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My Insolent Butler

by: Scarlet Mist

Hanabusa Aidou was a noble vampire who was closely acquainted with the lord of vampires, the pure blood master known as Kaname Kuran. He often paid visits to him in his home while assisting him with his ideal dream of pacifism. It was hard to stand by Kaname Kuran at times, especially when giving up blood was part of the deal, but for Kaname-sama, Hanabusa fought onward with his desire for human blood. There wasn't anything that Hanabusa wouldn't do for him. Every chance he got to be with his pureblood master thrilled Hanabusa immensely.

However, when he reached the door of the large Kuran estate, he found himself needing to take a deep breath before ringing the doorbell almost reluctantly. The response was lagging, but soon enough the door was opened by a tall, handsome teenage boy wearing the black butler suit that all employees of the manor wore. However, unlike many of the employees, he wore silver earrings along his ears and bore a black crest-like tattoo on the side of his neck and a very unfriendly scowl on his face. Instead of greeting the master's guest with cordial respect, he glowered at him threateningly, standing in front of the door as though to guard it from being entered. "What do you want?"

The young vampire's eye twitched. "I'm here to see Kaname-sama. He's expecting me."

The silver haired butler frowned. "I don't recall hearing him say he was expecting company."

"Stop toying around, Kiryu! I'm here to see Kaname-sama, so step aside!" If having to kill the butler on his way in was necessary, then so be it! They'd been through this little charade countless of times and Hanabusa couldn't stand having to argue for hours before he was finally allowed inside! He took a menacing step forward, preparing to use the special abilities granted to noble vampires to help him achieve his goal. "I'm sick of you always doing this, Kiryu!"


The blond vampire stiffened, his eyes growing wide as a cold chill ran down his spine, momentarily freezing his insides. He whirled around to see the brown haired pureblood stalking up the stairs with his bodyguard, Seiren, close at his side. Kaname-sama had evidently been out and had just returned, seeing as he and Seiren had just walked out of the black limo that was now driving away. Damn Kiryu, why didn't he just say that Kaname-sama wasn't in?!

"I would appreciate it if you didn't cause a ruckus outside my home every time you stopped by. It can become bothersome after a while." Kaname spoke as he approached the door. He looked annoyed.

"I...well, see..." Hanabusa fought for an explanation; for some justification that wouldn't lower Kaname-sama's opinion of him. He couldn't very well tell him that he wanted to kill his butler, Kaname-sama would slap him for saying such a thing. Though he really, really wanted to.

"Welcome home, Kaname," Zero Kiryu, the Kuran household butler greeted, opening the door further for the master of the home to enter. The sound of him saying Kaname-sama's name without the use of honorifics- no, he was a butler, he shouldn't even be addressing him in such a casual manner. It made Hanabusa's blood boil as he followed them into the house, annoyed at having to close the door himself and follow behind Kiryu, who had rudely turned his back to him and followed directly behind Kaname.

Kaname shrugged out of his brown coat with the assistance of his butler. The master glanced back over his shoulder at the light purple eyes that intently watched Kaname's muscles move as he pulled the coat off his back before going to hang it in the closet dutifully. "We'll be in my study."

Zero nodded, ignoring both Seiren, who was already putting her own coat into the closet, and Hanabusa, who stood glowering at the neglectful butler. Not that he wanted Zero to help him out of his coat, just to do his job right and put it away for him. He took in another heavy breath and sighed. Lately, visiting Kaname-sama drained him.

"Kaname-sama, how could you put up with such insolence? There's enough talk amongst the nobles about your decision in keeping the former human in your home as it is- his rude behavior doesn't help the matter either." Kaname sat behind his desk, listening without real interest to what Hanabusa had to say about Zero's behavior this time. It wasn't unusual, everyone complained about him. "I respect your kindness in taking him in, but he's a lowly orphan who doesn't deserve such special treatment from you. You know what sort of family he came from, why should you taint your reputation for him? You should have just left him where he was..."

Zero walked into the room without bothering to knock, as he usually did. There was a silver tray in his hands as he walked over to Kaname's desk to set down a wine glass filled with the liquid form of a blood tablet. Kaname glanced up and thanked Kiryu before the silver-haired butler headed towards Hanabusa and Seiren, placing the tray down on the coffee table between the two small sofas.

