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Chapter One

The Choice

James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Frank, Alice and Tonks were all standing in a room waiting to be transported back home. Then had just finished reading the Harry Potter books with Harry and his friends (the five-year-old Tonks who was in the room now along with baby Teddy had joined them halfway through the last book) all of whom had just left a few minutes ago. It had been explained to them at the very beginning that they wouldn't be able to remember this, and they were all saddened by knowing what was going to happen at the same time happy that they had a chance of meeting all those people and learning more about them.

A minute after this there was a yellow light and everything started to shake and for the tiniest of seconds it felt like they were being split in two. The next second they were slammed back down and fell onto the couch.

"What the bloody hell just happened?" Sirius asked.

"I don't know, but I thought that we were going to be returned to our time but then…" Lily said worried; did something go wrong? Then suddenly, out of nowhere, Lily remember something that she was sure she didn't know about a second ago. Hermione had given her a letter right before she had left and told Lily to read it after the yellow light appeared.

"What's that?" James asked curious about the letter that was now in Lily's hand.

"It's a letter from Hermione. I assume it explains what is going on here," Lily said and then she opened the letter and read:

Hello Everyone,

If you are reading this letter it seems that everything has gone as I planned and you will all get a chance to change the future (or make you're own future, I should say). You will each be able to choose one thing that you will remember or just know (or feel). For example, if Lily chooses to know that Snape was still her friend, she would have an inkling to talk to him or at least know that he was worth talking to. You have an hour to make your choice, and once you have made up your mind just write it down on the back of this paper and the spell will make sure that is what you will remember. I must warn you to chose wisely, though, because you are going to be making a whole new world and it is hard to tell which path is best to take.

I would also like to inform you that, no matter what happens, the reality that you have just read about will exist; there is nothing you could do that will change our lives. When the yellow light first flashed it split you into two and sent your other selves to your original time. After the hour is up in here you will be sent to the same place and time where you left, but you will be in a parallel universe that is the same place that you have live in but where you can make your own future.

I hope you chose wisely and that you make a better world than the one that we live in; not that ours is so bad but a lot of good people died and I hope you could prevent that.

Love From,


"Wow," James said, just as shocked as most of the other people in the room.

"I know what I'll remember," Sirius said, trying to break the tension. "Lily calling me Padfoot."

"Git," Lily said hitting him on the head. "This is really important."

"I know," Sirius sighed, and after that everyone sat in thought wondering what they would chose to remember.

It was ten minutes later when Sirius spoke again, this time with a more serious tone. "So, Prongs what are you going to pick?" he asked, he'd thought James' choice was going to be easy, but James hadn't said it yet.

"I'm still thinking," James said.

"About what?" Sirius said frowning.

"This isn't a simple choice, Padfoot," James said.

"James you have to remember Peter betrayed you.... betrayed all of us," Sirius said like it was obvious, but there was also a plea in his voice.

James stayed silent, he was thinking about remembering that, but he was also worried that wasn't going to be enough.

"James," Sirius said this time really pleading, he had walked over to his friend and grabbed his shoulder. "You have to remember that... I could remember it but..."

"Sirius," James sighed, Sirius was right, if they were going to remember Peter's betrayal James was the one who would have to remember. He was the one who really got the four of them together, he was the one who made them like brothers. James knew that it would be very difficult indeed for anyone to convince him that one of his brothers would ever betray him. "I'm not sure that's for the best."

"Fine then, I'll remember it," Sirius said bitterly.

"I'm not sure that's for the best either," James said this time looking straight into his best mates eyes. "I think you..."

"So you don't want anyone to remember what that traitor did to us?" Sirius shouted.

"Calm down, Padfoot," Remus said grabbing his friend's shoulder to keep him where he was. "And at least listen to want Prongs has in mind."

"Fine," Sirius grumbled glaring at James.

"I think you should remember to trust Remus," James said.

"I trust Remus," Sirius scoffed like he couldn't believe that James would suggest otherwise.

"Now maybe..." James said.

"But you won't soon," Remus sighed. "That's right, you thought I was the traitor."

