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Blind Mag's Story

Magdalene Defoe stood in front of Rotti Largo in his GeneCo office. She blinked her sightless eyes and smiled at the hero who had emerged when organ failures shook the nation. Her right hand was delicately draped over her best friend's hand, while her left hand tightly clutched her walking stick. She could feel her heartbeat fluttering in her chest. Needless to say, being in front of the world's greatest hero was wreaking havoc on her nerves.

"Rotti, dear, I wanted you to hear Mag sing. She's got a beautiful voice, and I just know you'll love it," Marni said to her lover. She placed her free hand on his shoulder as if in encouragement to hear her out.

Rotti smiled pleasantly at the two women, being fully aware that one of them couldn't see it. He crossed his hands and laid them down on his desk while twiddling his thumbs together. "I'm listening," he stated in his gruff voice.

Marni ran her fingers through his slightly greying hair and smiled lovingly at him.

Mag felt her breath catch in her chest, and resisted the urge to let out a spluttering cough. She didn't know if she could make herself sing in front of this man. Her shoulders tensed and her heart began beating faster than ever. Just as she thought she was going to faint from her nerves, she heard the whoosh of someone else entering the room.

She breathed out an inaudible sigh of relief. The faint scent of vanilla surrounded her and caused her to relax slightly.

"Beautiful might be an understatement, Marni," said a new, feminine voice.

Mag turned her sightless eyes towards the foreign newcomer. "You're too kind," Mag whispered in her feathery soft voice.

"Not where it isn't deserved, I assure you," replied the woman. With the soft clicking of heels, Mag sensed that the woman was coming closer to her. A silent gratitude welled within her, for the newcomer's comment had raised her confidence enough to where she felt she might be able to sing.

"It's nice to see you, Marni," purred the woman sweetly.

"The same to you, Samantha," Rotti's lover replied pleasantly.

"Mr. Largo, you're lucky to have the chance to hear Magdalene sing," the woman known as Samantha stated confidently.

"So Marni tells me," the founder of GeneCo replied.

Samantha put her hand on Mag's shoulder and squeezed a bit in a gesture to reassure the blind woman. Mag gasped slightly as she heard the unexpected whisper next to her ear, "Go on, love. You'll be brilliant."

Mag closed her clouded eyes and opened her mouth to sing.

"I don't know what I'm supposed to say
When love suddenly—it feels so far away.
But you're not prepared to talk,
and if you're now afraid to listen
I don't want to do this anymore.
Oh, I don't know each way that I should turn,
since the more we love, the more we have to learn.
Well, I keep staring into space
like it somehow has the answer.
So, don't let the music end, oh my darling.
Symphony, its gone quiet around us now.
How I wish you would hold me
and that you never told me
and its better if you leave.
Look at the sun.
We're starting to lose all of our light,
where we once burned so brightly.
Tell me, remind me.
We're throwing it away.
Oh, you don't know what you've got until it's gone.
But then nothing ever hurt like holding on.
I am scared and unprepared,
and I feel like I am falling.
So, can you tell me, where did we go wrong?
Symphony, its gone quiet around us now.
How I wish you would hold me
and that you'd never told me
that it's better if you leave.
And if everything is broken,
and it's better that we give up,
Oh, I'll remember how we once had
something beautiful.
Symphony, its gone quiet around us now.
How I wish you would hold me
and that you'd never told me
and its better if you leave.
Look at the sun.
We're starting to lose all of our light,
where we once burned so brightly.
So tell me, remind me.
We're throwing it away…"

The room erupted into applause when Mag finished her song. Samantha even let out a wolf whistle, which caused Mag to thoroughly blush. When the applause had gone down, and Mag felt that the blush had faded from her cheeks, she bowed her head. "Thank you," she murmured.

"You did wonderfully, Mag!" Marni gushed as she hugged her best friend.

Mag let out a small titter before letting go of her friend. "Thank you," she said again to everyone, but her unsighted eyes were focused on Samantha, who was staring back at the singer.

Marni and Rotti just gave each other a knowing look before the founder of GeneCo turned towards Mag.

"Magdalene, you do sing beautifully. Marni and Samantha were quite right. I'm willing to make you a deal," Rotti stated with a grin. "Sing for me and GeneCo, and I will cure you of your blindness."

~ X ~

Less than a week later, with Mag having agreed to Rotti's offer, the newfound singer of GeneCo lay in a hospital bed. Scratchy covers lay over her while scratchy bed sheets were underneath. She could feel the slight whisper of plastic against her skin as the hospital band on her wrist moved.

Her best friend, Marni, was standing right beside of the bed, holding her hand. Fear sprang to her mind when the thought of the surgery that would happen soon arose.

Rotti stood in the corner of the sterile, white hospital room as Marni whispered sweet reassuring nothings in her best friend's ear. He resisted the urge to pace back and forth. He knew the surgery would be a success, but what he didn't know was how long Mag's agreement would last. With any luck, his movement for organ repossessions would soon be legalized and he could use that as a backup plan.

Rotti Largo snapped back to reality as Marni wrapped her arms around his. "I think we should let Mag rest, now," she suggested with a wink as she motioned towards the door, where an elegantly dressed Samantha stood. Rotti nodded and grinned towards the woman who had obviously fallen for Mag.

As they walked out of the room, Marni called over her shoulder to her friend, "Bye, Mag. Don't get into too much trouble before your surgery!"

Mag was confused as to what her friend meant by that, but still she felt the need to reply. "Oh, I'll try, if you insist!" As the clicking of Marni's heels died away, the scent of vanilla wreathed around her and comforted her. She heard a soft sigh followed by a faint knock on the open door.

"Please, come in," Mag whispered softly.

"Hello, Magdalene," greeted Samantha, who stopped just beside of Mag's bed.

"You know, you may call me Mag," the singer of GeneCo stated with a gentle laugh.

"I wanted to see you before you went in to surgery," Samantha admitted with a sheepish grin the slightly younger woman couldn't see.

Mag smiled a dazzling smile towards the older woman. "And why, might I ask, is that, Samantha?" She cocked her head to the side slightly and let her luscious, ebony hair spill over her shoulder.

Samantha had to check if she was drooling before she could respond. She slowly stepped closer to Mag. With a suppressed sigh, she leaned in towards Mag's lips and whispered, "Because you're beautiful." Mag gasped as Samantha's lips made contact with hers. It was a sideways kiss, because that was all Samantha could do with the safety bars between them, and it was brief. Still, it was enough to make the GeneCo singer swoon and feel lightheaded. Her heart did that fluttery thing Marni was always telling her about.

Their lips broke apart with a slight popping noise. "I'll see you after your surgery," Samantha promised Mag in a husky whisper.

"I'll see you, too," Mag murmured as Samantha could be heard walking away.