So I know it's been like 5 months since I've updated this story, but the time for writing and posting has just not been there due to my training. However, I am on my break for the next two weeks or so, and I will try my best to get some writing done in that time. Hopefully, you aren't all too disappointed in this teeny addition, but I will do my best to provide more updates soon. Once again, sorry for the wait.

Toby answered the door to their apartment, confused as to who could possibly by knocking at such an unusual hour. And by unusual hour, he meant 10:30 am on a Saturday. Opening the door, he was slightly startled to find Kia, Yvonne, Olivia and Eunice standing there expectantly. Viola was not with them as she had decided to go to her dad's house for the weekend so she could visit Jake.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, startled. They were all dressed perfectly in their team-issued clothing, with their hair and makeup done. "It's so early."

"Babe, it's already almost 11. And don't you remember? We're supposed to be volunteering at that cancer thing at noon. Are none of you seriously up yet?" Eunice said incredulously. The laziness never ceased to amaze her.

"Shit, that's today?" Truthfully, they had all forgotten. Usually, Duke was the one who kept track of their commitments and reminded them that they actually had to do all these things in order to be a part of the team, but he had gone home for the weekend to celebrate his cousin's graduation.

"Yes, that's today. You guys better get ready, we're supposed to be there in like, half an hour," Kia said, already making her way to Andrew's door, a slightly evil grin on her face. Olivia, Eunice and Yvonne just laughed and flopped down on the couch, while Toby went to wake Justin. A moment later, they heard Andrew's surprised yelp and laughed again before Kia joined them.

"He's up," she said matter-of-factly to the group, earning another chuckle. They turned on the TV and flipped through the channels, settling on some Food Network program, and relaxed, waiting for the guys to get ready. Toby joined them, then Justin, and finally Andrew, who looked as though he could fall back asleep at any moment still. They chilled there for a few minutes longer before the girls announced it was time to go.

They had barely left the apartment when Olivia brought up the issue that had been on almost everyone's mind.

"So we've decided that we're getting Duke and Vi back together," she said, shoving her hands in her pockets. It was a nippy spring day. "And we have a plan."

"God, finally!" Justin exclaimed. "I'm sick of him moping around our fucking room all the time. He's so boring! So what's the plan?"

The girls launched into their elaborate, albeit well thought out plan, detailing when and how it was going to go down and who was to be involved in each part of it. The guys nodded along and threw in their thoughts and ideas as they went along. By the time they reached the field house where they were supposed to meet before the walk, they had developed what Andrew was calling a "genius-proof plan." They just let him have that one.

"Ok, so this is going to happen next Friday afternoon. The sooner we get them together, the better. That way, they'll for sure be back to their old selves by the road trip. Everyone knows what they need to get?" Olivia asked. They all nodded enthusiastically. "Good. Have it by Wednesday night. We're going to go through everything one last time that night and then we can work out any kinks. It's gonna be awesome!"

With that, they all walked together into the field house, slightly evil grins plastered all over their faces. Duke and Viola had no idea what they were in for.

"Seriously, Kia, what is the big deal?" Viola said into her cell phone. "Yea…no, I got it…Kia! I heard you the first thirty times! I'll be there in…roughly 72 minutes…Kia, I have another class in like, 10 minutes, I can't just skip that…Well, I'm sorry Kia, but can't you just run and get a coffee or something while you wait? I will be home soon and then I will accompany you…I'll be back soon. Bye, Kia."

She hung up the phone and stuffed it back into her bag. That girl was something else. Kia had called her begging her to come home so someone could come with her to pick up some important paperwork or something. She said she had already called Yvonne and Olivia, but neither was reachable, so Kia had called Viola. It didn't seem that urgent to her, but Kia had been insistent that someone had to come help her. Viola shook her head and kept walking.

(Elsewhere) Kia hung up her cell phone and nodded to the others.

"It's on." That was all they needed to leap into action. Everyone scrambled around, making sure everything was perfect for what they were trying to do. Now, all they had to do was wait.

"Kia, are you sure you know where you're going?" Viola asked for what seemed like the thirtieth time. They had left campus and were in a part of town Viola was not familiar with. It wasn't sketchy or anything but she was growing slightly suspicious.

"Yea, Vi, calm down. We're like, two minutes away." Little did Viola know that she was in for the surprise of her life. After a couple more minutes of driving, Kia pulled into the parking lot of a large apartment complex. "Here we are!"

Viola looked skeptically up at the building. This definitely was not what she expected. They got out of the car and made their way into the building. Viola glanced around the lobby. This was actually quite a nice place. She relaxed a little.

"What are we doing here again?"

"I need to pick something up from my friends, Josh and Kelli, remember?" Kia said vaguely, pulling Viola towards the elevator. She punched the up button hurriedly and watched the lights blink as the elevator made its' way down to the lobby. It opened to reveal an operator.

"What floor, miss?"

"Penthouse, please." Viola's eyes widened and she stared at her friend, who carefully avoided eye contact with her. This unusual request, however, did not faze the man, a small sign that went unnoticed by Viola. Within moments, the elevator dinged and the doors opened to reveal a beautiful landing. The two girls stepped off and almost immediately, the doors closed behind them and, Viola noted, their only escape was gone.

Kia strode confidently into the next room, forcing Viola to rush after her. In her hast, she failed to notice the other people waiting for her until two of them grabbed her. Her eyes widened in fear and she braced herself for a fight, opening her mouth to scream.

Someone clamped their hand down over her lips. "Vi, don't fight, don't scream, it's us."

She looked around frantically, registering all familiar faces. However, Justin and Andrew did not release her as they moved her through the apartments towards a closed door at the end of a hallway. Her mind was racing as she tried to comprehend what was going on.

"You'll thank us for this…eventually," was the last thing she heard someone – Paul – say before she was thrust into the room. She whipped around to grab for the door handle, but she was too late and the lock clicked before she could open the door. She shook the handle a few times in frustration before letting go.

"Well, this explains a lot," a deep voice said. Viola froze, her hand entangled in her hair. She slowly turned around to face her apparent cellmate.