Well, here goes nothing. Yeah, I couldn't help but love the idea of putting Wez and the Golden Youth in The Terminator plot. This won't be a very long fic, just for fun. R&R please! I do not own Mad Max 2: Road Warrior or any of the characters in it, like Wez and the Golden Youth. I also do not own the plot from The Terminator.

A Love to Defy All Time

Chapter 1: 1984

Electrical outbursts filled the construction site, bolts charging everywhere. A sharp, searing noise and blinding flash followed. When the light faded and the electricity dispersed, a man became visible. He was completely naked, crouched in an almost fetal position, head ducked between his knees.

After a few seconds, the man stirred out of his coma. He rose slowly into a complete stand, flexing his large muscles, very sore from the trip. Time travel did that to you. He stretched quickly, making sure he was undamaged. He had to be at peak physical condition for his mission.

His eyes widened and became stern. He couldn't waste any more time. The mission came first and foremost—the future of mankind depended on it. In other words, failure was not an option.

With long strides, he ran down the road leading to the city. It dawned on him that he would need to find some clothes. He couldn't afford to stand out from the public. He'd already taken all necessary precautions to ensure fitting in. Before he left, he cut off his red mohawk and got rid of his gold earring. He guessed he looked normal now. Short, dark, spikey hair was thick on his head and a small strip-goatee accentuated his large jaw, something he didn't want to shave off.

Ten minutes passed and he was in the city. Before he could be seen, he snuck into a dark alley. Fortunately, there was someone else there too.

"Nice birthday suit, faggot." The other man sneered, drawing a ghat from his belt. A thug, no less. "Spread 'em, or I'll—"

Before the thug could finish his threat, the other man sent a fierce blow to his temple and then took hold of his head. They struggled for a short time until—


The thug's body fell limp. He was dead, with a snapped neck. Without hesitation, the other man pulled off the leather chaps and studded groin strap, fastening them onto himself. Then he took the boots, studded leather jacket, and fingerless gloves. Everything was tight, but fit well. He then took the ghat, tucking it into the jacket. Before leaving, he scanned the alley for more weapons, finding a shotgun with the barrel sawed off and some shells. He tucked that into the back of the groin strap. The jacket covered it, so he didn't look armed. Satisfied, he emerged onto the streets.

He was ready to start his mission: Find and protect Daimen Briggs; better known as the Golden Youth in the year 2029.

Well, here's Chapter 1. Nothing special so far, I know. But I think it'll get better as it gets into the story. Wez has decended into the 80's. Woo! Sorry I got rid of the mohawk... I love his red mohawk, but that would have made him an easy target, and in this case, that would be very, very bad. But I could not part from the assless chaps. Woo! xD

I have several other Wez/GY fics I'm working on at the moment, and in all of them, whenever Golden Youth's real name is mentioned (which isn't often), I use Daimen Briggs. I thought it was kind of cute, and its very Australian, which is perfect. No, don't try to over annunciate Daimen. The 'dai' sounds like 'day', okay?

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