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Chapter 9: The Interviews Part One-The Core Subjects

Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

Harry leaned back into his comfortable leather chair. Matilda had gone home for the night, Teddy and Sirius had been tucked in by Kreacher, and he was definitely beat. Despite his best efforts, Harry had ended up having to do 59 interviews over the course of three days. The only breaks he'd received were during meals, sleep, and the few times he snuck off to use the bathroom.

He was very grateful that Matilda had decided to help him out; her knowledge of most of the interviewees helped him better determine who eventually got the final slots. Still he needed to review the memories via pensieve of the hopefuls that he had decided to hire. After all there was a chance that he'd missed something and a second review wouldn't hurt anybody…hopefully.

Now in what order would he review? He could do it by the order in which they reached the center, but that was rather boring and most of the more interesting ones happened at the start. Perhaps it would be better to review them by subject, starting with the core subjects and branching outward. With that in mind, Harry reached over and poured a memory into the pensieve. He was very happy with the projector Matilda had dropped off, removing the need for him to physically re-enter the memory. The ability to fast forward, rewind, and pause also came as a delightful addition that he couldn't help but try out.

Contents of Vial 1, Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

Harry sat back as a dark haired woman entered the room. This was the woman who had been applying for the charms position, and the first person to complete the Labyrinth. She was Mexican American and was wearing a red floral dress, black combat boots, and a denim jacket.

Though most would think that her super speed prevented her abilities from being tested, he had seen what she had done when one of the A models stopped her from leaving an area. Her ability to chaincast a wide variety of spells within mere milliseconds of each other, and her ten second long spells that usually took anybody else a full ten minutes to cast made her an extremely difficult duelist to beat. Her magical power was low, but the woman relied on overwhelming another caster's defenses with the sheer quantity of spells she could launch, and the ridiculously quick way her magical core regenerated her magic.

"Hello Miss Juanita Gonzalez," Harry said as he finished appraising the woman before him.

"Call me Speedy," she replied giving him a smile.

"Er…yes well then Speedy could you tell me why you applied for the position of Charms teacher?"

Speedy smiled at her possible future boss and began to speak. "Well, you see I was always really into charms when I was schooling. Absolutely loved the stuff. I used to go to the library everyday to check up different charms. Did you know there are over seven hundred and thirty two different variations of the hair color charm? Or the thirty two variations of the sticking charm? Well I was amazed at all of it! I've studied charms for ten years straight and I still have only covered about seventy charms in depth…also as you can see I'm a mutant and I really wanted to be able to help fellow mutants like myself who are just coming into their powers. I mean it was kind of hard to be the only mutant in my school; I got teased a lot. It wasn't like they couldn't do anything else; I was way too fast for them," she continued on this vein for several minutes, including her qualifications as a charms teacher. She had been apprenticed to a well noted Charms Master, and she had included a letter of recommendation from him. She had also created several dozen new variations of household and prank charms, and was attempting to develop new forms of transportation. Unfortunately, all the new spells she'd generated in the area of transportation where restricted to short distances, but she was positive that in time they could replace Portkeys and the Floo network.

Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

Harry, the one watching the pensieve memory, was quite glad he had the projector now. He'd had to rewind and play that five minute deluge of information several times to get out all the nuggets. The memory Harry though had been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of info and had kindly, albeit weakly, thanked her, telling her that she'd receive information on whether or not she'd gained the position by next week at the earliest.

The fact that Ms. Gonzalez, Speedy, was a charms crafter eventually became the major reason why she was picked above the other applicants.

This time he picked up a vial that he knew Matilda was present for, considering that the first three had to be done without her because somebody had had to supervise Teddy and Sirius while they tormented the slower teachers.

Contents of Vial 55, Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

By now he and Matilda had become old hands at this interviewing business. Unfortunately, none of the transfiguration teachers they'd met so far had been any good. Most of the teachers that Harry had met for this position were in it for the prestige, not for their love of teaching. This next one was going to be the last person who had passed that had applied for the transfiguration post, and Harry was sincerely hoping that this person was what he was looking for.

"Alright Matilda, do you have anything on this next chap?" Harry asked as he looked at the secretary.

The woman looked through her files and gave him a weak smile. "Not that much Harry. All I've got here are his schooling records. He's a really bright kid, but I think this is his first shot at teaching."

Harry winced a bit at that; he was looking for experienced teachers, but from the prospects he had so far he might have to settle for this one. "Kreacher," he called.

