"Bone of my Bone"

Summary: When past and present collide…interesting things start to happen.

Author's Note: Set in season five—so Parker is nine. Also, I'm not sure if Rebecca is married to somebody or not, but for the purpose of this story let's say she's not. Okay?

Warning: This story will contain spanking—though I don't know when...

Disclaimer: The only characters I own are Bryan and Hunter. Bones, Booth, and the Squints belong to Kathy Reichs and Hanson Hart.

Epilogue: Surprise!

Eight and Half Months later…


"Don't shout at me, Seeley," Cam told him, sternly. "Dr. Brennan's water broke while she was examining the two sets of remains you brought in this morning."

"Well, why aren't you all at the hospital?" Booth asked, scowling.

"We called the paramedics but there's been some kind of emergency accident on the highway or something," Cam explained. "All ambulances are needed there."

"What about the damn helipad?!" Booth asked, frantic.

"The helicopters are also busy," Cam said. "I am a doctor, Seeley…"

"That's not the point, Camille," Booth growled. "She is not giving birth in the lab!"

"There doesn't appear to be any other options," Cam said, sighing.

"Tell Bones me and the boys are on our way," Booth told her. "ETA five minutes. Tell her to cross her legs or something!"

Cam snorted. "Yeah, like that will work," she said, sarcastically.

Booth let out a not so nice epitaph and snapped his phone shut, increasing the pressure on the gas pedal a bit.

"Dad!" the boys hissed at him from the back seat.

"Is Mom okay?" Hunter asked.

Booth sighed. "She will be," he assured them. I hope...

He couldn't believe it.

He'd only been gone a few minutes, to pick up the boys' from school, and look what happened?

His wife certainly had interesting timing.

Pulling into the Jeffersonian Parking lot, he and the boys quickly rushed inside...and stopped in their tracks at the lab's entrance.


On the platform, Bones lay on the middle examining table with Angela to one side of her and Cam preparing various instruments.

"I believe I'm giving birth," Bones growled out, holding onto the sides of the table tightly.

"C'mon, boys," Max said, "let's join Nana up in the lounge."

Max and Cynthia had married a few months back.

Cynthia, who was a retired high school science teacher, had even gotten a job at the Jeffersonian working in the same capacity as Max—only she showed teenagers really cool science experiences rather than elementary kids.

His sons' well in hand, Booth quickly hightailed it up to the platform to join his wife.

"This is just so wrong," he said, shaking his head. "How ya doin', Honey?"

Bones sent him a death glare.

"Never mind," he said, prying her hand free and holding it. "Squeeze when it hurts."

"Okay," Bones' said, and promptly squeezed—hard.

"AHHHH!" Booth hissed, wincing.

He had forgotten his wife could break bones when she chose.

"You kinda asked for that one," Cam told him, smirking.

Booth swallowed, as Bones' let up on his hand a bit. "How she doin'?"

"I gotta admit, this is a first for me," Cam told him, "but from what I can tell she's already completely dilated. She getting ready to push."

"Already?" Booth asked, surprised. "Rebecca was in labor for hours with Parker…"

"Some births are faster than others," Cam told him, "and this would be Dr. Brennan's second time to give birth. That's also a factor."

"Ahhh!" Bones cried out.

"I know, Sweetie, but you're doing good," Angela took her friend's other hand. "You've got to push now."

"You can do it, Honey," Booth encouraged.

"Okay, Dr. Brennan," Cam said. "PUSH!"

"AHHHH!" Three voices all yelled out as Bones began to push and squeeze the hands holding hers at the same time.

Fifteen minutes later…

The dual sound of crying echoed throughout the lab.

Max, Cynthia, Sweets, Zack, and the boys all came to look down onto the platform.

Bones held a beautiful baby boy in her arms…and Booth held his equally beautiful twin brother in his.

"Surprise!" he called up to all of them, smiling like the very proud papa he was at that moment.

"Hey, twins!" Hodgins said, smiling.

"A most interesting turn of events," Zack agreed, earning a look from everybody. "Well, it is."

"How you feelin', baby?" Max called down to his daughter.

Bones smiled up at her father. "Sore and tired," she said, "but illogically happy."

"Wonderful!" Cynthia called out to her step-daughter. There were tears in her eyes, she was so happy.

"How you doin' Booth?" Sweets asked, smirking. "How's the hand?"

Booth scowled up at him. "Do you want to get to strike three, Lance?" he asked, grinning wickedly.

Lance quickly shook his head.

"Quit teasing him," Bones admonished her husband, "and let's tell them their names."

"Yes, dear," Booth said, smiling brightly. "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present Misters Keenan Maxwell Booth and Brennan Henry Booth."

Keenan had a head full of dark black hair like his father, while Brennan's hair was lighter—with streaks of red in it, like his mother.

"C'mon down, guys," Booth called to Parker and Hunter. "Meet your new brothers."

Parker and Hunter both whooped and raced down the stairs to the platform. They were both amazed at how tiny the babies were.

Just then, the paramedic arrived.

"Uh," one of them said, "I think we may have missed something."

"No duh, dude," Sweets called down to him, while everybody else laughed.

"Let's get you three to the hospital," Booth whispered to Bones. "You did good, Sweetheart."

"We did good," she corrected him, as she was wheeled out to the ambulance with her sons in her arms.

Booth nodded.

"Yeah," he agreed, as they got in. "We did."

The ambulance doors were closed and they headed for the hospital with their two new bundles of joy.

No matter what, from that moment on their lives would never be the same.

And they wouldn't have it any other way.

The End.

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