Hanabusa reached for his drink but his fingers froze at Kiryu's words. "I'd be careful."

"Hm?" Warily, Hanabusa glanced up at the pair of violet hues that were staring down menacingly at him. "What do you mean?"

"If you aren't careful, people might overhear the crap you talk. Someone might accidentally slip something extra into your next drink and you wouldn't know it until it was too late." Hanabusa's eyes widened. Had he just...threatened to poison him?! The blond jumped to his feet in anger. "Why you insolent whelp-"

Kaname chuckled at the scene, making Hanabusa glance at him in astonishment. Did he think Kiryu was funny? He'd just threatened to kill him! "Kaname-sama...?"

The pureblood smirked, leaning his head against his fingers on the desk. "Even I think that what you said was a bit excessive, Hanabusa."

Hanabusa blinked. He just couldn't win. Resigned, he bowed elegantly in apology. "Forgive me. I meant no offense, my lord Kaname."

Kaname listened as Hanabusa went on with the results of his findings on the trip Kaname had sent him on earlier that week. Every now and then he would sneak a glance at Zero, who stood nearby in case Kaname needed him. To Kaname, he looked tired and aggravated. Perhaps that would explain his recent behavior. It wasn't as though Zero Kiryu was a well-behaved, respectful butler, but as of late, he'd been especially rude to some of Kaname's visitors.

After listening to Hanabusa's full report, Kaname stood from his seat behind his desk and glanced at Zero, waiting until those beautiful lilac colored eyes turned his way. "Excuse me for a moment. The others should be arriving soon, please be sure to fill them in on what we've discussed."

Seiren and Hanabusa nodded, watching quietly as Kaname walked out of the study with the rebellious butler at his heels. Kaname lead Zero through the quiet halls of his large home without a word before finally pausing and turning to him. "Thank you, Zero."

The butler blinked in surprise from the affection his master was giving him. It wasn't as though he had never thanked him, but recently he seemed to be preoccupied, so it surprised him.

Kaname smiled warmly at Zero. "You're being so patient today. Despite the fact that the presence of those nobles displeases you. I know that you can never forgive us for what can't be undone, Zero."

Zero glanced away from those warm eyes and flippantly brushed the matter off. "It's nothing."

"I'm grateful," Kaname said warmly.

"Why?" Zero wondered. "You took me in when I had lost everything. It's only because I'm here now that I'm not dead."

That sad look on Zero's handsome face never suited him in Kaname's eyes. He moved towards his personal butler and kissed him softly on the lips. His mouth moved willingly with his, it always did, as Kaname deepened the kiss, slanting his mouth over the younger boy's eagerly. It had been too long since Kaname had tasted the warmth of Zero's lips. The hot, moist flavor inside his mouth that made Kaname hunger for even more. Reluctantly, the older vampire pulled away with an alluring smirk. "Then join me in my room later and show me this gratitude you feel you owe."

Zero blinked, mildly surprised, but he felt the excitement churning in his stomach. Kaname merely chuckled at his reaction and walked away. "I'll be waiting Zero."



"That butler of yours, you've had him for years now, correct?"


"In all that time, you haven't found anything...amiss?"

"Not a thing."

The small group of vampire nobles that gathered in Kaname-sama's study frowned at each other. It was always this way whenever someone mentioned anything to him about the brat he adamantly decided to keep at his side like a pet. If it was what Kaname-sama desired, then they were fine with it. Or, at least, they tried to be fine with it. It was just that Kiryu had so many faults and his behavior was being reflected badly on Kaname-sama. If he didn't get rid of Kiryu, he would loose face in the eyes of the other vampires.

"Kaname-sama," Ruka persisted. "He addresses you as 'Kaname' and not as 'my lord' or 'master.' He glowers at every noble who pays a visit and he threatened one of the members of the council."

Kaname's eyes lowered to the bottom of the beautiful parchment of paper, signing his name monotonously with the black ink from his fountain pen and nodded. "The council members have never been very cordial."

Hanabusa sighed, joining in the complaining. "Kaname-sama, you're being too lax. Just the other day he tossed Akatsuki over his shoulders."