Sirius looked down in thought for a moment. "But that doesn't matter, if you remember that it's Peter... I wouldn't suspect Remus."

"I agree with Sirius," Remus said.

"I need to say something, and I don't want you interrupting me, okay," James said and he waited for everyone in the room to nod their heads. "I've been thinking about this since we finished the third book. What would I change if I had the chance? Of course, not trusting Peter was the first thing I thought of, but I'm not sure if that will really save my son. All I know it would do is prevent Voldemort from attacking us that way. Sirius," James said now looking at his friend with a determined expression on his face. "The most powerful dark wizard ever is after my son and he will be determined to kill him and anything that's standing in his way. Do you really think that he will let not having the rat on his side stop him from hunting us down and killing us all?"

"No," Sirius had to admit after a minute, his tone very bitter.

"So I thought of other things that could have helped," James said gravely. "What I came up with was you trusting Remus, well actually I came up with something else but this is the closest thing to that I could do with only remembering one thing."

"Er..." Sirius said trying to interrupt but James continued, and was back to his original point.

"Think about it Sirius, if you trust Remus completely and unwaveringly, then I might not make Peter my Secret Keeper," James said.

"You're taking a chance with that one," Sirius said.

"I know," James said, suddenly fiercely, he knew what he was going to say now was really going to hurt his friends. "Damnit Sirius I know how bad things could go but I don't only have to think about my own survival but my family's... my son's too. There might not be a damn thing that can save me... I might not have a future no matter what. I don't want to die and I'm going to do everything in my power to stop this, but Voldemort is still coming after my family no matter what I choose here in this room, and if that's true I have to accept the possibility that I might die, that Lily and I might die."

"And if that happens," Lily said taking her boyfriend's hand, though James and her had never discussed this (thinking that it wasn't ever going to be possible), they had both come to the same conclusion. "Then we need the two of you to take care of Harry."

"That's right," James smiled sadly at his girlfriend as he wrapped his arms around her. "That's the other reason why I need you to remember to trust Remus. If we do die, if our fates are inevitable, then we can't have Harry go through the hell he went through. We need you two to look after him..."

"How are you going to work that one out, though?" Frank asked not really thinking that he should get involved in this discussion, but thought he had to point out the flaw in James plan. "Won't Dumbledore want Harry to be protected by the blood magic?"

"Sirius is Harry's godfather, it is up to him..." James started to say but there was another flash of yellow light, this time coming from the letter that Hermione wrote. He walked over to it and notice that there was a P.S. there that wasn't there before:

P.S. If you are reading this, James and Lily have either decided they have to die to make sure things work out in the end or you believe that they will have the possibility of dying no matter what. I have found a spell that was invented two hundred years ago called 'Cruor Cognatus', which means blood relative, and it's in the book called 'Vanishing Charms and Where to Find Them,'...

"That sounds interesting," Lily said. "James what is it?"

"It's the book I'm going to give you for our first anniversary," James pouted. "It was supposed to be a surprise."

"And it will be by the time I get it," Lily said trying to smooth him. "And you weren't suppose to spend money on the gift..."

"Don't worry Lils," James smiled. "It a book that's been in the Potter family for generations. Any charm that falls out of practices appears in the book..."

"So it keeps getting more charms..." Lily said starting to get more excited.

"We don't have time for this," Remus reminded them (though he too seemed interested in the book).

... I found it at Grimmauld Place before our fifth year and Sirius told me it belonged to Lily, so I know you will have it in the future, or past I should say. If you cast this spell on Sirius (unfortunately it doesn't work on werewolves) you can make Sirius a blood relative of Harry's so completely that even Dumbledore wouldn't be able to argue with it, though it would likely be best if Lily and Sirius perform the charm, preferably when she is pregnant. I'm not sure if that will help but I thought you should have the option.

"So that will make Sirius my brother.... I don't know about that," Lily said making a face.

"Be serious Lily," Sirius said.

"I thought she just was being Sirius," James laughed along with Lily.

"Shut up," Sirius groaned. "So are you going to go along with that?"

