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Carly's POV

I looked through her closet looking for something to wear. I could find nothing. I pouted, and placed my manicured hand on my hip. I, Carly Shay, am now 18 years old. Every once in a while, we did ICarly, but it was more like twice a year. I was looking at collages with Sam, and Freddie just wasn't really with them anymore.

I was getting ready for a party. I was really excited because Griffon would be there, and I was totally obsessed with him. I heard the door slam shut.

"Momma want some meat!" Sam's voice filtered up. She was going to the party with me. Everyone I knew was going. Even Freddie, I think. I ran down the stairs.

"How did you get in?" I asked her. "The door was locked!"

Sam gave me a look. I grinned at her. "Do you go in my house a lot?" I asked, heading back upstairs.

"Are you home a lot?" she replied.

"No," I said, looking at her.

"Then yes," she smiled at me. I laughed at her, and went in my room. I opened my mini closet, and saw a box. I looked at Sam. Her eyes widened in surprise. I pulled it out, and took off the card.

Hi Carly. I heard you were going to the party, so I got you this to wear. Hope you like it,

Freddie Benson.

I threw the letter at Sam, and opened the box. A purple sweater dress, with a black leather belt in the middle sat in the box. I pulled it on right away.

The dress hugged me, and the belt hung down loosely. It had a buckle in the middle of the belt. It fit perfectly, and I fell in love with it.

Sam grinned. "Looks like Fredward still has it for you," she said, waggling her eyes. I glared at her. "NO!" Her eyes glowed at my comment. "Ready?" I asked her. She nodded. I appraised her outfit. I looked back at the closet. Another box sat there that I hadn't notice. The top of the box said:


I threw it at her. She opened it, and pulled out a strapless black dress. She groaned.

"Wear it," I commanded. She sighed, and put it on. Then we left. I got in the front of my new Porsche. Sam sat in the passenger seat, and we were on our way. 'Let the fun begin' I thought to myself.