Kain blinked when Ruka glanced back at him, arching a brow at the news she had not heard. News which Kain had hoped his big-mouthed cousin would keep a secret. Chagrined, he glanced away from Ruka to toss a glare at Hanabusa, "I was caught off guard."

Ruka smiled before returning her attention to the conversation, however one-sided it was.

"He could cause serious problems for you. I don't want all your hard work to be for nothing." Everyone seemed to share the last statement, it was reflected in their faces as Kaname sighed and glanced up. However, all of their complaining was beginning to give him a headache. "You want me to get rid of him?" he asked smoothly, staring intently at the four vampires in the room. There was a sudden ominous aura that fell heavily over the place, creating a heavy silence that weighed on everyone in the room.

"Good evening!" Takuma Ichijo burst into the room with a bright grin on his handsome, young face, defusing the tense atmosphere with little effort. Ichijo walked into the room, oblivious to the dark threat that had lurked in the room seconds before. Shiki and Rima followed quietly behind him. "It's nice to see you, Kaname. How have you been in my absence?"

"Overworked." There was a look in Kaname's eyes that made a cold sweat break out over Ichijo's body. It was true enough that he'd abandoned Kaname during a rather busy time, but he had to go and take care of business else where. He smiled at his friend nervously. "He he. I'm sorry about that."

"Ichijo-sama?" Ruka frowned. "Why are you carrying that tray?"

"What?" Ichijo blinked and glanced down at the silver serving tray he held. "Oh, this?"

"Don't tell me!" Hanabusa groaned, figuring exactly how it was he came about that silver tray.

"That butler gave it to him," Shiki mumbled, scratching his reddish-brown hair, absently glancing around the room.

"He said to bring it in," Rima finished moving further into the room for the snacks she saw at the coffee table, dragging a willing Shiki along for treats.

"There's nothing on it," Kain pointed staring at the empty tray between Ichijo-sama's hands.

"Yeah," Ichijo laughed, rubbing the back of his head with one hand as he shyly admitted. "He said we were late so if we wanted tea we should go make it ourselves."

"Ichijo-sama," Seiren spoke, reaching for the burdensome tray that Ichijo held. "Allow me."

The blond vampire relinquished the tray with pleasure and walked towards the small sofa's in the room. "Kaname, you should switch butlers or at least make him work where no one will see him. Ha ha."

"Ichijo-sama!" Hanabusa and Ruka both hissed urgently, hoping not to bring back Kaname's bad mood.

"What?" He asked, oblivious to the dark aura that had begun suffocating everyone else in the room once again. It was too late.

Kaname Kuran was exhausted. However, now that Ichijo was back, maybe he could give himself a break. The brunette glanced at his large bed longingly. He really was exhausted. With a small sigh, Kaname moved towards his bed, but blinked as he caught the sight of the bright red roses that decorated the small stand near the bed. Twenty radiant, crimson colored roses stood proudly inside a crystal vase, filling out the surface as their petals brushed against one another in a beautiful display.

Kaname blinked. Even the thorns were removed. He had almost forgotten about his butler again. He reached out and trailed his finger against the smooth, soft scarlet surface of one of the luscious petals and sighed. There was a knock on the door but, for a moment longer, Kaname continued admiring the vase of beautiful roses before he glanced back at the door. "Come in."

Zero walked in carrying a tray of food as Kaname had expected he would when he said he wasn't going to be joining everyone else for dinner. Zero never allowed him to deprive himself of meals, so Kaname dutifully went to sit down on the burgundy sofa. It would have been pointless to argue with him otherwise. He crossed his legs and laid his head back against the couch wearily while Zero put the tray down on the table before him. He loved watching the quiet boy. The way the silver strands of his hair flickered across his face after every move he made. He loved watching those lucid, lilac eyes flicker around to be sure he hadn't overlooked something. He could watch him all day and find even more things he enjoyed about this silver-haired creature.

"Are you tired?"

"Hm?" The pureblood glanced up, surprised by his butler's question. Kaname smiled at the worried expression he caught on Zero's face and wryly admitted, "I suppose so."

"You've been working hard lately," Zero mumbled, glancing away from Kaname. He was being selfish, wanting Kaname to drop everything he was doing and pay attention to him once more. Even when his work was completed, all Kaname could do lately was rest. Zero knew he shouldn't feel this way for many reasons, but he still couldn't help it. He wanted Kaname to look at him more.