"Yes Great Master Harry Potter sir?" Kreacher asked as he appeared with a pop.

"Could you send in the next interviewee please," Harry asked.

"Of course Great Master Harry Potter sir! Kreacher is sending him in right away," Kreacher said as he popped back out. Harry sighed, no matter what he did Kreacher was determined to give him several titles. At least he'd been able to get Kreacher to drop the 'Oh Great and Wonderful Master of Death Harry Potter sir'. Five minutes later the door opened to reveal a rather beleaguered looking young man. He had short dirty blond hair, a good physique, and obviously carried himself with confidence, though that didn't hide the look of exhaustion about him.

"Oh goodness me, sit down sit down," Matilda said getting up and ushering the young man into the chair. Harry couldn't help the amused smile as he watched Matilda mother the poor boy. "Here drink this, and eat this..goodness me you look like a strong wind will blow you over."

"Ah thanks, that test of yours was pure murder sir, especially the bit at the end," the young man said as he accepted the cup of coffee and some cookies from Matilda.

"Oh? What happened?" Harry asked leaning in. Both he and Matilda had left Teddy and Sirius to their devices at the end, so he wanted to know just what horrible things his two children did to the poor teachers.

"Well fighting past lord level puppets is one thing, but two trolls, a giant, and a minotaur at the same time is a whole different ball game," the man said. "If it hadn't been for Swivenhodge, I'm sure I'd have become a pancake several times."

"I'm sorry…Swivenhodge?"

"I'm surprised you haven't heard of the game Harry, it comes from England after all," Matilda said moving in to help explain so the exhausted young man could eat. "Think of it as tennis on a broom stick, where you use the thistles of the broom as the racket…it's not exactly popular in England, and it's near obscure here."

"Yes well, it's a mighty fine game, though I've also tried my hand at Quodpot and Quidditch too of course, can't be a sports buff if you haven't played those," the young man said with a bit of a smile.

Harry couldn't help but smile as well. "I take it that you've offered to coach and teach the students how to fly on a broom then?" he asked.

"Well yes of course, I don't think it should be mandatory, some people have no right to be on a broom and all. Still, it should be available for anyone that wants to learn," the young man said.

"Alright, well then. What makes you think you're qualified to teach Transfiguration Mr…" he trailed off. Oh he knew the young man's name, but he was wondering if the youngster would realize that he'd completely forgotten to introduce himself.

"Oh sorry, Mr. Sharpton, Carl Sharpton," Carl said as he grinned sheepishly at Harry. "I know I just graduated from Franklin, and I'm a bit young, but I absolutely love this subject. The students are going to be heading to the local muggle school right?"

"Right," Harry asked perplexed. What did that have to do with Carl's qualifications?

"Well I was thinking that we could tie in transfiguration with their biology and chemistry work. I've found that learning transfiguration in conjunction with those two subjects actually makes the transformations cost less magic and last longer. And once they get into physics, the applications that you can put into your transfiguration work..well it's phenomenal. I'd love to share that with the students."

"Wait you were the guy that transfigured the A model's Aqua Erupto spell into something that evaporated?" Harry hadn't been able to figure out exactly how Carl had done it. The Aqua Erupto allowed a user to summon and manipulate water, but when the A model used it on a group of transfiguration teachers, one of them made the entire construct start evaporating, then cast a flaming spell at the construct making it explode.

"Ah yes, I turned the construct into gasoline, and then sent an incendio at it. The resulting explosion took out the Gepetto," Carl said with a bit of a smile.

Harry was impressed. He would have never thought of something like that. The Aqua Erupto spell only allowed the user to manipulate the water summoned, because Carl had turned the water into something else, the Gepetto lost control, and not only that but Carl turned the construct into an environmental hazard and used it to wipe out the construct and its creator. The simple magical combo was ingenious!

Carl Sharpton knew his trade, was eager to teach it, and not only that but was able to draw inspiration from the students' muggle studies in order to further enrich the learning experience. There was no doubt about it, Harry just found his transfiguration teacher.

Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

Harry hummed a bit as he fingered the next vial. This interview had quickly become very confusing for Harry, and if it hadn't been for Matilda being in the same room…well he would have probably not hired this person because of a misunderstanding.

Contents of Vial 24, Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

"So Matilda what do we know about this one?" Harry asked as they waited for the next interviewee to arrive.

