Naruto and The Water Princess

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"Then so be it!" Long roars as he releases his energy, causing all around him to spread apart. The winds howl, and lightning strikes.

"Sensors! What can you tell us about his chakra level?" a ninja asks a sensor type.

After scanning his energy for a while the guy stands up and screams, "IT'S OVER EIGHT MILLION!"

"WHAT, EIGHT MILLION? There's nothing on the planet with that much power!" he replies.

"He's not wrong though. The real total is, 12 million," Long says to correct them.

"No... You're lying!" the ninja says.

"Am I? Am I really?" Long raises his hand up to the sky, and half of the village is leveled by pure power.

Naruto approaches from afar, avoiding the debris in the way. 'Huh... Isn't mine 13 million?'

Final Chapter: Reach For Tomorrow

"Come here, stud," Mei says as she begins kissing Naruto hard on his lips. Naruto replies by kissing her with all of his experience piling up. She moans softly into the kiss, slipping her tongue in to rummage his insides.

"I really want some of that now," Sakura says as she bites down on her fingers.

"Not yet. Let them have their time first, then he's mine," Samui speaks as she licks her lips.

Naruto moves off of her lips to tackle her fine breasts. He notices they aren't near Samui's, or even Hinata's girth, but they're still big enough to overshadow Sakura's. He begins to lick and suck on the nipple, making the others see him as a sort of baby, which incidentally turns them on. Naruto's hands then drift down to her croft, rubbing her trim red carpet. "Oh, Naruto... Shock me again!"

"Huh?" he asks, lifting his head from her soaked nipple.

"Please, just do it!" she begs him. Shrugging, he bites down onto her other nipple, sending electricity through her breasts. He gets a little too into it and increases the voltage, causing her to cry out loudly.

Realizing what he did he looks into her eyes and says, "Oh my god! Are you okay?"

She falls back onto the bed, breathing hard from that last orgasm she just had. Looking up into his eyes with wide eyes and a blush, she says, "That was amazing... I love this feeling of you owning power over me!"

"Eh?" Mei wraps her legs around his waste, clucking her heels together and rubbing his sides with the fishnet stockings on her legs. She rubs her dripping wet cunt over his private area, enticing the dragon slayer.

"Please! Give it to me! I've waited so long to have you inside me!" she tells him, giving the boy the most seductive look she could make. Naruto quickly unzips his penis free, letting it slap her wet entrance. She makes a squeal feeling his rod touch her, excited at finally doing this with him.

Naruto positions himself properly, and enters her vagina. She cringes in pain feeling him break right through her hymen, causing her to bleed. Unconsciously she activates her powers, and his penis burns slightly. He shouts, "AH!"

"Oh god, I'm sorry!" she says, shocked that she actually did something like that to him. "What's wrong with me? I should be better than that!"

"Don't worry, I think the burning stopped," he says, feeling her insides have lost their acidic touch.

"Do you need medic?" Sakura asks him, raising her right hand's index finger. "I can make a quick heal through your anus."

Cringing at that thought, Naruto says, "No, we're cool," and ignores his burns.

"Really? You're okay?" Mei asks him out of concern. To answer her he begins to pump into her body, causing her to moan. She cries out in pleasure as Naruto starts getting into it more, searching out her favorite spots.

Mei's legs increase their grip and her hips begin to buck in response. She moans, thinking, 'To think I could have been doing this with him all this time! It's so heavenly, much better than kissing!'

"Mei looks so domestic underneath Naruto," Hinata says with a pervy grin.

"My guess is she's one of those tsunderes who turns completely submissive to the right guy," Samui says, adding in her own two cents.

"Oh Naruto!" she shouts out, surprising Samui since she thought she would call out Eiji. It would seem she really did change. "I can-I can feel it! I'm coming!"

"Me too!" Naruto gives one last push inside of her, and she reaches up to hug him with one last scream. As they reach their orgasms, his sperm enters her womb and her juices pour down his shaft.

