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Chapter 1: The Present


Harry sat in Hagrid's hut, for once alone to sort out his thoughts. Ten years ago the war with Voldemort had ended, and Harry had thought that his life would be normal once more. He would be able to be 'Just' Harry. Ten years ago he thought that he was with the love of his life; he would marry Ginny Weasley, and for once have a family of his own. Ten years ago he took up the position of DADA professor at Hogwarts in order to escape the press. Ten years ago he had enjoyed teaching the students to defend themselves, but that was ten years ago.

Now he worked as the Keeper of the keys of Hogwarts, the groundskeeper. Hagrid had this job once, but he had left for France to marry the love of his life Madam Maxime. At least some of his friends had been able to find true happiness, Harry thought bitterly as he leaned back in the humungous chair. Ron and Hermione had married the second the war was over and now they had two or three children with another one on the way. Harry had seen them, but they had not seen him.

Harry scowled a little as his thoughts started to head down a dark and familiar path. Ten years ago he had not thought of the consequences of his returning to life after that Avada Kedavra curse, he had been too happy to be alive and free of Voldemort to notice the changes that had occurred that fateful night.

"And he shall have power the Dark Lord knows not," Harry mumbled darkly as he looked at the glass of firewhiskey in front of him. Not that the drink could ever make him drunk. No, he didn't have that luxury anymore. Stupid immortality. But that little power wasn't what made Harry's life the living hell it was, it was the invisibility that did.

Harry had always wanted people to stop staring at him, for them to stop looking at him and whispering behind his back. Well, with the defeat of Voldemort he got that wish. They couldn't see him if they wanted to. That wasn't the exact truth though; there were plenty of people who could still see him. But seeing him always made them realize something, seeing him made them realize just what they had lost in the war.

No one had told him that being the Master of Death had consequences. He had merely thought that he would be powerful enough that Voldemort wouldn't be able to defeat him. He was true on that tidbit, but since no one else had ever successfully gathered the Three Deathly Hallows, Harry got stuck with learning all the little things that he had gained from them.

First, he had gained immortality, the power that Voldemort had desperately sought. Second, he had the ability to make the spirits of a person's deceased loved ones appear, so long as they hadn't been reborn yet, and what a lovely gift that was. Third, he had gained eternal youth, he was stuck in the body of a seventeen year old for eternity. Fourth, he could cast all his spells wandlessly and wordlessly. Fifth, his favorite, he acquired-as Hermione would put it- Thestral invisibility. He could not be seen unless the person had seen death. Of course there were other side effects as well, Harry James Potter was sterile. He could not have children, at least not biologically. That sad little fact had ended his two year marriage with Ginerva Weasley which caused a schism between him and the Weasley family because she had not told them why they had divorced, nor did she tell them that it was her idea. Then he lost his DADA position, not because he wasn't a good teacher, but because the incoming First Years couldn't even see him. He had been allowed to teach the students who could see him, which meant those that had been present for the Final Battle, until they graduated. That was when he was kindly asked by Headmistress McGonagall to vacate his position. She had oh so kindly offered the groundskeeper position now that Hagrid had left. Though he could not teach classes, after all his students couldn't see him. So he was the invisible groundskeeper, out of sight and out of mind. At least it kept him occupied.

His thoughts continued to spiral down a deep dark path, when suddenly his fireplace roared and the green flames spit out two figures that he had not expected to see today. The first was a boy about ten years of age. His hair was a mix of purple and brown, his eyes the hazel of his father. The second was a man around his thirties with dark hair and steel grey eyes.

"Teddy, Sirius, what are you two doing here?" Harry asked as he looked at the two unexpected arrivals.

Teddy Lupin looked at his godfather, the way that he sat hunched over at the dinner table with an open bottle of firewhiskey. "You've been drinking again!" He exclaimed looking at him accusingly.

Harry only smiled a little at his godson. "Yes well, it's not like I can get drunk…or get liver cancer or anything," he said as he looked at the boy and stood up.

Sirius watched his godson and put an arm on the other's shoulder. "It's alright Harry," he said to the other. When all he received was a quirked brow, he looked indignant. "What? I'm not allowed to comfort you when you're in one of your dark moods?"

