This is my first story and the first of the section as well. I hope you enjoy this story, and so without any further distractions here's the first chapter.

1. New Friend, New Foe

"Alright man pull'er back!" Trip yells at Van while he operates the wreckin' ball. Van Yells "sure thing" as he pulls the leaver to set the ball back in place. Then starts to set the ball in motion again.

"STOP RIGHT THERE TRIP AND VAN!!" Drew yells as he runs to stop the two brothers from destroying Hillhurst.

"You're too late dweeb we already started the demolition of this stupid house." Trip says as he motions for Van to start the ball moving towards the mansion.

Van moves the lever upward sending the ball moving towards the house.

A female voice says from behind Trip "I wouldn't do that if I were you.," in a very calm voice, sending Trip whirling around frantically.

"Don't sneak up on me like that, under any case the process has already begun."

the ball starts slowly swinging back and forth, Jo says to Drew "Don't worry I got this." She cracks her knuckles along with a full body stretch and goes over to the ball and stoping it midswing. "I said I wouldn't do that if i were you."

"You two are in violation of a legally issued demolition" Van says while working to free the wrecking ball from Jo's death grip.

Drew walks over to Trip and says "If you don't stop this now you will not like the retaliation"

"And whos going to make us, you two? don't make me laugh!" he says with a slight chuckle in his voice.

"We own this house, and the property so beat it" Drew says getting a bit more serious.

"Wheres your proof." Trip says with a kind of cocky tone and a smirk on his face thinking there isn't any way they could have a deed to the house.

Drew pulls out the piece of paper and shows it to Trip, who gets a shocked look on his face knowing that the only way he could gotten it is either by stealing it or coming up with the money, and knowbody has more than he and his brother, so he thought.

Van not having any luck with releasing the wrecking ball from Jos grip climbs down and stands beside Trip. "I don't think our plan is going to work Trip."

"Just get back in there and finish the job." Trip says annoyed pointing at the wrecking ball machine. Van climbs up to finish the job and yells as he climbs back down "Trip I think we have a problem." "Looking for these" Drew says holding the keys in front of them.

"trip says "Give me those" as he reaches for the keys but then tripsas a gust of wind blows by him. "Well I guess we know why your name is Trip" Roland says as the three of them are laughing at Trip.

Trip stands up and realizes his pants are around his feet and quickly pulls them while he says "Where'd you come from," Roland replies with a slight chuckle in his voice "The wind carried me." "Now get outta here" Drew yells as he tosses the keys back "Before we get mad." Jo Says throwing her two cents in.

Van catches them climbs back in the machine and starts it up. Trip climbs up and yells back "This isn't over yet." as they drove off.

The three high five each other and then walk into the mansion.


"So you two are the new owners of Hillhurst" Flabber says with slight joy in his voice, then a worried look shows on his face "What will the other monsters think."

Don't worry Flabber I think we are old enough to take care of ourselves now." Drew says smiling. "Besides the monsters haven't seen us since we graduated high school two years ago." Jo says with a kind of mischieviousness to her voice.

"Somebody call for monsters" Mums says as he opens his door upstairs accompanied by Fang and Frankie. Wolfgang appears from behind the bookcase along with the little ghoul. "Well Drew and Jo are the new owners of Hillhurst." Flabber says kinda shakily hoping the monsters won't get mad. "THEY ARE WHAT!!!" the monsters say in unison sounding not to happy about the idea.

"We are the new owners of Hillhurst, we thought it wouldbe a good idea that way it would keep the house safe." Drew says confidently. "Yea besides this place could use some work." Jo says while looking around. "rarara ra rarara" "you're right wolfgang, wolfie says we like the house the way it is and we don't need a new owner either." Fang says as he makes a disgusted face towards the kids.

"Well the house is ours whether you like it or not" Jo says in a serious tone. "We are going to start moving our stuff in tomorrow Flabber so can you tr to ahve the place looking nice so our folks won't flip out when they get here with our stuff and make sure the monsters behave themselves." Flabber spins around cahnging his outfit into that of an old western-like get-up and says in a western accent "Don't y'all worry now Flabber will take care of this place ya here." Thanks Flabber" the three say together while trying not to laugh very hard. "Looks I need to be going, I have to watch the store today dad and Nano are out of town 'til tomorrow." Rolands says remembering what time it was and snaps his fingers and runs back to the comic book store.

