Chapter 1: The Inheritance of the Ten Swords!

One day in Konohagakure, the village hidden within the leaves, on Children's Day, a spiky haired blond kid runs throughout the streets of the village towards the forest area. On his face, three whiskers on each side and blue eyes, on his body, a miniature green and orange jumpsuit. In his hands are two slips of paper.

This is Naruto Uzumaki, but you probably knew that. You also might know that he's a human sacrifice, a human jail-cell for an evil and bored as hell Biju inside his stomach. Before he was born, actually on the day he was there was this giant orange fox with nine tails that attacked his home village. Everyone who tried to even approach it got their asses handed to them, except for one person; the Yondaime Hokage of the village, the man who gave his life to seal the creature inside of the boy.

Anyway, you get the idea. We're 7 years ahead of then, and now focused on why he's running into the forest. You see, a few minutes ago he received two letters from the current village champion, Hiruzen Sarutobi the Sandaime Hokage, which were written by his two parents and passed onto him by the time he is old enough to go to the Ninja Academy. Let's see what they say:

Dear Naruto,

Hello Naruto, this is your old man Minato Namikaze. If you're reading this then I am no longer with you, and I love you very much. It also means that I am leaving behind a very powerful burden on your shoulders. I'm sorry for this, but I had no choice; there was trouble brewing, and I needed to do something about it. The Nine Tailed Demon Fox has attacked Konoha, and I was kind of overwhelmed. Without the power to suppress demons like the first Hokage, I had to make a huge sacrifice. I had to seal it inside of you, well half of its energy anyway. I believed you could use it for the right reasons, because you're my son.

Well, that was part of the reason; I also realized something. I tried to reason with the fox at first before taking drastic measures and attacking it, but at that moment I noticed someone was controlling it, a powerful shinobi. Without some sort of special power I figured no one would be able to stop it; that's why I sealed it inside of a baby, who could grow up to use the chakra and not become overwhelmed by its power and die, and not inside of myself and taking it with me. Even when I stop the Kyubi, he'll just make another attack.

And as I write this letter, I ask you to please take this to my home estate. It exists somewhere in the forests of Konoha. Of course only those with my blood, Kushina's, and that other guy, can see it. You will find that guy inside, I hope. Hiruzen should know about him.

And once again, I'm sorry. It's going to be a tough time for you.

Love, Minato Namikaze

And the other one says,

Dear Naruto,

Hello, my sweet little child. This is your mother, Kushina Uzumaki. If you are reading this message, then your idiot father went and sealed the fox inside of you. It also means that I am dead as well: stupid tuberculosis. Anyway, I better make this quick…I don't have much time left before I have to go to the hospital. I am your mother, Kushina Uzumaki. I am one of the few surviving members of the land of whirlpool, but sadly one of their weaker members due to this illness of mine. I write this message in hopes that you survive for all of us, and punish the man who sent that fox after us.

If you read the other letter Minato provided then please take this to our home estate. There you will meet a teenager named Yuuki D. Manabu. He will instruct you and protect you for as long as he can. Being a friend of the family who values the bonds of others he won't take no for an answer. Also…there's also this agreement we had with Kirigakure; relations there became tough for us, so the Yondaime Mizukage made a deal with Minato concerning you.

Since you and I are the last of the Whirlpool ninjas you will have to enact the Clan Revival Act. Luckily the Mizukage didn't know so he agreed to allowing his future successor marry you in the future. I'm just glad he doesn't know about your bloodline, or he'd kill off your kids. So when you meet a red headed girl, who would be more than twice your age by the time you see her, you'll know.

So I better wrap this up. I think my water just broke…goodbye son. I love you.

Love, Kushina Uzumaki

And so we come to here, a dead end near the edge of the forest. There Naruto could make out the image of a mansion hiding admits the trees. As he enters through the gates he notices a security camera trailing him. But other than that nothing happened. Naruto then enters inside the building, and sees the beauty of the building inside.

As he steps onto the marble floor he notices someone in the living room in a meditation stance, but standing. This guy has black spiky hair that almost resembles a crab, but it has yellow stripes on the top parts. Some of his hair drapes over his forehead, similar to a palm tree. He has a sort of tan skin tone and is wearing a dark blue kosode with a matching hakama. On his feet are wooden sandals. He also has blue eyes. On his left hip rests a sheathed katana and on his back a white-silver excalibur sword. He seems to be looking right at Naruto, but he still hasn't moved an inch.

"Uh, hello? Are you okay?" Naruto asks the guy. But still, no reaction came out of him. Naruto then gains a mischievous glint in his eyes and smirks. He grabs hold of the man's katana and pulls it free. He then flips the sword to its dull side and prepares to whack him on the head with it.