Solemnly, Kaname lifted his head, watching the loneliness swarming behind Zero's averted gaze. "I've been neglecting you."

A faint blush jumped onto Zero's surprised face. "Is there anything else you'd like?" he asked, reverting into his butler persona in order to save himself the embarrassment of having Kaname know how much he longed for him.


"Yes?" Zero stared at Kaname, whose eyes met his evenly.

"That's what I'd like," he clarified. "You."

Their locked eyes grew intense in their gazes, agreeing mutually. Zero was Kaname's butler, if there was anything he wanted, he would unquestioningly give it to him, including himself. Kaname lifted his hand, reaching out for Zero. "Come here."

Zero walked around the small table obediently, reaching out for Kaname's hand. His fingers brushed his, sliding softly into place against his master's smooth hand and locked. Kaname pulled him forward slowly. Zero followed willingly placing a knee on the burgundy cushion's, their lips meeting unhesitatingly. Their kiss was soft, gentle, unhurried. Kaname slipped away from the kiss for a moment, only breaths away.

"You're mine," he whispered sliding his hand into the silver hair of his beloved butler. He loved the way those silver strands felt against his skin. "I refuse to let you go."

Zero pulled back from the intensity in Kaname's eyes. He stood up and loosened his tie, sliding it from his collar and dropping it onto the table. Slowly, he undid each one of his shirt's buttons, watching the way Kaname's eyes minded his progress hungrily. When the buttons were undone, he pulled his shirt off, dropping this, too, on the table. Zero swallowed as he reached for his belt, but Kaname caught his wrist and stood up before him. "No, I'll do the rest. You've worked very hard for me lately. I'll do all the work now."

Kaname leaned forward and pressed his soft lips against Zero's smooth skin over his shoulder, his body heating up. Just the sight of him undressing for him like that made him hard. To watch the muscles move beneath his taut, pale skin... Kaname dipped his tongue against the curve of Zero's neck, relishing in the small shiver his butler gave. They're wrong. They are all wrong, he thought, shutting his eyes to further appreciate the warm taste. You've shown me more respect than anyone. You swore you'd never forgive vampires for what happened to you, yet you tolerate my presence. You dislike those who dislike me. You threatened the council member only because he'd upset me. You personally pick out fresh roses for me despite how much you dislike the task. You call me by my name as though I'm no one special, but my name is the only one you speak. Despite how many times I've neglected you, you've remained loyally at my side. You are truly the most wonderful being I know.

"Kaname," Zero whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut from the dull pain he felt on his neck.

Kaname's eyes widened in surprise. Before he knew it, he was drinking Zero's blood. He hadn't meant to, but now that the taste was coursing through him, he shivered and drank more. The pureblood closed his eyes, savoring the warm, delicious flavor. Zero's blood was the only blood he would ever drink because it was the only one that quenched the thirst and doused the burning need he felt for him.

"Kaname..." Zero shivered as his master gulped against him hungrily.

Kaname forced himself to stop, moving his lips away from Zero's bloody neck. He'd drank a bit harshly and made a mess of the younger boy. He'd been so tired earlier, drinking from Zero put energy back into him. "Forgive me, Zero...I couldn't resist."

With a regretful frown, Kaname took one of the small, silk napkins to run it smoothly against the bloody skin on Zero's neck and shoulder. He wanted to lick the blood away instead, but remembered that Zero was still not comfortable with Kaname's desire for his blood. He didn't want to do anything that would frighten him.

Zero's eyes watched Kaname's dark gaze, amazed at how fixated they were as he watched his progress in cleaning Zero's blood up. There was still a hint of scarlet red in them, but it was beginning to fade slowly. Kaname wasn't gazing at his blood with desire, like any of the other beasts would, they were intently focused on cleaning Zero's wound. The boy shut his eyes quietly, focusing on the feel of the silk on his neck. God, Kaname was so tender at times. The smooth strokes of his hands, the careful way his fingers moved, gliding the cool material against his flesh gently. Like he was something special he didn't want to hurt.