"We should be going too, we promised Roland and Heather we would help them mind the store as well." Jo says as Roland vanishes out the door. "See you later Flabber." the two say together. "Bye kids and I will have this house spick and span by the time you get here tomorrow." Flabber says in a cheery voice. the two give Flabber a hug and head back to the comic book store.


"I hear you bought Hillhurst" Heather says as the two walk to the door. "W-Where'd you hear that?" Drew asks knowing the only ones that knew were Roland, Trip, and Van. "I heard Roland talkin to his dad about it over the phone." she says while staring at Drew. "We are moving our stuff in tomorrow if you want to come by and help" Jo says hopin she says yes that way there will be more than just four of them carrying stuff in. "I should be able to manage that." she says as she looks at her schedule for tomorrow. "I can't remember when the last time I went in the house was though." she says with confusion in her voice.

Suddenly the door burst open and two guys they have never seen before walk in. The one on the left is kind of tall seemingly about 5'8 to 5'9, and skinny with short spiky hair. He is wearing a black leather jacket that is zipped up and a spike collar around his neck. Where as the one on the right is slightly shorter seemingly about 5'6 to 5'7. He is kind of big around the waist with what looks like it would be shoulder lungth hair thats up in a ponytail. He's wearing a light grey shirt with a leather black vest over the shirt and a pair of black leather fingerless gloves on his hands.

"Hey Skull check this out. Beetleborg comics, who reads this crap?" he says pointing and laughing. Skull reaches out and grabs one and starts flipping through it. "I don't know Bulky they seem pretty good." "Give me that." Bulk says with slight aggravation in his voice. "Hey, I was reading that!" Skull says as he reaches for another comic. "Can it Numbskull, we aren't going to read the comics, we are going to take the comics peanut brain."

Before the kids could say anything the door opens again and an older man is standing behind them and says "What do you two think you are doing." "M-M-Mr. Kaplin, w-w-what are you doing here!" the two say shocked to see their old principal in Charterville. ignoring the statement Mr. Kaplin says in a thunderous voice "if you two don't behave, I WILL HAVE YOU ESCORTED OUT OF TOWN AND ON THE NEXT FLIGHT BACK TO ANGEL GROVE, DO I MAKE MYSELF CLEAR" "Crystal" bulk says in a low squeaky voice and droping the comic and fleeing the comic book store.

"Mayor Kaplin what brings you to Zoom Comics?" Roland asks questioningly. "I heard that those two were making trouble in town and figured I would find them here." he says kind of annoyed. "So you know those two then?" Drew asks looking the mayor kind of confused. "They were two of my students when I was principal at Angel Grove High."

When suddenly screams came from outside and Mr. Kaplin says "That better not be those two messing around." as he goes out the door. "That can't be the crustaecians, they were left powerless when Les Fortunes returned to prison." Jo says quietly to Drew and Roland. "Lets go check it out" Roland says. The three nodd and head out the door.

An ugly cat monster was running through the street. It kind of resembled fire cat from the comics but yet alittle differnt. It had long blades on its arms and silver plateing on its chest.

"Where are you Power Rangers I know you are here, come out, come out wherever you are!" the monster says in a playful voice.

"I don't know who these Power Rangers are but I think we should borg!" Drew says nodding to a nearby alley. The three run over to the alley and check and make sure the caost was clear. "ready" Roland says as the three of them hold out their hands and say together "Data Bonders, input card, Beetle blast."

"Stop right there feline" Roland says as they get into their fighting stances

"Your not the Power Rangers" The monster says. "But no matter you are standing in my way." He then charges towards the three beetleborgs. His agility, being a little quicker than what the beetleborgs are used to, enables him to run passed them and slice them with his blades. The beetleborgs get up as the monster turns to face them again.

"I think we need to regroup here" Jo says kind of shakily. "Lets try our soinc lasers and see if they work." Drew says as he reaches for his gun but is stoped when the monster charges again and slices them again with his sword.

"OK That does it, it's time to go mega" Drew says getting very agrrivated. "MEGA SPECTRA BEETLEBORGS" the three say in unison. A new armor appear over their old armor, which gives them the ability to fly but are also more stronger than before.

"Its time for our beetle battlers" Jo says as the three reach behind them and their respective weapons appear in their hands. "Alright guys lets show this guy what the beetleborgs are made of" Drew says as he fires a rocket at the monster followed by Jo shooting an arrow and Roland finishing it with a strike from his lance.

