Maria froze at the sight of the creature. Sure, its monstrous appearance was intimidating, as was its fearsome roar, but its eyes are what truly froze the Plus. The golden eyes looked at her in a frenzied manner, the beasts white mouth slowly opening and closing, as if imagining chewing her up. She couldn't explain it, but she could sense a wretched aura flooding from the beast, causing the air in the ally to feel heavy.

She subconsciously took a step back toward the brick wall. The feeling of being a dead person was miserable enough, let alone a dead person hunted down by some malevolent spirit with an appetite. She recalled what the Man in White had told her about these "Hollows." The thought of being devoured did not sit well with her.

The Hollow let out a short bark, saliva bursting from its mouth. She noticed a smaller mouth inside the larger mouth, remembering that its white face was simply a mask. Drool fell onto the concrete.

She looked for an exit of some sort, some way she could escape from the ally and run away. The only way out she could find was blocked by the Hollow. The blonde looked around for a weapon of sort, some line of defense. She found none that would be remotely effective.

Maria tried to scream as the monster stomped towards her, but her lips simply fell limp.

She gave up.

Suddenly she sensed a presence behind her as well, causing her blue eyes to widen in disbelief. Her mind wondered how someone could appear behind her. There was only a brick wall with no way through or over. Curiosity took control from her fear, and she turned around to meet the new arrival.

Soi Fon quickly caught on to the location of the Hollow. Its roar was unmistakable, and it recklessly let its spiritual pressure flow once it found its meal. She turned to her lieutenants, who judging by their looks had also caught on.

"Move out!" She demanded as she leapt towards the hollow.

She knew she would have to hurry to catch the Hollow before it consumed the innocent person it was assaulting. She was quick to enter a flash step, leaving the other two Soul Reapers far behind, but the Captain knew they would catch up. Soi Fon had nearly reached her top speed when she suddenly sensed another Spiritual Pressure at the location of the Hollow.

Maria was stunned. As she turned, a tall man in a strange white outfit silently walked past her. His shoulder length hair lazily swayed as a breeze quietly rolled through the ally. She couldn't believe it. The Man in White . . .

He stopped several feet in front of the Plus, his back facing her. He scratched the back of his head and let out a sigh.

Maria was still awe struck that he had shown up when the Hollow let out another cry. This one more threatening than the last.

A pang of concern suddenly shot through her. "Hey! Be careful, that things n-"

The Hollow let out another bark, interrupting her statement. The Man in White let his arm fall from his head to his side.

To the Plus's amazement, every inanimate object in the ally suddenly began floating as the creature at the opening to the ally lowered its body to the ground, letting out a low growl. She could barely see it, but the various dumpsters, pallets, metal sheets, and random bits of trash had an odd hue of blue on them, silently suspended off the ground.

She didn't understand it completely, but she understood the Hollow was somehow causing it. The images of the various objects slamming into the Man in White made her panic. The way he was standing implies he is going to fight, but how can one fight something like that, who can use the entire environment as a weapon?

Starrk stared at the Hollow in front of him. He understood immediately what it was. Aizen and one of Starrk's fellow Espada enjoy creating "special" Hollows, giving them unique powers to go test out. This Hollow's power was clearly to wrap its Spiritual Energy around foreign objects and use them as it sees fit. The Primera Espada wondered why it had not used its ability on the girl or himself, so he just figured that the Hollow couldn't ensnare objects with Spiritual Energy of their own.

Starrk's ability to analyze a situation was just another part of him he disliked. Just further proof that he was too strong for his own good. He would trade anything to be able to stare in confusion at the Hollow just as the girl behind him was.

He plainly stared at the Hollow, the creature seemingly hesitant to attack one of its own. However, the creature had the mental ability of a low level Hollow, thriving off of instincts. It was essentially a wild animal, and Starrk knew it was afraid of him.

Frightened animals either run away, or stay and fight. Which will it be?

The Primera prayed for the first, but knew better. The Hollow roared yet again, and the floating objects in the ally turned towards the Primera.

Starrk sighed and placed his hands in his pockets. He closed his eyes, and stopped masking his Spiritual Pressure.

The sudden wave of energy stunned Hisagi. He fell out of his flash step onto the top of another building. Kira landed next to him.

"What the hell!" Hisagi called out, looking up. Several blocks away, bursting out between buildings was a massive stream of blue energy. It arced into the sky as the sun began its decent, causing a contrast of the blue energy on the orange sky. The city seemed to turn a hazy blue from the aura, a sharp breeze streaming away from the source of the light.

The energy was incredible, easily comparable to that of a Captain. The weight of the Spiritual Pressure was crushing. Hisagi knew immediately what was emitting such ridiculous energy. The Arrancar they were hunting for had finally revealed itself.

Maria didn't have a clue what was going on. A brilliant light shot from her savior, and it was as if the weight of the light forced everything floating in the ally to crash violently back to the ground. The beast was lying on its stomach, seemingly forced down by the light as well.

The Plus couldn't quite explain it, but she too had collapsed once the blue pillar appeared. She hadn't noticed it at first, but she couldn't move once she had crumpled to her knees. Her eyes were stuck on the Man in White, though she couldn't quite focus them completely. Suddenly she caught herself starving, and at the same time felt like the chain on her chest was being pulled into her.