Before he could register it to his sensors Naruto is kicked in the face by the man's left foot, the one he had up in the air. The blond lands flat on his butt while cupping his cheek, the sword he took dropping out of his hands. The man comes out of his stance and says, "I apologize; I don't like to be disturbed while meditating. Naruto Uzumaki?"

"Uh, yeah. Are you Manabu Yuuki?" Naruto asks the man.

"Yes. If you're here then you must have gotten the message." He says to the boy. Naruto digs into his pocket and hands him the letters.

Manabu takes them and reads each one. "Well if you've received them then you must be ready for the academy."

"So then are you going to teach me some powerful jutsus!" Naruto asks him in an excited voice.


"Show me how to use my bloodline?"

"I wouldn't know how to."

"Then what good are you?" Naruto gives up guessing and turns around to walk away. But as he does he sees the adult before him with the katana he dropped earlier.

"In all honesty I cannot use magic, or jutsus as you call it." He explains, sheathing the katana in its sheath.

"If that's true then how…never mind. But then how can you help me with my training? You're just as human as me." The little kid questions. How could his parents ask him to help with his training if he isn't a ninja?

"That's true...I can't perform jutsu. I can't even mold chakra, but I can still make up for it with physical training. Still, I would have died years ago if it weren't for the Starlight Rave." He says to the kid.

"Starlight Rave?" – Naruto

"This here," He grabs hold of the sword on his back and draws it, showing him the beautifully silver sword. "It is the tenth form of the Twilight Star."

"Huh?" Naruto seems confused at this moment.

"Here." He hands Naruto the katana on his waist to him, who falls down after catching it. "That is the sealed form of the Twilight Star, a sword that can transform into ten different forms. This is one of the reasons I'm as strong as I am.

"It's something only those with a good heart and a courage that burns as bright as the event horizon." The swordsman says as he holds his sword up. "Your first test is to see if you can awaken the first sword."

"Uh, okay…but how will I know how to use it?" Naruto asks him, pulling the sword free from its scabbard.

"You'll just know. That's the power of the Twilight Star, allowing those it chooses to open them up." Manabu says to Naruto.

The young Uzumaki lifts the sword up, and swings down. When he does the sword glows, and unintentionally releases crystal spears at Manabu. He turns his body to the side to dodge each one.

"Whoa…" Naruto looks down at his sword, and notices how much it has changed; it has become a light blue colored blade with a tetragon-shaped hole as its guard. The handle hasn't changed at all. "What's this?"

"That's the first sword, the Crystal Sword Chromedread. It has the power to control and summon diamonds. But sound based weaponry can shatter the blade to pieces." Manabu explains, having his sword transform into Chromedread as well.

"I guess I can use it…OH BOY! This is going to be great! With this I'll become the best ninja in the world!" Naruto shouts, hopping up and down out of glee.

'Well at least he isn't emo.' Manabu comments, a light sigh releasing from his lips.

As Naruto continues bouncing around, he pauses when he realizes something. "So, who's going to help me with my bloodline?"

Manabu pauses for a while, and then answers, "I think someone can help you train it to become stronger, but I can't promise he might come…"


"Anyway, I can't help you make your bloodline stronger, but I do know something about it." Manabu begins, leaning his head back up to the ceiling. "It's called Hadouryu. It allows you to turn chakra, or the mental and physical energy used to make it into a certain element. It's much more stronger than normal chakra turned into an element through jutsu or conversion."

"Wow. So I could make fire without using those complicated handsigns?" – Naruto

"Yeah, if your element is fire. It's rather risky to use at first, because you'd have to be completely exposed to that element in order to use it, and without the knowledge of what it could be you could end up killing yourself." Manabu warns him.


The Next Morning

"Mizukage-sama, we have received a message from Konoha via carrier pigeon." Chojuro, a member of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist and bodyguard of the Mizukage, holds a bird in his hand as he approaches a woman sitting by a large desk.

This beautiful young looking woman has long red hair, which hangs, down to her ankles, covering her right eye, and piercing green eyes that can hypnotize a person. She also has a deep blue garment over a webbed-mesh bodysuit. She also has blue lipsticks on.

"What does it say?" She asks, looking at her young bodyguard.

"Well," Chojuro takes the letter and unravels it. "The time of waiting has ended. The son of Yondaime Hokage has now become aware of his heritage and has finally started his training in becoming a ninja."

"He has? Does it give a name?" Chojuro shakes his head, which would represent no to others.

"But it does say who it is from; one Manabu D. Yuuki." At that name the Mizukage's eyebrows lift up with interest.

"Is that so? Then please, make a reply asking to send progress reports." She orders, her eyebrows returning to normal. She also gives out a smile.