"Well, she has 7 years of teaching experience, has a mastery in both Defense and Herbology, is an accomplished linguist, and a fully accomplished Eskrimador. Supposedly, She's a MX carrier as well. She has a husband who tried out for a posting here, and a son that she may be enrolling," Matilda said going through the paperwork. She was quite happy that Secretary McCloud had given them dossiers on most of the applicants.

"Well alright, Kreacher can you send her in?" Harry asked.

"Sure thing Master Harry Potter sir," the elderly house-elf said before he popped away.

"Hallo Meesta Potta, Mai naime ees Maria Esperanza Gomez Martin," a rather short and stocky woman said as she entered the room and such Harry's hand. She had a dark brown skin color and curly brown that was almost pitch black hair that fell to about mid waist. She was just under 5'4" making her fairly tiny in comparison to either Harry or Matilda, and her heavy accent indicated that she was not a native speaker of English. She was wearing a white shirt that depicted a Japanese sunset and a pair of jeans. She was also carrying a rather old carpet bag that Harry thought seemed quite familiar.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Martin, now please tell me what are your qualifications for the Herbology position, and why you wanted to try out for this position," Harry said as he indicated for the woman to take a seat.

"Well I hab been working aas a Substatute teecher in elementary schools por a bery long time. I hab ah degree een Herbology, but what I doo de bery best at ees working as ah linguist. I hab plenty ob training een teeching children who espeak een anoder language to espeak een English," Maria said to Harry. " You see, I hab a bery especial powur dat let's me espeak to anybody een der original language. It ees wai mai husband sometimes call me Babel," she continued to the other.

"So I take it that English isn't your native language?"

"Oh no, but ip I study da language por some time, then I can espeak that language witout an accent," she said to her future employer.

"So you can speak English without an accent?"

"Ob course."

"Then why aren't you?"

"I will hab you know, that I hab studied English bery well. I do not hab an accent when I espeak it."

"I don't know…Matilda do you think she has an accent?"

"Umm…what Harry? I haven't been able to follow a single thing that you two have been saying since the interview began," Matilda said as she looked at the two.

"Why not?" Harry asked perplexed.

"Well you haven't been speaking English the entire time. You've been speaking Parseltongue."

Harry's eyes widened as he turned to look at the woman who seemed as if she'd been offended. "I'm so sorry Mrs. Martin, when I hear parseltongue it just sounds like plain old English to me."

"That's pretty understandable Mr. Potter," the woman said. She was speaking with a flawless Midwestern accent, which was supposedly the most easily understandable accent that an English speaker could have.

"Well we seemed to have clarified that you are an MX carrier, do you have any references or letters of recommendation that you would like to give us?"

"Oh yes, I have quite a few," she said as she opened her carpet bag and started reaching in for it. Her arm went completely into the bag as she started to shuffle things around inside looking for the papers. "I'm sorry it's taking a bit, I used a summoning charm, but apparently the last owner left some of her references in the bag as well."

"Oh who was the last owner?"

"A woman named Mary Poppins," Maria said as she fished out her letters of recommendation. Harry winced at the mention of Mary Poppins. The woman had been a gifted charms mistress who had repeatedly violated the statute of secrecy with a group of other women by posing as nannies in the 1920s, their ring leader being the notorious Nanny McPhee.

"Wait where you the woman who took out the giant with a rocket launcher?"

"Why yes, I'm a firm believer of being prepared for anything," she said as she tapped her bag, making Harry wonder exactly what she had in that thing.

Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

Harry idly played with a small figurine, a gift from one of the hopefuls. He supposed that his school was going to be much like Hogwarts, even in respects to one of the classes. Though thankfully at least his history teacher was amongst the living…most of the time.

With that in mind, he picked up another vial and emptied its contents into the pensieve.

Contents of Vial 31, Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

"Alright Matilda, what do we know about this one?" Harry asked. It became prudent to learn about the different people, before they came in, so as to cut down on reactions on either of their parts.

"Well Sulaco Nostromo has a doctorate and Masters in history," she began as she looked over the man's file. "He's also a documented mutant with the ability to animate objects with a single touch…and he's a spiritual necromancer..explains his fascination for History really," she added.

"He's a necromancer?" he asked looking at her.

"Well yes, you have a problem with necromancers?"

"I suppose not, but I had a bad run in with inferi," Harry muttered as he thought back to that night in the cave.

