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Somebody save me from this hell...

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"Ritsuka! Come watch the shop!"

A boy with roughly shoulder-length black hair and soft, black cat ears picked himself up from a nest of blankets at the back of the store, his tail swishing behind him. A wide collar was fastened around his neck, and identification tags jingled slightly when he moved.

Ritsuka took his place behind the counter while a tall teenage boy with wavy black hair went into the back. A moment later, he heard the teen's footsteps in the apartment above.

The door opened with the tinkling of a bell, making Ritsuka jump. Two teenage girls in uniforms traipsed in, laughing and talking loudly. The cat-boy shrank back slightly as they approached the counter.

"Ooh, it's a demon!" one of them squealed. "You're so pre~tty! Are you a girl or a boy? I can't te~ll." Her way of talking was slightly pouty and a little whiny, drawing out words so that they had an extra syllable or two.

"R-Ritsuka's a boy," he said quietly.

"Oh, how cute!" gushed the second girl. "He's so shy, it just makes me wanna' hug him!" She reached across the counter and pulled him as close as was physically possible, not noticing when Ritsuka flinched away from her outstretched hands.

"Um...uh...R-...Ritsuka needs to t-take your o-order," he stammered, disconcerted. The girl released him and pursed her lips, thinking.

"I want...a hot chocolate with whipped cream, and a chocolate chip scone," she decided.

"Ohh, sounds yu~mmy...I'll have the same!" chimed Girl Number One. They retreated to one of the small round tables to wait, giggling up a storm. Ritsuka really didn't like tending to the store, especially when the customers were anything like the two high school girls.

Ritsuka sat the drinks and the pastries on the table and was turning away when Girl Number One caught his bandaged right wrist. "Aaw~, what happened to your hand?" she asked, as Girl Number Two tutted beside her.

"Ritsuka fell," he said in his ever-quiet voice, and gently pulled his hand free. "Ritsuka needs to tend to the shop."

X - X - X - X - X

"Ritsuka, you did very well today. Thank you for watching the shop for-"

"There's no need to thank it, Seimei," cut in Misaki, her long hair falling over her shoulder into her face. "He's not worthy of such sweet words from my perfect son..." Softly, she stroked Seimei's face. "How are your classes at the university?"

Seimei smiled down at his mother. "Great. I'm really enjoying them. That reminds me...Ritsuka, this girl I know asked me to give this to you." He pulled a brightly-wrapped treat from his pocket. "She has a demon too, and says hers love these." Ritsuka reached for the snack, but when his fingers brushed it, his hand was slapped away.

"Ungrateful little beast! You haven't thanked Seimei for his generosity! The real Ritsuka would have already done so!" The demon was knocked sideways by an open-handed blow, and he curled up, shivering, on the floor.

"Ritsuka's sorry! Ritsuka's sorry! Ritsuka won't do it again!"

Attempting to calm her, Seimei pulled Misaki from the room, the woman screaming all the while. "Why did you have to buy this...this...thing anyway! It's nothing like the real Ritsuka! My poor baby's dead, and I have to look at this monster day after day, calling it by the same name as my real child! It's nothing like my Ritsuka-" As they disappeared around the corner, Seimei looked back at the small form huddled in the corner with his hands over his head.

X - X - X - X - X

Someone please take me away...

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*Japanese lesson!*

It's thought of as cutesy/cute to refer to yourself by your name. Also, people don't generally refer to others as "you", even if they're talking to them, because it's considered rude. Instead, they use their name. (example: "Does Yamada-san like this?" "Oh, yes, thank you very much. I love this." - the "you" in this example doesn't actually exist, fyi. Yamada-san isn't actually saying you.)