This plot bunny came to me and grabbed on with both front teeth. As usual, much as I wish I owned the rights to NCIS, its characters etcetera, sadly this is not the case.

What would Gibbs do?

Tim McGee walks into work and casually flings his coat around his chair. The youngest agent on the MCRT stretches and turns on his computer as he waits for his teammates to arrive. He knows that it will be a tie between Ziva and Tony as to which one comes in later. He'd already passed Gibbs in the hall on his way up to the bullpen and figures the boss will be getting his coffee before making an appearance.

As he skims through the various emails, he glances down at his left wrist and freezes. He'd forgotten about the wristband. He quickly glances around the room to make sure none of the others have arrived yet as he tries to tug it off. The soft cotton fibers aren't moving except to slide around bringing the letters woven through them into view.

"Oh my God, I'm gonna kill her!"

"Who are you going to kill McGee and do you require assistance?" Ziva peeks her head around the corner of his desk and he shakes his head.

"My sister and no but thank you for the offer. I should have known not to trust her with this thing."

"It is a friendship bracelet is it not?" Tim looks up at her in surprise. The former Mossad assassin smiles and shows off her own bracelet. "Abby gave it to me a few weeks ago."

Tim smiles back and leaves the bracelet alone. After all if Ziva is wearing one then surely he can get away with it too. As he carefully hides the bracelet under his watch band, he briefly wonders if Ziva would be able to cut the fibers without cutting his skin.

The day goes by and the team is getting ready to leave. No one has mentioned anything about the bracelets and Tim is relieved. He'd made it through the day and not gotten the infamous Gibbs slap for wearing the silly thing. As he leaves the room, he stops by Ziva's desk and asks if he can see her bracelet again. She twirls it around and he notices one major difference between the two.

Before he can dodge out the door, she's grabbed his wrist with the bracelet on it and examined it closer. Tim glances around the room, and breathes a sigh of relief when he doesn't immediately see Tony or Gibbs. Hopefully he and Ziva are the last ones out of the building.

"They have left McGee. Why are you so worried about this? It's just that saying what would Jesus do yes?"

McGee sighs and asks her to cut it off for him. Once she has done so, he hands it to her so that she can read the letters W.W.G.D. He sighs again and says, "What would Gibbs do."

He tosses the bracelet towards his desk and Ziva chuckles as they leave. Neither one of them bothered to make sure the bracelet ended up in the trashcan.