Both lay side by side on the bed, still connected and in eachother's arms. Panting, Mei looks into his eyes and says, "That was amazing, Naruto. It really was worth saving my first time with you."

"R-Really? You never even masturbated?" he asks her. She nods in response, giving an embarrassed flush to the ninja's face. Now that he thinks about it, as long as she can make acid pour from any part of her body no one would even try to rape her.

"Well Mei-san I hope you had fun, because now it's my turn!" Sakura says as she takes off her clothes.

"No way, it's mine!" Hinata says sternly.

"Eh?" Naruto mumbles. "I don't think I have the energy..."

"Naruto, can't you just make shadow clones?" Mei asks him.

"...Oh yeah." With that info in mind Naruto makes three clones, all of which the girls pounce on.

Downstairs Manabu and Amelia are enjoying a romantic dinner, which is occasionally interrupted by the noise. Manabu sighs, saying, "I'm sorry if this isn't the kind of evening you were hoping for."

"It's okay. We hardly ever got to spend time together," Amelia replies. She leans forward and kisses him on the lips, leaving him blushing redder than her hair. "Besides, nothing could ruin the time I get to spend with you... Thank you, for all those times you've saved me."

"Please, it was only three," he says to her. "It's nothing."

Amelia takes his hand and looks into his eyes, with love in her eyes. "You saved me from a pervert who made me a monster, that man who wanted to turn me into a hybrid human bat, and that dragon who wanted to mate with me to create a dragon as powerful as Yusei... Those aren't just nothing, especially since we were enemies when we first met."

"Like I said, it's nothing. I'd do it for any of my friends, especially you." Manabu leans forward to kiss Amelia this time, and they stay like that for a while before resuming dinner.

Elsewhere another person is busy talking to a woman now. Sasuke now stands before his friend Tenten, with a concern look on his face. "Tenten, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for acting like an idiot. I'm sorry for betraying the village and hurting you in anyway. I won't act out of any selfish vengeful behavior I may get again... Can you forgive me?"

Tenten remains quiet, along with the Anbu, Lee and Neji. She walks towards him and punches him in the face. He complains and is about to say something, but receives a hug for his trouble. "Of course."

Around Midnight...

Naruto opens his eyes, looking up to the ceiling to see that it's still dark out. He's actually surprise he has the energy to wake up at this time. 'After fighting Long and pleasuring 4 women I thought I'd stay out until tomorrow...'

Finding himself unable to go back to sleep, he snuggles out of the hold Mei and Hinata have on his arms and slips out of bed. Free, he heads down the stairs while flexing his body. He winces in pain realizing his muscles are still sore. Down by the table in the living room he sees Hakurei's skull resting. "Still up?"

"Yeah. I'm surprised you're up though," Naruto says as he looks at the talking head.

"Well, I gotta be. I can't do this when I'm asleep!" Hakurei quickly begins chanting a couple of words, and a fierce wind collects around Naruto, paralyzing him. Hakurei laughs, saying, "I can't believe I got an opening this good!"

"What...are you...up to?" Naruto shouts at him, struggling to since his mouth is stunned also.

"I need a new body to move in because you and those other three destroyed mine, so I'm taking yours!" Hakurei's skull begins floating over to Naruto. "I didn't think I'd get this chance because you were around others, and you would have been too strong to overcome this. But your battle with Long was just the kind of opening I've been looking for! Now you're too weak to stop me, and no one around can save you in time!"

"You!" Hakurei laughs as he travels towards the reluctant Naruto.

"Don't worry! I'll be sure to take good care of your girlfriends in your place! The Water Princess is actually quite nice to look at!" Hakurei extends his spine towards Naruto, aiming for his mouth and down his throat.

Before he could reach down there, Naruto begins coughing violently. After a few coughs he hacks up saliva, and begins gagging. Out from his mouth a black crow wiggles out, before Naruto spits the thing completely out of his throat.