"It's a good plan," James said. "It's from Mione, after all."

"So you're going to remember to cast the spell," Lily said to James.

"It would be better if you do, seeing as you two will be relatives," James said.

"I have something else to remember," Lily said softy.

"What is it?" James asked, he could tell by her tone that it was important to her.

"I need to remember what Sev did for me... for my son," Lily said.

"You can't remember all that... at least I doubt you will be able to," Remus said.

"But I'll remember that Sev still cares about me," Lily said.

"And that he would give up everything for you," James said, a touch bitterly, but he could understand why she would want to remember this about her old friend.

"James, he was my best friend and I still care about him," Lily said. "I can't let him become the bitter man he was."

"He might not have been as bitter as he looked, I mean it was from Harry's point of view; it could have been an act," Remus pointed out.

"He blamed himself for what happen to me," Lily said sadly, she knew that was true no matter what anyone said.

"He should," Sirius said bitterly, then groaned. "Sorry, it's just easier to hate him."

"He sacrificed everything to protect my son," Lily said. "The least I do could is remember him."

"I understand," James said. "I'll remember the 'Cruor Cognatus' spell..."

"Wait one minute," Sirius said. "It sounds like you're giving up..."

"I'm not giving up," James said. "I promise you, as long as I breathe, I'll never give up."

"I'll hold you to that," Sirius said. "So Moony what are you going to remember?"

"Give me a second," Remus said now thoughtful what he was going to remember.

"All right then," Sirius smiled at him. "Hey Tonks, do you know what you're going to remember."

"Er...." Tonks said confused, she wasn't sure what was going on here.

"You get to remember only one thing that you learned here," Sirius said.

"I know... I remember you cursing," Tonks smirked at him, she always love seeing her mum yell at Sirius.

"No you won't," Sirius said, suddenly sounding scared.

Tonks giggled for a minute (along with everyone else in the room). "Then I remember Teddy."

"That sounds good," Lily smiled at her; she wasn't sure what the room would let her remember with that request, but it was nice that she wanted to remember her son, even though she didn't know that's who Teddy was.

"I think I'm going to remember that the Lestranges are going to attack us," Frank said. Hermione had told him when they were attacked (it was in the paper after the Lestranges had broken out of Azkaban).

"If things don't happen at the same time, that might not be worth it," Remus pointed out.

"I know, but I have to try and prevent our fate if I can," Frank said hugging Alice close to him.

"That's a good plan, but I have a better one," Sirius said looking serious. "Why don't you remember to always been on guard and never rest until that bitch and the others are imprisoned."

"That might be better," Frank said; it would give him a better protection for if they attack at some unknown time, but worst if she attacked at the same place and time as last time. "I'll think about it."

"I think I'm going to remember this feeling," Alice said smiling at the marauders and Lily.

"What?" the marauders all said confused

"I'm going to remember the friendship we've gain here," Alice still smiling. "I think it would be good if we all are friends."

"We probably will be soon enough, anyway," Sirius said. "We're all in the Order after all."

"I know," Alice said. "But I think this will help, and I would like our sons to be friends, too."

"I would like that," Lily smiled at her.

"We should write this down before time runs out," Frank said reasonably.

"All right," everyone agreed, though Remus lagged behind still trying to make up his mind.

When there was only five minutes left Remus had stood up smiled at the letter and hope this would work out.

"What do you want to remember?" Lily asked noticing the Remus look.

"To remember that I could have a family... that just because I'm werewolf doesn't mean that I can't still fall in love and have children. And that I shouldn't fear that future."

"Sounds like a good memory to me," Lily smiled at him.

"I hope it doesn't change too much, though," Remus said looking at Tonks; he had a hard time imaging every falling for someone that much younger than him, and he couldn't see her as anything but a little sister or something like that, but he did want the future he read about. He could see it, in the moment that he had made Harry Teddy's godfather that he was truly happy and he wanted that. Besides, the way that Tonks in the books was described he knew she really was the type of girl that he could easy fall for.

"I think it's time," James was able to say before there was a bright flash of yellow light and everyone was gone.