Title: Laundry Day
Rating: G
Summary: The domestic bliss of Zoe and Hoban Washburn lasts exactly four and a half days. Written for the livejournal fandom_stocking community, user priscellie's stocking; she requested/expressed a fondness for cozy moments.

The domestic bliss of Zoe and Hoban Washburn lasted four days, that being the time that passed between their nuptials and laundry day.

To be precise, their domestic bliss lasted four and a half days, surviving both the washing and drying cycles; trouble only began brewing once their shared load of garments was spread across the bed in their quarters.

"What are you doing? You're folding my shirts."

Zoe paused abruptly, fixing her newly-minted husband with an inquisitive look.

"Which . . . I mean . . . look, they get all . . ." Wash made an elaborate motion with his hands, apparently trying to demonstrate what folding would do to a Hawaiian shirt.

Zoe arched one eyebrow, and her husband spread his hands in a quick gesture of surrender.

"Never mind." Wash returned to sorting socks, apparently ceding the point.

"Wait." Zoe broke in, eyeing the pair of socks in Wash's hands. "You fold your socks?"

"You don't?"

"No. Roll 'em together, so they'll stay in pairs."

Wash stared at her. "Why's it matter? Socks are socks."

"You're not serious." Zoe snagged a pair of her socks from the edge of the pile, pointedly rolled them together, and held them out as if to prove her point.

Wash eyed the newly-bundled socks, sighing skeptically. "This marriage thing is going to take some work, I can tell already."

"Got that right, my love." Zoe said. She smiled, tossed the sock-ball in his direction, and went back to folding shirts.