The creature gasped, as if its lungs were being pressed down along with the rest of her body. It placed its large hands on the ground, and attempted to stand. Its body quivered with every inch, as if it had a massive weight on its back.

The Hollow managed to stand up, roaring triumphantly as it straightened its back. Suddenly, amongst the stream of blue light, an odd red haze formed around the beast's mouth. The light solidified into a scarlet orb, and Maria could feel an uncomfortable presence about it.

She realized this was some kind of attack, and wanted to run or yell, but could do neither. There may as well have been hundreds of hands holding her entire body in place. She found it harder to breath.

Without warning, a similar red light consumed the ally, as if a spotlight was bursting from the Man in Whites chest. This new red light consumed the blue light in the ally, and caused a frightening noise to echo off the walls as it burst forth.

The rush of energy flung Maria backwards, slamming her face first into the brick wall.

Maria awoke to an odd sight. She was in the same ally, although it was now shaped a little differently. From where she had last seen the Man in White standing marked the start of the smoldering trail. The black burn marks trailed out across the rest of the ally, into the street and stopping right in front of a tall building, as if whatever caused the burn marks stopped to prevent the structure from being burned. The walls of the buildings in the ally were scorched as well, up to the second story.

Maria then realized the Man in White was no where to be seen, along with the creature that was going to devour her. She quickly stood up, in a hurry to find where he went.

But she quickly fell to her knees. She had not noticed it, but she was exhausted and did not know why. Her stomach roared as she got light headed.

She could not put the pieces together. The Man in White swoops in and saves the day, disappears in a brilliant flash of red, and now what?

Maria suddenly felt her head get hot, and she fell to the ground. She tried to move her body, but her arms and legs would not respond. She could not remember ever feeling so exhausted. She decided it best to just shut her eyes and take a quick nap . . .

"Dammit!" Maria suddenly heard, jerking her from her slumber. "It got away."

She was still in the ally, though this time with company. The two men dressed in black from earlier were in the ally, the one with black hair and tattoos crouched beside her, as well as a third person walking into the entrance to the ally. It was a small woman, dressed in black robes with a white jacket thrown over them. She was the one who woke Maria up.

"So, what do we do now, Captain?" The blonde man asked.

"Do your job, then we go back to the Soul Society," she stated begrudgingly.

Maria was not sure what all was going on, but was happy the people she was looking for found her.

"Yes, Captain Soi Fon," the blonde one quickly replied. He looked at the tattooed one, "Hisagi."

"Yeah, I'm on it."

He looked down on Maria. "Can you move? You're probably really tired from being so close to such a powerful cero, huh?"

She tried to get up, but was unsuccessful. She tried to reply, but was unsuccessful.

She just accepted that she was really tired.

"Well, don't worry. We're Soul Reapers, and it's our job to help send people like you to the Soul Society." He unsheathed his katana, but this time Maria wasn't afraid.

"Don't worry, this doesn't hurt a bit."

She silently watched as he pressed the bottom of his Katana on her forehead.

She wanted to ask "Is that it?" or something similar, but she just looked out at the people in the ally. Her body began to feel strange, and a bright light started to blot out her vision.

She noticed the man with the tattoos smiling at her, a comforting look despite the menacing appearance, the woman seemingly in charge elegantly walking over, one of her hands covered in black and gold armor, reminiscent of a hornet, and she wondered where her savior was, making her feel a little lonely. He was the only one she talked to since dying.

So many thoughts ran in her head, but they were all blocked by a blinding, deafening light.

Coyote Starrk quietly sat in the park, again masking his presence to elude the Soul Reapers. He sat on the same bench he always sits at, listening to the quiet patter of the fountain. No one else was in the park, but he did not mind. Loneliness was a usual thing for Starrk, one he certainly has gotten used to.

He looked up into the sky, happy he got to see what he came here for. The deep red sun silently slithered its way into the horizon, offering Starrk a sight he truly loves.

In Hueco Mundo, there is only night, and in Las Noches, there is only day.

Starrk stared off, content that he got to see the cross world between night and day.

He debated reflecting on his day, considering why he chose to save that girl, despite his presence nearly killing her. He wanted to stay and wait for her to wake up, but him simply being there was too much of a toll on her, let alone the fact the three Soul Reapers were on the way.

The Primera decided it was appropriate to leave her to the Soul Reapers. That is there job, after all. Less work for the Espada to do.

But thinking on the events of the day was too much effort for the moment. Starrk decided to shut them off somewhere and block them out. Just more memories of mistakes and lonely regrets to mull over.

He looked at the sun setting, and debated what he was going to do once he returned to his home. He really didn't want to put up with the incoming questions from Lilynette, and he really didn't want to go through the trouble of explaining what happened to an experimental Hollow, and he really didn't want to even get off the park bench.

So he didn't.

Coyote Starrk silently sat on the park bench and watched the sun disappear, making room for the stars. He smiled at the thought of returning though. Los Noches can be lonely, but there is at least always someone to pester the Arrancar.

Starrk looked forward to going back despite all the trouble he'd have to endure, but for now, the Primera Espada simply fell asleep, with only the stars as his company.

The End

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