"Disgusting, you gotta chew your food," Hakurei says to him as he retracts his spine. He looks at the black crow, and notices something. "Wait, something's wrong... That's-"

"That's the crow Itachi shoved down my throat!" Naruto says.

The crow flies up to his shoulder and flashes its left eye, revealing a green Sharingan. Looking at the Sharingan, Hakurei freezes. "W-What?"

"What the hell?" Naruto exclaims.

The crow flies off of his body before it begins to mutate, transforming into a humanoid form. It has a feminine form, long black hair, brown skin, and chocolate eyes. She also has a crimson dress. Hakurei's eyes widen in shock seeing her. "Y-You! But how?"

"There's no point in me explaining that to you Hakurei," she says before grabbing his face. She then closes her right eye as the left one releases a magic circle that wraps around him. Hakurei's skull begins to crumble away, turning into dust. "Goodbye."

The woman turns her attention to Naruto, who manages to crawl back into a position to fight her if needed. "Alright, what's going on? Why were you in my throat?"

"Stomach," she says, correcting him.

"Whatever! What was Itachi thinking putting you inside me?" he shouts.

"Keep your voice down. I only want to let you know about this." She yanks her hand out to him. "But first, I would like something to eat... Maybe something made of ice."

"Ice?" The lady takes his hand and drags him to the fridge. She immediately begins searching for the coldest item inside, and finds a shish kabob ice-cream bar. She devours the balls of ice cream, finding the sea salt ice cream especially delicious. "I guess you like ice cream."

"It's a known fact that dragons are naturally weak to ice, but at the same time it's extremely delicious," she says while eating the cookies and cream ball.

"They do? Aw man! I would have had Haku fight Long then!" Naruto complains.

"I saw the fight. Wouldn't have worked against him... He wasn't the great god dragon for nothing," she says to him.

"Wait, how do you know all of this? Who are you?" he asks the woman.

"I am Nico Julia, the ancestor who was Eiji's mother," she tells him.

His eyes go wide, and he shouts, "WHA-"

She clasps his mouth shut. "What did I say?"

"Sorry," he mumbles in her mouth.

"Anyway, Long told you that I was killed by being cursed as a human, right? Well, what he really meant was I was dead to all dragons by being cursed into a human form. Unable to use my true powers, I couldn't do anything but rely on my spells to live. I couldn't even be with Eiji because they would find out where he is, and I would be unable to protect him..." she says, explaining the situation in a short moment to him. "When I heard Eiji had killed Long, I felt it was for the best. Eiji was better off living a life without fighting... But that's when Hakurei stepped in."

"Hakurei?" Naruto repeats.

"He had been defeated by Long before for Mei, but he couldn't let that loss go. So he used his magic to bring back Long, and used him to reestablish control... Despite everything we went through, it was still my fault for making Long the way he was, and I couldn't hate my little brother..." Julia looks away with a sad sigh escaping her lips. "So I freed him from the skeleton king's control. My magic was still at a level to overcome his.

"Anyway, that's when Hakurei assembled the Rokumajuu to take Long out, and even summoned the Satan of Darkness the Juubi to fight him, who also broke free of his control. The Juubi wanted to control the human realm, and Long wanted to be entertained, so naturally they found eachother." Julia's explanation gives a new shine to his dreams; that's why Hakurei sent those images to him so he could get them to fight eachother. "I was also responsible for Mei regaining her memories."

"Eh? Really? Why?"

"Because Mei was the reason he became like this. He was obsess with her the moment he met the woman, and believed women only loved men with power...Might have gotten that from me...Anyway, when Mei was reincarnated she had no memories of her past, so I restored them. I wanted her to realize her mistake and apologize for driving him mad... Sadly, she didn't even remember meeting him when they were younger." Julia's words bring another sense of understanding to Naruto. "I'm sorry. I can tell I put you through a lot."

