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I walked up the oak steps of my family's Manhattan apartment. My white night gown floated over the steps and my long braided hair swung with each step. As I reached the landing I looked at the doors of my parent's rooms.

The lights were out and the only light was from the window at the end of the hall. I walked across the floor louder than normal so Charlie and Renee would hear me enter my bedroom.

I propped the door half way open so I could slip out without the solid door creaking all over. I walked into the bathroom and opened up the secret compartment in my medicine cabinet. I pulled out my shimmering brown eyeshadow and put it all over my lids. Mascara, foundation, blush, and I finished with lipstick, Red lipstick.

I don't care what people think I deserved the attention. Make-up was for beautiful women not just whores.

I walked into my closet and shuffled past all the blouses, long skirts, flat shoes, and conservative dresses; at the very back of my closet hidden behind my ugly church dresses. I pulled out a thin white dress bag. I hung the dress bag in my bathroom and unzipped it.

I pulled out my favorite dress in the world. The grey metallic silk flapper with gold beaded fringe. I slipped on the spaghetti straps, grabbed my matching heels, and coiled my hair in a feathered fedora.

I crept down stairs and out the front door. I reached the street and put on my heels. I walked to the end of the street and hailed a cab. After I was in the cab I directed the cab down town. When we arrived at the bridge I threw some money at the cabbie and walked up to a leggy blonde, and a short pixie like girl.

"Hey Bella… You ready?" Alice offered her arm.

"Sure." I joined arms with Rose and Alice and walked off the bridge.

At the end of the bridge we crossed into Harlem and went down the street. My feet were already starting to hurt. We reached a back service door, it was excessively aged but the handle was still shiny from numerous uses.

Rose yanked on the heavy door as we walked inside. We walked through the already bustling kitchen and into the speak easy. The soft jazz music surrounded us and in no time, I had a cigarette in my fingers, a martini in my hand, and a man on my arm.

My mother always told me how horrible flappers were and how they were a degradation of our society. Sex, drinking, smoking, and dancing only feel like an upgrade of our stiff society.

It was around three in the morning when I hit my happy medium and the waiter cut me off and then pulled me away from Mike… or Eric… I can't really remember who I was making out with at that point.

The waiters name is Ronny. He was a good boy about a year older than me but always made sure I got home okay.

I handed Ronny money for a cab as I began to slip into unconsciousness. The next thing I knew a semi-sober Alice was shoving hot coffee down my throat as we rode home in a cab. I really envied Alice, her parents had kicked her out when they found her make- up.

Her life was harder now, she lived in a small apartment but she had so much freedom, she had a job, she could vote if she wanted. Technically I could vote but the last election my father wouldn't let me.

Rose was more like me. She lived a couple blocks over and was expected to be a perfect princess just like me.

Alice helped me stumble quietly upstairs, out of my dress and make-up and into bed. I fell into the thick comforter and passed out.

I woke up promptly at seven the next morning. Irina the maid walked into my room and blasted open the shades.

"Bella it's time for church." Her sing songy voice was beyond annoying with a hangover.

I groaned and rolled over blocking the light from my view. Irina pulled off my comforter and pulled me on to my feet. I shuffled into the already warm bath and scrubbed.

I could smell the smoke in my hair and I had large black circles under my eyes from the mascara that Alice couldn't get off.

I dressed properly for church and went without any protest. It passed so slow I think I dazed off after a little.

I went home and collapsed into my bed and told Renee that I felt sick. I wanted to get a lot of sleep because there was going to be a huge party tonight.

Alice said she had a new boy for me too meet an Edward something. She said he was gorgeous, Italian, and liked to party too. My kind of guy:)

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