"Well you don't have to worry about walking corpses with Dr. Nostromo…or Mrs. Martin. They both specialize in the art of Necromancy that deals strictly with spirits. Summoning them or helping them move on," she explained.

"Wait…Mrs. Martin is a necromancer?"

"All Filipino witches and wizards are experienced in necromancy. The Multo, a certain caste of ghosts, regularly visits them from the afterlife. Depending on the relative or person, they have to be equipped to deal with it," Matilda explained.

"Huh…well that's interesting..ah here he comes," Harry said as the door opened.

A well dressed man of African descent walked into the room. He was wearing very formal dress robes, and had horn rimmed glasses. The bald man took the seat offered to him and looked over at Harry and Matilda.

"Hello..Dr. Nostromo, from what my companion tells me, you're well qualified to teach this position. So I have to ask, how exactly are you going to conduct your classes?"

A deep bass voice answered Harry. "That is an interesting question. I intend to give them lectures about the time periods and cultures we'll be viewing..followed by a physical demonstration of any of the major battles, and if time permits summoning spirits from that time period to share their stories."

"How are you going to demonstrate the major battles?" Harry asked.

The man grinned. "With this," he said reaching into his pocket and pulling out the small figurine of Merlin and tapping it with his forefinger. The figure began to move about and speak in a high squeaky voice. "I know that History can be boring if we just stick to the facts and figures, but I believe that if they can see history unfold before them, that my lessons will make them want to know more."

"Well that makes me jealous," Harry admitted. Damn, Dr. Nostromo seemed like the kind of guy that would make History of Magic an amazing class, and he wasn't going to be able to learn from the man at all! He was grateful though that Teddy and Sirius would get to be in the man's classes.

"Well then Dr. Nostromo..let's talk about specifics," Harry began.

Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

Harry rubbed at his eyes. It was getting rather late, but he supposed he had room for just one more vial before he went to bed. He was sure he'd be able to get the rest viewed in the next day or so, but he definitely wouldn't be able to get them all done tonight.

Contents of Vial 7, Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

"So…what do we know about this one?" Harry asked.

"His name is Egg Shen, he's a fairly powerful magical practitioner, moonlights as a Chinatown tour bus driver in San Francisco, has connections with the Chang Sing, personally killed one of the Three Storms, and was critical to the defeat of the six thousand year old Dark Sorceror Lopan."

A few minutes later Egg Shen was walking into Harry's office. The man seemed very much like Mad-Eye Moody, with the way he looked about the room suspiciously. He was dressed in traditional Chinese dress, but was wearing some kind of bag.

"Hello Mr. Shen, please have a seat," Harry said gesturing to the seat before him.

The smaller wizard took his seat and quirked a brow at the other male. "Interesting way to judge the mettle of your teachers," he said to the other.

"Well, you can never be too careful in regards to children. They must be protected by the very best," he said resolutely. If there had been better duelers amongst the teachers at Hogwarts, then maybe the casualty lists would have been much smaller.

"Good good, you must be willing to do what it takes to defeat the dark forces of the world. Fight fire with fire," the wizened wizard said nodding.

Harry couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. "Well, you do seem quite qualified. That bag of yours, it's not like any sort I've ever seen before," he didn't mention that he felt quite a bit of dark magic coming from it.

"Oh this? It's a six demon bag," Egg said proudly rattling it a bit.

"Ah..that's interesting, well then your dossier says that you were arrested a few years ago for violating the statute of secrecy?"

"Had no choice," Egg said as he looked at Harry. "Lopan became the leader of the Wing Kong, using muggle bodyguards in conjunction with the Three Storms. I had no choice but to enlist the aid of the Chang Sing, Wang Chi, and Jack Burton."

Well coming from the man's stance to fight fire with fire, Harry could understand how he enlisted the aid of a muggle crime syndicate to combat another muggle crime syndicate. "I see…so what exactly are you going to be teaching the students," Harry asked.

"Everything they need to know."

"Everything?" Harry asked trying to get the man to elaborate.

Egg made an impatient gesture with his hand. "Magic is like a salad bar, you take what you want and leave the rest. I will teach the students to fight in the styles they choose."

Harry Potter's Office, 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Bayville, New York-2007

Harry yawned as he put the contents of the pensieve back into the respective vials. He was knackered and definitely going to bed. Maybe after all this was done he would ask Matilda why the Secretary of Magical Education had so much free time that she could spare a week to help out a new school. Call him paranoid, but Harry was starting to feel suspicious of Magical American Government.

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