"It's okay. I guess I could have walked away from it all before it got like this... I still don't regret being with Mei..." he tells her, smiling as he thinks of his soon to be wife. "But wait, why were you in Itachi's genjutsu thing?"

Julia finishes eating the icecream kabob in time to answer. "I met him while spying on Akatsuki. I collaborated with him to find more secrets of Akatsuki, in exchange for help in protecting his little brother. I became a part of his crows and entered your body so I could come out when you fought Hakurei and use a spell to paralyze him... I didn't need to though when you fought him the first time because you and those other three did so well. He wanted me to keep his brother away from Hakurei and I wanted to protect you from my own selfish choice, so this was for the best."

"I guess..." With everything clear, Naruto gives a heated sigh. Julia heads for the front door, still relishing from the ice cream she ate. "Wait, where are you going?"

"Just because you defeated Long doesn't mean there aren't other dragons around. I want to see if there's a way to end the fighting between your soon to be younger generation," Julia says as she reaches the door. She then opens it, turns around to say, "Goodbye Naruto," and leaves.

"...Bye..." Naruto says when she does leave, giving out a heavy sigh. "Well, at least she's free now..."

Two Years Later...

"Oh yes! Naruto, yes! Oooh!" A woman could be heard moaning in the main office of the Hokage. Shizune peeks inside and watches Naruto making love to Mei while she wears messy attire. Her juices continues to spill on the desk, dripping on the records.

'Naruto, you know Tsunade-sama has work to do... Still, this is so hot...' Shizune thinks as she watches Naruto go to town on his woman.

"I'm cumming!" Mei cries out, grabbing Naruto and wrapping her arms around his back. On her left hand's middle finger rests a diamond engagement ring, and a matching male ring rests around Naruto's fingers.

Her juices continue to pour out of her body, mixing in with his sperm. Mei opens her eyes after relishing in her orgasm, and says, "That was amazing... The best one yet..."

"Thanks," he says to her. As they stare at one another, Mei takes the time to notice his changes from 2 years ago: he still has red hair but combed back to give it this apparently 80s style look to it, his muscle tone has evened out, he's shaved all the hair that isn't on his hair or crotch, his leg muscles are much sturdier than before, and he now wears clothes to give his arms and legs more freedom. Instead of having to wear his orange jumpsuit anymore, he wears his blue electric outfit with shorts in place of pants.

Mei on the other hand hasn't changed much in two years. Her attire, hair, even her age all look similar to what they were back then. Of course she would never age anymore being a dragon, but still it's something to take note of.

Naruto pulls out of Mei, much to her reluctance, and sits in his chair, his head resting by the Hokage hat situated on the back. "Thanks for the distraction, but now it's back to work."

"Aw..." Mei says as she adjusts her clothes to look proper. "I was hoping to receive more of your essence... A little more and we could have our second child..."

"Nope! It's hard enough being the Hokage's personal assistant for this stuff, and a father to five babies with dragon blood in them. I don't need you becoming pregnant again before I can get everything situated," Naruto says to her as he begins to sign papers. "Why did that old hag hire me for this?"

"I heard she did it just to piss you off," Mei says with a chuckle.

"Maybe... I'll be done with this soon. Tell Samui I'll be back in two hours," he says to her.

"Okay," she says before walking off, shaking her behind as much as she could to entice him. Seeing it didn't work, she sighs in defeat.

After two hours have passed, Naruto leaves his office and heads straight for home, aboard his E.M. saucer. He reaches the front door and enters inside, and sees Samui breastfeeding her baby. The child's a blond haired girl with light blue eyes like her mother. Her skin is darker like Naruto's though. She raises her head to see her husband Naruto, smiling before saying, "Good afternoon, Naruto."

"Hey Samui. How are the babies?" he asks her. Samui jesters to the babies sleeping in the carriers by her side.

