"Magdalene Defoe, I honestly can't live without you. You are on my mind every minute—no, every second—that we're apart, and every second away from you is a second too long. I want you and only you to be the one by my side for the rest of my life. I need you to be by my side. Our love is one of the purest things I've ever come to know, and nothing will ever change that. I don't think anything could change that. I am madly and deeply in love with you, and so…here I am asking you…to be mine for the rest of our days and whatever comes after that. You make me the happiest I've ever been, and I hope you can say the same about me. So, let's be happy together for today, tomorrow, and forever. Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?"


"Oh, my God… Samantha, I don't know what to say," Mag murmured softly, bringing her hands up to cover her tear-filled eyes. Where joy had once been the cause, apprehension and sorrow took its place. Her heart beat painfully against her ribcage, and her breath came in short, spasmodic gasps. Anxiety buzzed in her brain like her head was full of bees.

"You could…say yes?" Samantha stammered; her voice barely more than a whisper. She let her jade eyes flicker over the soprano's drawn face. "If she says no… I don't know what I'll do," she thought as her eyes continued their rapid march over Mag's features. "I—I thought that…you would be happy."

"Sweetheart, I am happy. I'm…overjoyed that you want me to be your wife. It's just… How long do you think it will really be before death parts us?" the GeneCo singer mumbled, averting her gaze away from her lover's.

"That isn't importa—!" Samantha objected, but was quickly cut off.

"It is important. With your condition…I don't think it's for the best that we—" Tears sprung to the star's eyes as she completed her sentence. "…should see each other anymore." She shut her eyes tightly, not wanting to see her own pain reflected in the other woman's eyes. "You just…don't need to worry about me and our relationship until you get this settled and taken care of. I only want what's best for you…."

"Mag, I… Please… No. You're the only thing that is best for me. Don't do this to me; to us. I need you if I even have a chance of pulling through this!" Samantha begged, dropping the diamond ring that she now held so much contempt for. Tears threatened to spill from her eyes, but she forced herself to hold them back. She wasn't about to let herself break.

"I'm sorry, Sam. I've…made up my mind," the soprano replied quietly as she stood from her seat on the couch. "You—you should go. Perhaps it's not too late to go have your meeting with Rotti." Without another word or glance towards the raven haired woman, Mag turned her back and began walking towards their room. There was nothing more to say.

Samantha watched her go in shocked silence. She felt herself collapse from her kneeling position and let her head rest against the black leather of their couch. Mag's couch now… Several emotions swam through the muddled uproar that was her mind: anger, sorrow, regret. She waited for the cold numbness of apathy to settle before she even made an attempt to pull herself together and get to her feet.

Once she was up and steady, she glanced towards their once-shared bedroom with empty eyes. She smiled fleetingly at the thought that she had cried enough in the past week that sanguineous tear stains should be trailing from her eyes, instead of clear. With shambling steps, she found herself walking—if one could call it that—towards the door where Mag had disappeared. Gooseflesh rippled across her still-bare skin. It didn't make sense. They had fought, made love, and then Samantha had proposed to Mag in the heat of the moment. That was when everything went to shit. Perhaps it had been too soon? "No. It was going to happen regardless of my timing," Samantha argued with herself.

A small sigh escaped her ruby lips as she turned the doorknob that led into the sanctum where Mag had fled. For a split second, the notion occurred to Samantha that Mag would regret what she had said and throw herself to her knees begging forgiveness. She knew that scenario was far too good to be true. She could hear the hollow sobs coming from the direction of the larger than life bed in the center of the room, but she dared not look towards it. Instead, she continued on her shuffling path towards her dresser.

The sobs quieted as Samantha pulled out any piece of clothing to adorn herself with. She had not a second thought about what she looked like at the moment. She just needed to get the hell out of here.

"Sam…" Mag muttered softly, desperate to get her once-lover's attention. The soprano wanted to apologize, to take it all back. It was a lost cause, as the now fully dressed GeneCo employee turned her back on the singer and left the room. The slamming door brought realization down upon Mag heavily. The machinery in her head wound itself tightly and whirred painfully, sending jolts of blinding agony throughout her body. More silvery tears sprang to her eyes, spilling out onto her ivory coloured cheeks. "What have I done?"

~ X ~

Samantha ran out of the apartment as fast as she could. The door of Mag's bedroom closing behind her had seemingly flipped a switch in her brain. She had gone from Fight mode to Flight mode. She felt as if she was running for her life, as well as the sake of her sanity. Everything she had once known to be true she was drawing into question. Her reality had shattered as those words had left Mag's lips. Her condition? It had to be just an excuse. Perhaps there was a time when Mag would've stuck by her side through anything, but maybe…maybe their love had dwindled. Could it be possible that Samantha had just been too "blind" to see it happening? Well, if that were true, it had certainly only dwindled on Mag's part. "I love her just as much as I always have, if not more…" Samantha concluded as she repeatedly pressed the "DOWN" arrow on the elevator keypad impatiently.

She waited to hear the clicking of heels behind her to signal that Mag was chasing after her. The sound never came. The only thing that blessed her ears was the dinnggg of the elevator as it came to rest on her floor. The metallic doors slid open, and the sound dimly reminded her of a sword being pulled from its sheath.

Her feet made no sound as she quietly entered the elevator and pushed the button for the ground level. She was almost down to the third floor when pain shot throughout her entire body. The suddenness of it made her feel weak in the knees. She felt her stomach convulse as if she were going to be sick, but she tried to hold it back. Her surroundings started to spin wildly. White hot bolts of pain continued to course over her being, and then everything went black.

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