duncan laughing at another wipeout by Geoff. She then furrowed her eyebrows when Duncan began to wave at Gwen, who suddenly appeared. She was dying to see what would happen, how they would interact, but she couldn't watch them. She wouldn't. As she turned her head away from them and laid it back on her arm, she couldn't help but think she couldn't spy on them. She had no right to do so.

She trusted Duncan. She trusted Gwen. Despite that tiny, unsettling feeling that continued to grow in her stomach, she trusted them. She knew they wouldn't do anything. She knew Duncan wouldn't do anything.

On the other end of the spectrum, she knew Duncan. He mindlessly flirted with plenty of women. Sometimes it was just to piss of Courtney or to see how she would react. His flirting was so convincing that sometimes she really believed he was actually flirting with another woman. She knew he hadn't been with another woman since they got together. He had put so much into their relationship, and made her feel so special and so amazing.

She buried her head further into the crook of her arms. She felt terrible for assuming something so horrible about Duncan. With the exception of a couple of serious disagreements, he really did nothing wrong in their relationship. She was the one that hid her feelings and herself and put Duncan through all that bullshit she put him through on the show. True, she had slowly opened herself to him...

She could always find a way to make herself upset. Maybe it would be better if she were around other people, so she wouldn't be by herself with her thoughts.

She slowly sat up and looked around. She smiled when she saw her boyfriend walking towards her. She slowly stood up, reaching out for her boyfriend as he got closer. She brightly smiled when he grabbed her hands and started swinging them. They stood there in silence, smiling at each other. She continued to smile even when he looked away from her face and at her body. Maybe it was the fact that she was in a rather revealing bathing suit (which included a tiny, strapless bikini top and a string-bikini bottom), but she couldn't help but feel sexy in front of him at that moment.

"I'm gonna have to beat up anyone that gives you a double-take."

Courtney giggled, lightly smacking Duncan's arm. She murmured, "Stop it."

"You know I'll punch anyone that tries to touch you in any sort of way."

"So you'll punch Bridgette if she tries to hug me?" she teased, smirking when he glared at her.

"You know what I mean."

"I do," she murmured, smiling. She then leaned forward and wrapped her arms around him, being gentle as she felt his hot skin. She continued to smile as he chuckled while holding her close. She quietly murmured into his chest, "I love you."

He quietly said, "I love you."

She looked up and softly questioned, "So, did Bridgette teach you a lot about surfing?"

"Oh, I already knew how to... kinda... but, yeah, she taught me more."

"When did you learn how to surf?"

"Uhh..." Duncan pursed his lips for a moment, looking away. His facial expression brightened as he said, "Oh, yeah. A few years ago, when my bro's and I were in Italy, our Uncle taught us to surf a little bit."

Courtney nodded. She softly smiled at him and said, "You'll have to take to me to Italy someday."

He softly smiled and shrugged. "Only if you want to."

"I do."

He chuckled, leaning forward and softly kissing her on the lips. He softly said, "You'll like it there. Italy is an amazing place, especially Venice."

"Is your family planning on going there anytime soon?'

He looked away, thinking about her question. He made a small, soft humming noise. He slowly shrugged before muttering, "I dunno, babe... I know Nonna couldn't go this summer but was talking about going around Christmas maybe..."

"Well, whenever your family decides on a date, and if I'm invited-"

"There would never be a moment where you weren't invited with us. Believe me, Nonna would love to take you to Italy."

Courtney bashfully smiled, looking away. "Your Nonna's sweet..."

"That she is."

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