"Y-Yes ma'am!" He says, blushing at her actions. 'She's so pretty…'

'Five more years until I can visit him…I hate waiting…' She says in her mind, continuing with her paperwork. 'More than this stupid paperwork! I wish I could melt this problem away like all my other suitors!'

She then slams her hands down on the desk, grabbing Chojuro's attention. "Enough of this…I'm going anyway!"


The Next Day During The Evening...

"Naruto, do you hate or blame your parents for your loneliness and sadness?" - Manabu

"Well, I can't really say I hate them. I was the only one who could retain it at the time. Besides, I can deal with it; I'm the Fourth's son, right?" Naruto states to his mentor. He has been practicing his katas all day after coming back from the ninja academy.

"That was rather mature of you. I guess you really are his son." Manabu says, trying to cook a good meal for them. Unfortunately he was failing miserably. 'This was so much easier when Yusei was around! He was a much better chef than I could be…'

"Where do you come from? I find it kind of weird a person with your strength isn't a real ninja." Naruto asks the adult.

"I am a ninja… I use to live outside of the Shinobi Continents. After fulfilling a goal of mine I decided to move here, and met your old man shortly after when I wandered into Iwa during that war. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't have survived." Manabu explains, before noticing the food he was cooking has started to catch on fire. 'Ah damn it!'

"What was your goal…and what's smell?" Naruto then notices the smoke from the burning meal.

"Nothing! My goal was to prove my family's innocence." He says before grabbing the fire extinguisher. He then puts out the fire quickly, before sighing in depression. "Ya know what, let's go out to eat."

"Yeah! Let's go to Ichiraku Ramen!" He yells in excitement. Manabu face palms his head knowing how hyperactive he becomes involving ramen.

And so the two exit the Namikaze mansion and head for his building. Manabu draws his Twilight Star and transforms it, morphing the weapon into a darker form. He grabs Naruto and they rush for town, to substitute Manabu's terrible cooking for someone else's.

By the time they reach the stand he releases the little ninja and prepares to enter. Both of them sit side by side and make their orders, Ayame the counter girl appearing before them with two menu packets. "Good evening you two. What will you have today?"

"I want Miso!" Naruto says, a smile adorning his face.

"Okay." Ayame says, writing down his order on a napkin. "And what will your friend have?"

"Do you have any tempura?" He asks, causing Ayame to frown and gain a questioning look on her face. "Never mind, I'll just have chachamen."

They both receive their orders and chow down. Afterwards they place their bowls in front of them, and receive the bill. Manabu reaches inside his pockets, and pales as he realizes something. Naruto looks up at him and asks, "Something wrong?"

"I forgot my wallet." Naruto gasps in shock when he hears that.

"WHAT!" – Naruto

"Wait here! I'll go get it!" He says, preparing to go back home and retrieve his currency.

"I can pay for it." Someone says to them.

"Oh thanks for-" Naruto is about to say, but pauses when he notices the person who said it. Manabu stops for a moment to see who it was too, and his eyes open up when he notices who it is. "-the…help…?"

Standing before them is the Mizukage of Kirigakure, who has two bodyguards positioned behind her. All around them people gaze at the woman's beauty, men and women alike. In fact, the only ones who didn't have hearts for eyes, blood coming out their noses, and were completely out of character are Manabu, who was only a little surprised at her appearance, and Naruto, who was stuck at blushing.

The Mizukage walks over to the spiky haired adult. "Are you Manabu D. Yuuki, the one who relayed the message to me?"

"Uh, yes. He's right here." Mana says, gesturing towards the blond kid beside him. 'I wasn't expecting her until he graduated.'

"Who…who are you?" Naruto asks, still blushing as she approaches him, leaning down on her right knee to reach his level without hurting her back. Ayame has fallen in love with the woman's appearance as well, so much so she didn't see the yen she placed on the counter.

"I am Mei Terumi. I have come looking for you. I am…" She then leans forward and whispers in his left ear something very quiet. She comes face to face with him again and regains her smile.

"What's that?" He asks her, to which she smiles more and brushes his hair.

"Such innocence…you'll find out someday soon." – Mei

"Alright, everyone break it up! Give us a path!" The unnamed bodyguard says to the civilians in their way. Mei stands back up and takes hold of Naruto's right hand, pulling him towards the Hokage Tower.

"Oi, wait!" Manabu says, grabbing the katana Naruto left behind to follow them.

"Mizukage-dono, to what do I owe the pleasure?" The Sandaime says to the only other female member of the Gokage. She, her bodyguards, Naruto who is now in her arms, and Manabu who is waiting by the door, are now before the Hokage in his office.

"I am only here to visit my little fiancé here. Surely Yondaime or Kushina told you about that right?" Mei says to him.

"Fiancé?" Chojuro repeats in shock. 'But, she's way too old for him; he hasn't even gone through puberty! Is she a cradle robber?'

