Title: Affections
Rating: G
Summary: Serenity loves her people. Written for the livejournal fandom_stocking community, in response to user entwashian's rather odd and intriguing listing of "Serenity/Everyone" as one of her 'ships.

Serenity loves her people.

By all known laws, she should not be capable of love, nor of calling people hers. According to specs, Serenity's AI can process shipping manifests, navigational data, crew and passenger rosters, but it has no computational framework for words like love, family, belong.

Nevertheless, love them she does – sorrow and joy and shared memory have made it so, no matter what the specs may say. She is anxious in herself when crew member:male:captain is anxious, and delighted when passenger:female:unclassifiable and crew member:female:engineer go racing joyfully through the halls, and when crew member:male:medical is somber and worried for his sister, Serenity does her best to soothe him. They are extraordinary people, sometimes difficult to care for; but she is no ordinary ship, and she loves them all in the fierce and wordless way only a ship can love her crew.

Best of all, she loves crew member:male:pilot. Only he fully understands the mad, rushing glory of her flight; only he will howl aloud with the joy of it, as she would howl if she had a voice to do so.

Serenity loves her people; but best of all, she loves the one who will dance with her.