And with that, I marched myself home. I should not be told ever what I should do with my life, or who I should love. Oh god I feel like a whiny girl from the cinema. When I got home Charlie and Renee were gone, I think they were in central park taking their normal walk. I marched up stairs but quieted my walking when I heard the stairs groaning more than usual. I didn't need to talk to Irina when she noticed.

I threw myself down on my bed only to feel what felt like sand pressing into the back of my head. I sat back up quickly and turned on the lamp next to my bed side. It was a dress. A flapper dress, not something Renee would have just bought for me. Something she never would buy, ever.

It was gorgeous it was a dark but intense blue with beaded strings hanging everywhere, as I got closer I noticed that the closer I got to the bottom of the dress the darker the beads got, giving the dress a gradient look. I quickly hung up the dress in one of the bags in the bag of my closet.

I had made up my mind; I was going to stay with Edward, well as long as he'd have me. I wasn't going to be scared off by Rose's idiotic impressions. I had lain back down on my bed; the only issue with my decision hit me like a tidal wave.

Jake. Jacob Black. Jacob Black who Charlie thought was the end all be all husband for me. Maybe I should take control, but I knew deep down that I was never going to have the balls to pull an Alice, and honestly most days I surprised myself even allowing myself to sneak out at night.

And with that I fell asleep, a small knock woke me up, it was probably Irina who knew when my parents got home they would want me to be studying. I pulled a Latin book off my desk and laid back down on the bed. It wasn't even a minute later that Renee walked in.

"So Isabella, how was shopping with Rosalie?"

"It was fine mother" I hated when she just expected us to chat.

"Isabella, we need to have a discussion about your relationship." Shit, she could not know about Edward. I guess she was probably talking about Jake.


"Isabella, I think you need to seriously consider the rest of your life, Jacob Black hasn't officially asked for your hand in marriage but I can tell he's thinking about it. And when Jacob officially asks, you need to be prepared to take his hand and become his wife."

"Mother, don't you think this is a little forward? We've only just started dating."

"Isabella, these are new times, men want a wife and want a wife quickly, Jake looks at you like a wife, not as a business connection."

Renee was right maybe I did need to think about marriage, but how was I supposed to think of marriage when all I really wanted to think about was Edward. Renee left my room without another word and I threw the book down on my bedside table and feel back asleep.

Dinner was exceptionally boring, Charlie had Billy Black over but Jacob was stuck in the office. Billy just looked me up and down and hardly said anything. Until he asked whether I could cook, Charlie said a couple nice things about my spaghetti while Renee said I need to work on it. Typical. Renee swears I need to make a good impression and then goes tearing me down.

Dinner ended and I retired early, taking a nap of maybe two hours. At 10 I got up and got dressed. I wore my new flapper dress and slipped into a pair of black and white heels. I got out a small make up bag and outlined my eyes with dark grey eyeshadow, black mascara, and put red lipstick on. Even I had to admit, I looked hot. Really hot.

My hair was pinned up, I took out a hair clip with a giant glass butterfly on it, I stuck it through the black netting that covered my face. When I checked my appearance in my full length mirror, I knew this was why I was able to sneak out. The clothes I was wearing gave me a boost of courage that no other dress ever could.

I quietly snuck downstairs, out the front door and I walked down the street. As I crossed the street and as I had barely reached the other side a black Lincoln with suicide door pulled up alongside of me. The window rolled down and as I kept walking I heard a voice that literally made my insides want to melt.

"Bella, it's really not safe for you to be walking down the street dressed like that." I walked over to the window and leaned in.

"Well Edward, maybe you shouldn't have asked for me to wear it." I licked my lower lip and glazed into his green eyes.

"I don't remember asking, I just gave you a gift, although I think I may enjoy your dress a little more than you do. Get in Bella." Lights had appeared in the distance, I slid into the seat besides Edward, as the Lincoln roared down the street.

When we reached the club, the blonde man Edward had follow me to lunch with Rose was gazing into Alice's eyes, I almost felt rude looking because the moment seemed so private. But it did remind me that Edward and I had something to talk about.

"So I saw the two most interesting men today."

"You did." He genuinely sounded interested

"Yes, the blonde talking with Alice, and a large burly man I think I've seen you with. They were next to the black Lincoln we drove here in." At that moment Edward rapped his arm around my shoulders and pulled me into his well-defined chest that was only covered with a really sharp sports coat.

"Bella, you were out with another man, and while were not exclusive, I do think I have the right to make sure your being well taken care of." He whispered into my eye and I had the slight need to whimper but I bit my lip as a waiter came and brought a cosmopolitan that was set down in front of me.

I grabbed it greedily and almost drown the whole thing except Edward grabbed it before I could.

"Bella, slow down, we have all night." He smiled that freaking cocky half smile and pressed his perfect lips onto mine.