After the strike the monster falls to the ground.


"WHO ARE THOSE GUYS ZEDDIE" Rita roars to her husband Zed. "I don't know my dear but we should make our monster grow" Zed says laughing.

The two put their wands together and a lightning bolt emerges from the wands and makes the monster several stories tall.


"whoa, I don't remember any of the other monsters doing this." Jo says kind of panicy. "Well, we have a big ally as well remember." Drew says as he raises the astral sword. "ROBOBORG" Drew yells. The giant Robot falls from the sky and faces the monster. "How can I be of service" Roboborg says "Take down the monster" Drew replies. "Consider it done." he then throws a punch at the monster which is easily dodged and the monster lets on a serious of slashes and knocks down Roboborg. "I think Roboborg needs help" Roland says as he raises the Astral Ax over his head. "BORON ARISE" Roland yells and a black version of Roboborg falls from the sky. "BORON HELP ROBOBORG DEFEAT THAT MONSTER!" "Understood." Boron says as he helps Roboborg to his feet. The two throw a punch towards the monster at the same time and again the monster easily dodges and plays pinball between them as he slashes them multiple times. The two battleborgs fall once again.

"Let's help them out Guys" Jo says "Beetle battle base" the three say together. A larg machine comes out of the ground and opens up to three vehicles that the beetleborgs get into and prepare to fight this monster.


Meanwhile as the fighting continues the five teens run to the battle sight. "Who are those guys that are fighting the monster" Rocky asks as they come to a stop. "I don't know but lets see how this plays out before we rush in there." Tommy says as he watches the three insect-looking vehicles appraoch the monsters. "I'm going to contact Aisha and get her to teleport here in case we have to morph." Kat says. She hits a button her communicator and says "Aisha can you read me?" "Yes I can read you" Aisha replies. "We need you to telelport to our location near the comic book store as soon as possible." "Copy that." A few minutes later Aisha meets up with the group. "Who are those guys" Aisha asks as she watches in amazement. "Don't know, but we should watch and make sure they don't need our help" Adam says as he continues to watch the fight.


As the BVs get there the beetleborgs recharge the robots and go in for the final blow. Roboborg calls on the Robo Sword and Boron gets his ax and both strike as the BVs fire on the monster. The monster then falls and explodes.

The Beetleborgs land and get out of the BVs and the five teens run over to them "You guys were awesome!" Rocky says with excitement in his voice. "Yea you guys were great."

"Thanks but it isn't safe here you should get back inside" Jo says trying to round up the teens. "Don't worry bout us, you guys defeated the monster already, but we were heading to the comic book shop when the monster attacked." Rocky says confidently. "Take care now" Aisha says as they are walkin towards Zoom Comics.

"Ok no ones in sight" Jo says as she looks around to see if anyone was near them. "Back Flash" The three say together and power down. "Now lets head back to the Zoom Comics." Drew says as the three start heading towards the comic book store.


"Wow! look at this place" Aisha says looking at the comic book store in amazement. "Yea, the only stores they have like this is the library in Angel Grove." Adam says also admiring the comic book store. "Hey, these look like the guys we saw fighting the monster earlier" Rocky says as he picks up a Beetleborg comic. "Your right" Tommy says as he also looks at it.

"So the six of you are into comics?" Drew says as he walks over to the teens. "Not really but we do find some good ones every now and then." Aisha says looking over Tommys shoulder." "By the way, I'm Drew, thats my sister Jo, and our best friend Roland, and that Heather, we watch the store while Rolands parents are gone." Drew says as he walks walks towards the six teens standing before him. "I'm Tommy, this is my girlfriend Kathrin, Thats Aisha, Rocky, Adam, and Billy."

"What are y'all doin"g in Charterville?" Roland asks curiously. "Just on vacation." Kathrine says. "Do you always travel in groups." Jo aska as the teens put the comic on the shelf. "Sometimes we just decide to take a vacation together." Aisha says.

Just then Josh Baldwin enters the comic book store. "JOSH" Jo yells as she runs over to her boyfriend, grabbing around his neck and kissing him. He puts his hands around her waist in a strong hug. He places his head and softly whispers something in her ear. She jumps back in suprise with a completely shocked look on her face.