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Silky's POV

I walked the streets, calling Spencer's name. "Spencer? Please Spencer!" I called into the night. I walked all the way to the hospital. "Hello dear," the women at the counter said.

"Hi, is a Spencer here?" I asked, not thinking he was. "Why yes indeed! He is in room 234 on the fifth floor. He may still be asleep, mind you. The boy was injured severely. He collapsed right here! Go on now, I got work to do," the women said, sending me away.

I hurried to the elevator, and it whizzed me up. I ran along the hall, until I found room 234. I opened it, and slipped inside. Spencer lay on the bed, bandaged up, and asleep. I walked over, and brushed his hair out of his face. "Oh Spencer," I whispered.

His eyes fluttered open, surprising me. "Silky?" his voice sounded husky. "Yeah," I said, choking back tears. I swallowed. "I'm here," I added, taking his large hand in my small one. He smiled, and fell back asleep.

Spencer's POV

I woke up for the second time, and looked around the room. Silky was asleep in the corner on a chair. At first I thought I was back, but then I saw the white walls, and collapsed against the fluffy pillows. Silky opened her eyes, and shot up, calling for the doctors.

Three nurses hurried in, and saw me away. "Great! How are you?" they asked me. I shrugged, looking at them. "How are you?" a doctor walked in. I gave him a look. "How many people are going to ask me that?" I asked.

They all laughed merrily at me, and checked my temperature. "Can I leave?" I begged. "Not yet," the doctor said. I sighed, and tried to go back to sleep.

It worked. When I woke, Silky was talking to the doctor, and then he came over, with a wheelchair. My eyes widened. "Why do I need a wheelchair? Am I paralyzed?" I cried. I began jabbing at my legs, poking them and moving them.

"No, you are not paralyzed Spencer," the doctor laughed at me. I glared at him. "Well, how in the macaroni and cheese holiness was I s'posed to know that?!" I cried. The doctor gave me a strange look. "I'll get him in the wheelchair," Silky said. The doctor thanked her, and gave me one last weird look.

I shrugged it off. "I am not getting on a wheelchair," I said, crossing my arms. "Yes you are," Silky replied, wheeling it next to the bed. "NO!" I said. "Don't be a baby Spencer," she sighed. I raised my eyebrows. "How am I being a baby? I just don't want to! AND YOU CANT MAKE ME!" I yelled.

She gave me a look. "Sounds like you're being a baby to me."

"What? Well you apparently have hearing issues," I said, pounding my fist on the bed. She rolled her eyes. "Spencer it is hospital policy. Would you please park your butt in this chair," she said rudely. "Or I will park it there myself," she added. "Well," I muttered, climbing onto the wheelchair. She smiled. "Who's a good boy? You are, yes you are!" she said. "Now I'm a dog?" I cried. She laughed, and wheeled me out of the room, grabbing my clothes, and throwing them on my lap.

We were out of there soon enough. "Come back for a check up in a week Spencer," the doctor said, smiling at me. I barked at him. His eyes widened in surprise. "Spencer!" Silky cried, crossing her arms. I sighed. Then I howled. She wheeled me away quickly.

I kept howling. "OO-OOO-ooo-OOOooo!" I yelled into the cold morning air. "Stop it!" Silky hissed, and she wheeled me into the road. I got up, and went behind a tree. I changed into regular clothes, and we walked down the road together.

"Rank Rou Rilky," I said, grinning goofily. She smiled, and took my hand in hers. We walked like that, our arms swinging together. I made a quick calculation in my head, and just as she slightly turned her head to look at the woods, as she did every couple minutes, I leaned into her.

I pressed my lips against hers, pulling her body closer to me. She responded quickly, her hands tangled in my hair. Her tongue entered my mouth, as she deepened the kiss. I fell forward, pushing her against a tree. My hands moved to lean on the tree as I kissed her.