Kaname watched Zero's face, the way his eyebrows drew together in an almost painful way, but those light colored eyes were closed and Kaname couldn't tell if he okay. He knew it had been tough on Zero, born into a family of prominent vampire hunters, to come live with Kaname, a pureblood, just like the vampire who had massacred his family, and work as a butler to him. The memory of those rebellious eyes, so fearless even at that tender age, made Kaname smile. He had wanted to help Zero back then. To make up for what Shizuka Hio had done, but somewhere along that line, Kaname's feelings of obligation had shifted quite a bit.

Finished with cleaning Zero's blood, Kaname dropped the cloth lightly on the table and knelt down, taking Zero's soft hand in his fingers. He heard the soft intake of breath as Zero glanced down, surprised by Kaname's actions. The pureblood's dark eyes stared up into Zero's as he placed a quiet kiss to the back of Zero's hand. "I love you, Zero."

Zero's eyes widened.

Kaname smiled at his reaction. He was in shock, not because of his words, he'd said them often enough to him, but because of his actions. The pureblood lord of the vampires was on his knees before a butler, a former vampire hunter, who seemingly disrespected Kaname himself. This, an act of which knights once made to show fealty to their lords, was Kaname's way of putting aside his pride to show his love to Zero. To express how much Zero meant to him.

If any of the other nobles knew about this, they would die.

"You don't have to go that far," Zero mumbled, embarrassed by Kaname's blatant expression of love. The vampire was a pureblood, he was the master of the house, someone that Zero worked for... he knew Kaname Kuran had a lot of pride, yet he found none of it in the man kneeling before him. "I already know that you care about me."

Kaname sighed, shaking his head softly, his long, brown hair shifting as he cocked his head slightly, his somber eyes closing. "There is nothing wrong with me telling you that I love you."

Zero frowned. "I know that..."

"Don't resist my love for you, Zero. I love you, I don't just 'care' for you." With that, those dark, brown eyes glanced up to Zero's. The intensity in them made Zero shiver. Again, Kaname placed his lips against the back of Zero's hand, then turned it over to place another gentle kiss against his palm. Zero's hand moved against those warm lips to caress his master's cheek. Kaname leaned into the touch tenderly, before slowly standing to his feet and sliding his hand into Zero's hair, their lips meeting with mutual agreement.

Kaname wanted only to taste and savor in order to make the moment last, but Zero's tongue pushed against his and his body moved closer to his. He felt the desperation in Zero's kiss, the way he was trying to hold himself back, but his lips were moving roughly against Kaname's. Maybe this was the way they were always going to be, desperately hungry for each other.

It had been a long time since they had touched each other this way. As much as Kaname wanted to take it slow, he was also feeling desperate to feel Zero's skin against his; to hear him moan in pleasure and shiver in anticipation against him. He moved away from the silver-haired butler and took his hand, moving towards his large bed. He could take his time later.

"The others have already gone back," Hanabusa informed Kaname at breakfast as they waited for their food to arrive. "There was an incident with one of the nobles, so they rushed to Cross Academy. They said they would send a report the second they sorted the whole thing out."

Kaname sighed. It was back to work, as usual. "If Ichijo's with them, I'm sure they wont have a problem."

The dining room's door was opened, and the Kuran household butler, with his silver earring's and black hunter's tattoo on the side of his neck, walked into the room with a tray of food in his hands. Quietly, he placed the wonderfully prepared meal down before his master. Their gazes subtly crossed and Kaname knew without a doubt that his lover had cooked his meal again. Like he always insisted on doing. He smiled genuinely at his favorite butler. "This looks delicious. Thank you, Zero."

Hanabusa took a whiff, the wonderful smell filled his lungs and made his mouth water. He wasn't especially fond of food, he preferred sweets and blood, but he couldn't deny the delicious smell. "I'll have what Kaname-sama's having."

The butler turned and walked away as though he didn't hear him.

"Hey!" Hanabusa shouted indignantly, jumping to his feet. "Didn't you hear me?!"

Zero whirled around and shot Hanabusa a dark glower. "Get it yourself, you stupid vampire."

"K-Kaname-sama!" Hanabusa cried, turning to the pureblood who was simply eating his meal with sensory delight, as always, blissfully oblivious to his butler's insolence.

Because Kaname-sama wont reprimand him, Zero does whatever he wants...