Wheel of Truth 15

Our not so weary group of travelers traveling through the woods because that's all they every seem to do in this fic.

Mat: "Rand, Perrin, can I ask you two something."

Rand/Perrin: "Yeah."

Mat: "We're friends right?"

Perrin: "Yes of course."

Mat: "We've known each other since childhood. I mean, we grew up together."

Rand: *suspicious look* "We're you going with this?"

Mat: "Well, I was just wondering—If we were such good friends WHY THE SON OF A GOATS MOTHERS MILK IN A CUP DID YOU FLAMING LEAVE ME IN A WELL!"

Perrin: *uncomfortable* "Erm, we didn't know you were in a well."

Mat: "Oh, really? So I go missing and what you just go on about your merry way? Some bloody friends you are!"

Rand: "We assumed you were passed out drunk somewhere."

Mat: *opens mouth to come up with a reply, but closes it unable to think of one* "Fair enough."

Zed: *in conversation with Vin* *Cara still shooting mean looks at everyone except Richard. (which is a first for him)* "So, whatever happened to this Sirius Black character?"

Sirius: *BARK!* I'm right here! Oh, for the love of Merlins beard, I'm right here!

Vin: "Quiet TenSoon, the old man is asking about a friend of mine. *to Zed* "I think that Jagang guy must have killed him. He didn't make a dramatic enough entrance. Clearly he wasn't main character material."

Sirius: *growl*

Zed: "I see."

Kahlan: "Here we are."

Richard: "Yeah! Andreal!" *runs towards the Wizards Keep" *clearly over his third Fathers death*

Kahlan: *chasing after him* "Come back, Richard! We are already a month late for our appointment with Dr. Mr. Therapist!"

Vin: "What an odd name."

Cara: "What, too complicated for you, Vin?"

Vin: *glares out of the corner of her eye* "You wanna start something?"

Zed: "Trust me, Vin, you don't want to go picking a fight with a Mordsith."

Vin: *crossing arms beneath breasts* "Oh, really? Perhaps she shouldn't be picking a fight with me!"

Perrin: "As much as we'd all like to see the outcome of this dispute, I'd think world saving is a tad more important."

Vin: *snort* "What do you know of world saving?"

Sirius: *lets our breath* 'You just have it in for everyone don't you?'

Zed: "He's right. I have to find a way to close the Veil."

Perrin: *cough* "Actually I was referring to our world. Is there a portal stone in this Wizards Keep?"

Zed: "I'm not sure. What does it look like?"

Rand: *explains*

Zed: *rubs chin* "No, I don't think I've ever seen such a thing. But the Wizards Keeps a big place. I practically grew up in it and still there are places I haven't ventured."

Cara: "The sliph for example."

Zed: "Yes, precisely."

Rand: "Sliph?"

Cara: "A kind of quicksilver creature woman that can take someone with both sides of the gift vast distances in a matter of hours."

Rand: "… Really? So, ah, why didn't we take it here?"

Cara: "And miss all that wood walking?" *snort* "You gatta be crazy."

Rand: "That's beside's the point."

Zed: "Anyway, why don't you all come in." *leads everyone to the Wizards Keep.*

Perrin: *whistles*

Whistle: *echoes and bounces off the walls of the keep. Laughs manically as it does so*

Vin: *snatches whistle somehow as it passes her by.* "None of that now." *crushes it in a pewter powered fist*

As the group venture into the keep, they pass Kahlan dragging Richard back through the entrance.

Richard: "Wait! Kahlan, we must go back, my gift sensed something in there!"

Kahlan: "Oh, don't give me that excuse again. My wizard senses are tingling! You know what you're doing, you're avoiding you're inner feelings. Dr. Mr. Therapist has been telling you, you've got to confront your emotions and…" *her voice drowned on as she dragged Richard back up the Keep.*

Mat: *rubbing chin* "You know Rand, maybe you should go see this Dr. Mr. guy."

Rand: *flatly* "Why?"

Perrin: "It could be good for you."

Rand: *gives both Mat and Perrin a blank look* "You two are as bad as women."

Mat/Perrin: *highly offended looks*

They reach a room of books. Zed begins grabbing books at random and piling them onto a table.

Perrin: "What are you doing?"

Zed: "These might help me find out how to close the Veil."

Mat: "What about the portal stone?"

Zed: "Look, I don't know anything about portal stones, but I'm becoming quiet experienced at Veil patching. I said I'd take you three to the Keep, well here you are, feel free to explore. Oh, you might want to watch out for the numerous magical traps scattered about this place. One wrong step and you could die."

Mat: *fiddles with fox medallion* "That's comforting."

The three of them leave the room.

Rand: "Alright, that settles it then."

Mat: "Settles what?"

Perrin: Yes, I should think there is only one thing to do now."

Mat: "What are you two talking about?"

Rand: "Isn't it obvious?"

Mat: *blankly* "No."

Perrin: "You're going to explore the Keep and come get us once you've found or not found the portal stone."

Mat: "ME! But, that doesn't make any sense! Rand's the one who can channel."

Rand: "Ah, but you're the one who can walk through this whole place completely unscratched."

Mat: "But, I could get lost."

Perrin: *snort* "With your luck, I doubt it."

Rand: *nods* "Yes, with your luck. You're likely to bump right into it."

Perrin: "So, we'll see you."

Mat: "What? Wait!"

Rand/Perrin: *walking away* "Good luck. Come get us once you've found it."

Mat: *open and closes his mouth several times after them.* *curses and kicks ground* "Those, flea bitten light curst sons of goats."

Vin: *who had not so quietly followed after the two rivers boys when they left Zed.* *Sirius, having nothing better to do, trailed after her.* "I'll come with you. I'm already dead anyway."

Mat: *gives her a look out of the corner of his eye.* "So am I."