Teddy just smiled at his uncle. "I think Uncle Harry thinks that you can't be serious," he said to the other.

"But I am Sirius!"

That only earned a pleased smile from the raven haired teen. "Well, at least one thing is certain…your taste in jokes hasn't improved," Harry said with a bit of a smile at his godfather.

"Cheeky brat," he said and cuffed the other lightly, glad that their little banter had banished the mood for now.

Harry smiled at his godfather. His new found powers had enabled him to do one good thing at the very least; he had managed to pull Sirius out of the veil. But the time in the veil had changed Sirius; the man was no longer classified as human. He was stuck in between the world of the dead and the world of the living, which now allowed Sirius to take on an incorporeal form whenever he shifted to his Animagus form.

"None of that," Sirius exclaimed when he saw that Harry's mood was starting to darken again. "I'm quite fine being what I am Harry, I don't get old or ugly, and imagine all the pranks I can pull now that I can phase through walls…nobody is safe from Padfoot anymore!" he said and cackled evilly earning a smile from Harry once more.

"You still haven't answered my question," Harry pointed out as he looked at the two.

"Right, Sirius get them out!" Teddy exclaimed as he looked at the other bouncing up and down a little. Harry quirked a brow as he looked over at his godfather.

Sirius just looked at Teddy for a moment. "Get what out?"

"You know what!"

"I do?"

"Of course, I told you to bring them!"

"Hmm…I may have forgotten," Sirius said thoughtfully.

"No you didn't! I saw you put them in your pocket!"

"I might have hole in my pocket, these pants are old," Sirius said solemnly.

"Sirius," Teddy whined.

"Alright kiddo, you win…but seriously you shouldn't have tackled me...I think I may have squashed something," he said as he reached into his pockets, placing the shrunken objects on the table before pulling out his wand and enlarging them. Before Harry was now a small feast, some of the items partially burnt, and a half squashed cake. Oh the half squashed cake brought back memories, fond memories of birthdays in little huts out by the sea and the stomping form of a half giant.

Harry chuckled at the sight. "It's the thought that counts, so what is this for?" he asked as he looked at the two. Teddy looked at him flabbergasted.

"It's your birthday Uncle Harry," Teddy said as he looked at him.

Harry frowned and looked at the calendar. "Oh so it is," he said to them, honestly he hadn't been paying much attention to the calendar these days. There was just so much to do as Groundskeeper, the herd of Centaurs had gotten into another territorial dispute with Grawp, the Acromantulas were attempting to increase in number, the Selkie and Merfolk were preparing to go to war with each other, over some romantic couple or something which Harry had the feeling was going to go the way of a certain Shakespearean poem, the Giant Squid was sick, and two unicorns were pregnant. "I guess I was so busy that I just didn't notice,"

"No excuse!" Teddy exclaimed as he looked at his uncle. "Besides you haven't come by the house in days! You promised you'd be home this weekend!"

"So you two decided to bring the party to me?" Harry asked as he looked at the two.

"Well of course we did, you can be just as bad as your mother when it comes to work," Sirius said as he looked at the boy. "Now then, let's light the candles and start the birthday tune," he said and with that the small three person party started. Harry blew out the candles, ate his squashed cake, and commented on the burned bits of food.

"Sirius cooked those, I cooked the others!" Teddy exclaimed which brought a laugh from Harry. Well another thing hadn't changed, Sirius still couldn't cook. "Why didn't you guys let Kreacher cook then?" Harry asked.

The characteristic pop of House Elf teleportation was herd and a heap of presents was settled next to the table. "This is why Master Harry Potter sir, I is been looking for present for yous" Kreacher said as he settled back and smiled at Harry. The old House Elf had proven to be a great asset to their little family, especially since he was very happy with the locket swinging around his neck.

"Oh anything from WWW?" he asked as he looked at the House Elf.

"Yes sir, Mr. George insisted in lots of presents for the Great Master Harry Potter," the House Elf said.

