Edwards POV

I remember, word for word, the letter that Bella sent to me that made me fall in love with her. Nothing was particularly different about it compared to the others but...something about it just...made everything click.

But before I get into that I should probably explain who I am. My name is Edward Cullen and I am 23 years old and am currently back home from fighting overseas in Iraq...and I'm in love with a 17 year old girl named Bella Swan.

Bella started writing me letters exactly two years and seven days ago while I was in Iraq. It's scary to think that just her words drew me in but they did, and I was soon hooked. Bella was my only reason for trying to survive there and now I finally get to meet her. Hopefully she'll want me the way I want her...

Okay so tell me what you think. I know this prologue is a little rough but once the story gets going it will be a lot better I promise.

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