Finally I pulled away, so I could breathe. Her mouth was open, as she stared at me. She lifted a hand to block the sun out of her eyes. She squinted at me. "Wow I-I um," she started. I interrupted her with another kiss. This one was even more full of passion. My hands were on her face, pulling her into me. Her arms wrapped around my neck, her fingers running up and down, making me shiver, and I pulled her closer to me. We tripped, and fell down, rolling into the woods.

We started laughing our heads off, and she leaned on my chest. I put my hand on her head, stroking it. She sighed, and closed her eyes. "Spencer," she whispered. I tilted her head up, and lightly kissed her. "I love you too."

She smiled widely. "Now we go to Hawaii," I said. She gave me a weird look. "Hawaii?"

"Yes, Silky. That's where Carly is," I said. She nodded. "She needs to know I am alive. But first I need see Mrs. Benson, so I know where Freddie and Sam are," I said, standing. I helped her up. She smiled, and we linked hands again. I kissed her cheek, and she turned her head, and kissed me on the lips. I smiled.

"Love you," she breathed as we walked to the bus stop. "Love you too."


Knock, knock, knock!

Mrs. Benson opened the door. Her hair was all messed up, and she was in a robe. "Sp-Spencer?" she gasped, grabbing the table beside the door for support. "Yeah," I said sheepishly. "I never died. The guy used another body, and burned to bad so… I was kidnapped all those years. But I am here now," I said. She hugged me tightly. A man came out of the bedroom at the end of the hall, only wearing boxers. "Who's this?" he asked in a deep, husky voice.

"Rob, its Spencer!" she said, still hugging me. I stood there awkwardly. Silky came around the corner, and smiled shyly. "Who is this?" Mrs. Benson asked, pulling away, and pulling us both into the apartment.

"This is Silky," I said, blushing. She smiled. "She is my-" I started. "I am his sister. He just met me now," Silky interrupted me. I whispered into her ear. "What? I want to tell her!"

"You sure? I mean you have been kidnapped baby, and well it might look like it was a lie!"

"Too bad!" I said, turning back to her. "She is not my long lost sister. That would be disgusting, because she is my girlfriend. We are in love.

"The thing is that she was the girlfriend of my captor, but she didn't really like him. She was only with him because she was afraid. I don't even know why she trusts me, since he beat her. By the way it was William Jenkins.

"Anyways, she let me go. She undid my bines, and let me loose. I am only free because of her. Then she left, and came for me. And now we are in love!" I explained everything. She brought over cucumber squares.

"Want one?" she asked. I shook my head, but not knowing the grossness, Silky took one, and bit into it. I saw her disgust, but she decided to be polite. "Mmm," she said, her face twisted into a smile, though it looked like a grimace. I held back a laugh.

"Ok, well where is Freddie?" I asked. "In Hawaii, with Sam and Carly, and Mark," Mrs. Benson said. "Mark?" I asked. "Carly's husband," Mrs. Benson explained. My eyes watered up. "She's married," I whispered.

Mrs. Benson nodded. "Go Spencer. Go find her," Mrs. Benson said, giving my their address. I stood. "Thanks," I said, before sitting again. "What?" she asked me. Silky looked confused too. "I have no money," I admitted. "Oh! Well here, its for a good cause," Mrs. Benson gave me and Silky enough money for the tickets, and a cab. "Well thanks," I said, smiling.

She hugged me again. "Nice to meet you," I said to the guy. "Rob," he said, holding his hand out to shake. "Spencer," I said, shaking hands with him. He smiled.

"Well, bye," I said, heading out. We hurried to hail a cab, and we were driven to the airport. I didn't have a passport, but apparently Silky and William Jenkins had gotten him one, so in case they needed to escape, he had a passport.

They boarded the plane, and sat next to each other. Spencer sat by the window, because Silky was scared of heights.

They fell asleep soon enough.

When they got off the plane, warm sunlight shone on us. "We are in Maui right?" she asked. "Yeah," I said, hailing a cab. We had them drive us to Carly's. "Ready?" I asked her. She took my hand, and I knocked on the door.

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