Harry smiled; at least one Weasley was still his friend. "Send him a thank you note later then," he said to the House Elf as he started to open up his presents. True enough there were plenty of the experimental products of Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes, he was happy that he had managed to convince George to keep the shop open. He was given French Cologne from the Malfoy family, for some reason they had been of great help in the past few years, especially since the Unspeakables wanted to dissect Harry to understand his powers. Lucius was his last line of defense against them, Minerva was his first. Lucius had included a letter that told Harry that there were increasing calls for the 'dangerous creature' Harry Potter to be turned in to the ministry for testing. He had no doubt as to who was behind that little maneuver, Umbridge for some reason or other still was a member of the Ministry, and she was still in a position of power.

Though it was Draco who had the most interesting present of all, for he had gone out and bought something that Harry would never have asked him to buy. Inside the little envelope that Harry had been given was a note and three plane tickets, frowning he put the tickets aside and opened up the letter to read what the little brat had decided to give to him.


Moping about is not the way a War Hero should live. The idiocy of these fumbling fools knows no bounds, and eventually McGonagall is going to kick the bucket leaving you bereft of a home. As fun as that would be for myself, as your eternal rival of sorts, I would rather not have a celebrated Hero such as yourself living in some grimy little room in the Three Broomsticks which I know that is what you'll do when you get your arse handed to you.

Therefore, it will be much more pleasurable for both our sakes for you to simply give in and accept the present I have given to you. Enclosed are three plane tickets to New York city, a wonderful muggle place that the wizards won't think to look for you in..aren't I a genius? Plus leaving you bereft in the muggle word is so much more enjoyable than thinking of you in some dusty inn. Furthermore, I would not be a good rival if I did not give you accommodations suitable for such a place. I have furnished an apartment for three in a place best befitting a Malfoy, after all if I will enjoy the premises then I know for sure that you will hate them. They are already signed in your name and it is your property now, so there is no escaping my nefarious plot. Especially since you have to keep it for at least five years before you can sell it again, to prevent any Gryffindorish notions of selling the property before you even attempt to live in it.

It would be most beneficial for all of us if you accept my offer and take the house. After all if you aren't even here then they can't do anything to you. This would keep that little mudblood harpy friend of yours from barging into my house every time that stupid little toad attempts to gain custody of your body in some way or other. Why people continue to lust after a scrawny little body like yours I still have no idea, after all a Malfoy would be much more suitable a being to lust over then you and your horrendous sense of fashion.

You better have done as I have said Scarhead or I will come down there personally and send you through the mail, you may be immortal but it doesn't mean that you can't be dismembered and shipped across a continent in bodyparts. Hmm…now I certainly do hope that you reject the present I have given you, for that outcome would be much more enjoyable for me.

Your enemy,

Draco Malfoy

Harry frowned as he looked at the words that his childhood rival had written to him. It was filled with veiled insults, but it was obvious that the blond was worried about him. Oh and he could see how Malfoy was applying his Slytherin logic in regards to what he was saying. He was presenting a challenge to Harry, one where he would be the victor if Harry chose to do nothing, for if he didn't take the gift that the other had given him then Malfoy would win. If Malfoy won, then that would mean that Harry wasn't brave enough to take him up on the offer of relocating to a new location. Besides life had become dull and boring, true he had many things to do, but there was nothing to take his mind off of things.

Furthermore, Glamours were illegal in Britain, but in the United States it was still legal. Apparently that country had a completely different view on the Dark Arts, and Harry would be quite happy with being able to move about in the streets once more. He'd be able to hang out a bit, until perhaps that people noticed that he didn't age. Well when they did notice he didn't age, he doubted that the Americans would be willing to dissect him, what with their notions of personal freedom and whatnot. Yes Malfoy was providing him with such a wonderful escape from the mundane world that he had entrapped himself in. He also had provided a means for those who mattered most to Harry to come with him. Teddy and Sirius were the most important people to Harry, and Harry would have them with him when he moved to the States.

Indeed, in between the lines Draco had said much. Though Harry was still going to have to get back at him for the Mudblood comment, he had thought that he had broken Draco of that nasty habit years ago.

"What is it Uncle Harry?" Teddy asked as he looked over at his godfather who had been sitting quietly for some time now.

"Well Teddy..what do you think about a trip to the States?"

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