Naruto checks out the kids. The first one nearest Samui is an indigo haired little boy. He's sleeping so his eyes are closed, but he has clear eyes like Hinata's. The same goes for the next boy beside him, both identical twins from the same mom. The next child is a red haired girl with green eyes, Sakura's daughter, and the last red headed, blue eyed child is the son of Naruto and Mei.

It's rather complicated how the kids were born; shortly after the battle with Long, about a month later, Naruto got married to Sakura, Hinata and Samui. They all knew Naruto enough for him to be okay with it, so Mei wasn't totally upset, and by the time he proposed to her two weeks after she was so happy she fell to tears. Although those tears melted the entire restaurant they were in, she still accepted. They got married shortly after, since she opposed a big wedding, but stayed on service in being a ninja because he already took time off before. After a few days Samui, Hinata and Mei were confirmed pregnant, but Sakura wasn't, which deeply worried her. After they shared a private day together, it's then revealed she became pregnant. Samui gave birth first and then Hinata, followed by Sakura and Mei.

"Naruto, don't get too close. You'll wake them up," Samui says to him.

"Why would they? Can't they tell they're safe?" Naruto asks her as he places a hand onto Mei's child. He begins to fidget before slowly crying out. 'Crap!' "Okay, okay, okay! Let's not go too far!"

Naruto picks up the little boy and begins to rock him back and forth to calm him down. Whispering softly he says, "Calm down little Eiji..."

"You're lucky Mei taught you how to calm down startled babies," Samui says as she continues to feed her baby Mai.

"Hey, give me some credit here!" he snaps at her, well not really. She doesn't take his snapping seriously, because he would never really get angry at his wives, most especially Samui. "So, have you heard from Manabu?"

"Yeah, he's still out there with Amelia in Kiri," she tells him. "It was a really beautiful ceremony."

"Yeah, I know... He seems much happier being with her after so long," Naruto adds as he notices he's calmed down his child. He lays him next to Sakura's daughter Akane while his eyes go to Hikawa and Hikaru. "I'm glad things turned out this way."

Naruto walks to the window and looks out to see the green landscape, and breathes a contempt sigh of relief. 'Yusei, Ero-Sennin, and Itachi... Thanks I guess.'

"Hey Naruto!" Sasuke shouts as he opens the door. With him are Tenten and Ino.

Unfortunately his shout awakens the other three babies, who proceed to crying. Sasuke says, "Uh oh."

"LOOK WHAT YOU DID, TEME!" Naruto shouts at him. Tenten gives a sigh and throws her hands up with a shrug.


"Omega Arts!" Manabu fires an ice bullet at a tree, freezing half of it. Mizukage Haku and Manabu's wife Amelia watch with interest.

"Manabu, do you always have to say the name of the weapon when you use it?" Amelia asks him before Starlight Rave returns to normal.

"Yeah. It's like a thing," he says with a shrug. She sighs and turns towards the Mizukage. "Anyway, is this enough?"

"Yeah. This oughta flush out that ice eater whoever it is," Haku says as he turns towards the other trees which have also been frozen. "I'm glad there were no casualties, no one even got hurt during these attacks, but no one's gonna go around eating my well made ice home!"

Manabu and Amelia sweat drop. "That's what this is about?"

"Yes ma'am," Haku says as he heads back home.

Amelia takes Manabu's hand and heads back towards the village with him. "Ready to go back to our honeymoon?"

"Sure. Let's hope Konan isn't around," he says before stepping over an ice flower made by Haku's power.

His eyes look up into the sky as he makes a carefree smile. 'These are great days. I don't care how boring things are; I wouldn't trade this life for anything.' These are his last thoughts before heading to the hotel with Amelia.

This may not be the end of his adventures, but Naruto would never have to deal with stuff from Mei's past ever again. She would never be selfish and make others fear her for as long as he says so. Even though his current position may suck, he can still leave the village and go on missions; just another step to becoming Hokage.

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