"I was told that. But isn't little Naruto too young to meet with the woman he is to wed soon?" Sarutobi states.

"What's a fiancé?" Naruto asks once again.

"I'll tell you when you're older." Manabu says to the blond kid.

"Why not now?" He shouts.

"Now, now Naruto, use your indoor voice." She says to him, instantly quieting him.

"No, I knew of the wedding when Naruto told me what he read in the letter. But isn't it a little early? Unless you're in to that type of stuff?" The Hokage says, bringing an anger mark to her face. But despite that she continues to smile.

"I also have to ask; aren't you a little too old to be marrying a kid who was born while you went through puberty?" Manabu asks, a little curious as to what is going on. It would make more sense for them to set him up with someone else at least a few years older than him.

Mei shifts her head to the left, and glares at Manabu. She closes her eyes and widens her smile. It is at this moment that everyone else could feel death, except Naruto who was too innocent to feel it. She then says in a clear voice, "Age means nothing to a shinobi. If one is old enough to kill a person then they are old enough to drink, marry and sleep around…like how you'll be dead this very second if you mention a woman's age again. Are we clear?"

Her short speech brought fear into Manabu. He has fought against all forms of shinobi, some Biju, and even the monster that caused him suffering, but this woman scares him more than anything. It's always the nice ones (cue Unohana Retsu). "Y-Y-Yes Ma'am…S-Sorry…"

"Good." Mei says, before turning around and sighing. But as she does she releases a purple-like mist from her lips, and everyone except Naruto, who didn't know the nature of her breath, and Manabu who was out of the way held their mouths closed.

"Mizukage-dono, watch your mouth! We don't need to deal with your acidic breath!" The Hokage says to her, backing away to avoid the mist.

"My apologies, Hokage-dono!" She quickly says, the mist going away. Naruto remains unaffected of her power, and unaware of the situation. "But is there some way I can help him become stronger? If he truly is a Jinchuuriki then he'll need as much protection as possible."

"Yes, that is true, but that is why we have Manabu here. Not only is he a friend of Minato, but he also is rather strong in his own way." Sarutobi states.

"Un. Naruto already has control over one of the ten swords in the Twilight Star. He should be fine by the time he graduates." Manabu says, walking up to Mei's side while holding up the Original Twilight Star. (Naruto's)

"Even so, I would like to grant him some sort of protection. Chojuro, hand over the scroll." Mei says to her bodyguard, who presents the Hokage a medium sized scroll. "This here is a summoning scroll of the Yamata. It will allow him to summon animals of the reptilian variety; it ranges from geckos and gators to cobras and finally the hydra."

"I see. Well I can allow him to sign up to the contract, but first he has to pass the academy. We have to make sure Naruto becomes a well accomplished ninja, or at Manabu's level." – Sarutobi

"Oi!" – Manabu

"I understand." Mei says, hugging Naruto even more. The boy blushes even more as he daydreams in her arms.

"So I'll see you again in five years, Terumi-san?" Naruto asks the Mizukage. Him and Manabu stand in front of his home gate while she and her bodyguards wait in front of them.

"Of course Naruto. And please, call me Mei." She tells him, placing a kiss on his forehead. A blushing Naruto nods and smiles, not noticing the jealousy beam coming at him from Chojuro. She looks up at Manabu, her smile still present, and says, "I leave him in your hands Manabu. Take care of him, or wash your neck."

"Don't worry. I'll take good care of him." Manabu says, a little sweat coming down from hearing that last threat.

"Good. Alright, let's head back." Mei says to her bodyguards, and they all disappear in a flash.

Manabu takes Naruto and heads inside their home. "She's really nice, you know. Maybe I can get use to being with her."

"You think that…" He mumbles, looking at the boy down beside him.


"You really sure you want to marry that kid?" Chojuro asks the Mizukage, while dashing across trees with the other two. They were already a mile away from Konoha and traveling for Kiri.

Of course I do. I promised Minato, also…he's impeccably cute." She says, a blush appearing on her face.

"Stop right there!" A voice shouts out. Suddenly several ninjas appear and surround them.

The two bodyguards grab their swords and prepare to cut them down. But Mei steps in front of them, saying, "No, I'll handle them. They're nothing but rouge bandits passing for ninjas."

"Don't look down on us like we're petty thieves, you old bitch!" One of them says, bringing a twitch to the Mizukage.

"Old…lady…" She mutters, as a sort of ooze leaks out from her pores.

"Uh oh! Let's get back!" The other bodyguard says, and him and Chojuro hide behind a tree to avoid her.

"And what are you gonna do about it?" Another one questions her, taking out a kunai. More of the offensive smelling liquid expels from her body. It comes to the point where some rise up from her body, taking the form of a large, cartoonish, acidic snake. Two more rise up from her body.